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Review #1, by IntoNeverland03 alternate endings

28th July 2006:

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Review #2, by debora m alternate endings

18th July 2006:
Erm...the language could do with some work and you may want to make the plot a bit clearer. You could get someone to beta read your work.

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Review #3, by archiebald1364 throughthe tunnels

25th May 2006:
i loved it jen, it ws wickd. it got a bit confusing but it was really good!! lvin it :-)

Author's Response: i need ppl to tell me wot is wrong with my writing style and how to improve as i am writing my own novel lol thankies for the review.

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Review #4, by Snake throughthe tunnels

26th March 2006:
omg! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #5, by Shero Nagini

24th February 2006:
Uh-oh. I think Voldemort will not be please. Update soon. If u need a banner 4 your story, I'd like 2 do it.

Author's Response: hello yeh please id love to have one!!!!! hehe i have no idea how to do them!!! please tell me tha u think of the res of it when iy is updated!!! thankies luv dark phoenix queen

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Review #6, by elle21 the sound of memories?

12th February 2006:
wait- so ginny is voldermort's daughter? confusing much. anyways, good chapter, but a little short.

Author's Response: lol yhe i know its a little short i didnt have much time to do it in lol thankies for reviewing nyway

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Review #7, by elle21 Mother

12th February 2006:
hey! i love it!!! it's very mysterious.

Author's Response: thankies, i wanted to make the first chapter rather... well i am not used to writing this stuff so if u can tell me if it rather crap id wud apreciate it thankies agen

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