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Review #1, by berecca black Chapter 8

15th August 2006:
And when, my darling, are you planning to update? We do not like to wait for something good, we would like to have it now. Please?

Author's Response: my darling berecca lol im sry i havent updated in such a long time i suck i kno lol really sry,...but im trying 2 update allllll the chaps in Bitter Sweet...cuz i already finished it;)...ill try 2 get a move on this story, tho, thx 4 reminding me! kisses!! :**** ~Karla~

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Review #2, by octopudding Chapter 2

22nd May 2006:
whoa. never thought of draco as tonk's cousin. but yeah, i guess that makes sense.

even though tonks doesn't like it, i actually think nymphadora is a pretty cool name =p

Author's Response: yea they're gives me the creeps...(as in the real HP cuz in our fics draco is always hot lol)...and i like that name 2...even though she hates it...apparently remus likes it 2 haha:)))

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Review #3, by octopudding Chapter 1

22nd May 2006:
wow. tonks is SOOOOOO in character. even when you're writing about when she was ten? nine? eleven? i dunno. but your writing is just really really awesome. mine sucks. =D

Author's Response: tonk is probably ten or eleven here cuz shes buying hogwarts supplies lol i havent thought of it myself (mentally slaps self lol)/...thx for all these compliments ur showering me with ooh im so giddy over ur wonderful reviews!! thx....and why do u say ur writing sux?? pls dont say that im gonna read some of ur stuff whn u put the chapters in that story i saw on ur account....:))))

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Review #4, by Sugar_Plum Chapter 3

23rd March 2006:
Love the Lunatic joke ;)

Author's Response: thx a lot for reviewing....glad u liked the humor....update in several weeks (no more than 3) :))bye

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Review #5, by lily Chapter 8

15th March 2006:
This was a fantastic story one of the best ive read. Its funny because you kind of think about the same things and then to see them written down is very weird! You should be so proud of this story, it was a bit long but im glad it was! Fantastic, i dont know how you come up with the ideas. well done. Love Lily

Author's Response: Well Lily, I suppose that from the moment I found out in HBP that Remus was the one that Tonks was being blue after--I loved their pairing. I think that a lot of people, especially Tonks/Lupin lovers have created a little story in their mind, perhaps more or less kind of like mine. 'Will they stay together?' 'Will they ever have kids?' 'What if Tonks is ever attacked by Remus by accident?' (hehe I intend to put that in there for later chapter *grins*) 'When's the wedding?' LOL I really asked myself what JKR has in store for those two, but then I said 'What about Tonks' life?' And then the ideas started rollin in:) Thanks a bunch for the warming review, Lily:)) Kisses

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Review #6, by Alexis Chapter 8

26th February 2006:
You should finish the story

Author's Response: well thx for review. i will of course finish the story (winks) and i hope u'll read on after next update. thx again:))ciao

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Review #7, by Ondeh Chapter 8

18th February 2006:
OMG i reeeeally like this story a lot! you are so so so very talented!!! cant wait for more! keep writing please im so hooked!

Author's Response: Why thx dear Ondeh, for this warming and encouraging review (smiles). I mean, really, what more can a writer want than to know that their work is appreciated, and that the reader is 'hooked'? lol the next 4 chaps (or 3 not really sure) r coming a week before march. thx again!:)) cheers

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Review #8, by iluvgreenday Chapter 8

17th February 2006:
That was great! I loved it! Please write more!!

Author's Response: well.....this is quite funny, iluvgreenday, becuase....i love green day myself! (grins widely)...anywayz, thx for this review, and i hope that u'll enjoy the many more chapters that shall come (a week before march, i'm updating 3 or 4 chapters:)) thx again

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Review #9, by Paloma Patil Chapter 8

17th February 2006:
Cute - they both thought they had offended the other. I love that Sirius wants them together in this fic - it makes me happy that he is helping their relationship along. Favorite line: "Have little—wolves and live happily ever after in a lovely cottage by a lake." That made me smile. Nice work!

Author's Response: Hello my darling and dearest friend and reviewer (smiles warmly and beams), I'm sooo very glad you read and liked the chapter. I decided to make it a short chapter, and not a long one. Yes, I myself think it is great that Sirius is not being too overprotective towards his 'baby' cousin (grins) and he trusts his friend, and thinks that Tonks is mature enought to make her own decisions (and she is!). The next 3 chapters, or 4, I'm not yet sure, will be posted a week before March. Sorry I have to keep you waiting like this, and thanks so much for reading on. (i thought you had forgotten all about me--grins sheepishly). I'm very happy to have read your work, as you are yourself a gifted, talented writer. I can't wait to see another one of your warming reviews thank you so very much. Lots of hugz. s ya next time:)))ciao

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Review #10, by Paloma Patil Chapter 7

12th February 2006:
Hi ginevra_m_r_green! Thank you so much for your response to my review. I'm HONORED to have been your first reviewer...the first of many I suspect, as you write very well. You're right, too - that feeling of a first review is astounding. To be honest, I get excited over every review, but the first was amazing - it's a great feeling to know that somewhere in the world, someone is reading and appreciating your work. I think other generations may struggle with this, conceptually, since we're the first generation to be able to "publish" our ideas in such a mass forum. I can also see how fan-fiction itself could be a head-scratcher for your folks - it's a pretty strange creative outlet, isn't it? Although, to be honest, I think we've been doing it in a sense for years: Every time we've been told to re-write the ending of a novel for a school exercise it's been a form of fan fiction, really. On to the chapter, which I thought was terrific. This was my favorite line: "She recoiled slightly—he was scary." There's both a subtlety and an honesty to that phrase that I really appreciated. The meeting was well done, also, and the idea that the Death Eaters call Prof. Dumbledore "Dumby" is original and pretty darn funny! I'm interested to see what Tonks does with the information Tom has given her! Great job - can't wait to read the next! Have an awesome weekend! Paloma

Author's Response: Well, now i'm waiting for the 8th chapter to be validated.....have fun reading it. review as soon as possible (only if you time allows you too, though) and thanks for responding. be sure to read the 8th chapter, cause thats where the Remus/Tonks tension begins--with a first kiss (grins widely). thanks again 4 responding to MY response of the first review i ever got (lol that sounded wierd*) till next time:))

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Review #11, by Paloma Patil Chapter 6

11th February 2006:
This is really lovely, ginevra_m_r_green! I really enjoyed the action of the past few chapters, and I'm interested to see what happens now that Tonks has become a member of the Order. The dynamic between Sirius and Tonks is just perfect, and I'm really interested to see what you do with the romance. (What a connection for Remus and Tonks, too - a shared experience with Fenrir Greyback - something tells me they'll be able to bond over THAT!) Well done...bump, bump! Write more!

Author's Response: WOW! You have no idea how that brought joy to my heart. Your review is the first review I've ever gotten...I'm sure you know the's unexplainable...I LITERALLY cried out with joy and started smiling and being all wierd (lol) and my mom freaked out. Then I told her about this, and I read to her what you said. Although my parents don't really think it's wise of me to be so....involved in making fanfics, they were really impressed, and were clapping humorously by the time I finished reading the review. About the story....I'm currently working on the tenth chapter of the story....The next chapter, which shall be posted in a few days is all about Tonks' and Remus's first kiss! So that will definately be something worthwile to read about! And I definately agree with you on that bond between them--after an experience like that, Tonks can learn what it was like for Remus. She gets a rather dark glimpse of his 'kind'. Did I mention how much I want to thank you? LOL While waiting these past few days for some of my stories to be validated, I was wondering how my first review will look like. It's really a dream come true, and I say that not only as a fanfic writer, but as a writer in general. Because I also have three books of my own in the making (which of course have nothing to do with HP:). Well......expect many more chapters from where that came from! But because I'm now reaching Tonks/Remus relationship to a new level, that doesn't mean there won't be any more action, as until now. And don't expect Fenrir to leave them be for too long either....Thanks again!!

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