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Review #1, by Zacharias_Smith My Fallen Angel

17th June 2007:
I like this. It's well written and she's one of my fav characters. Nice work. :)

Author's Response: wow thanks for the compliments and she's one of my fave characters, too! >^.^

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Review #2, by blackcat My Fallen Angel

31st August 2006:
sobbs, good story, sobbs again

Author's Response: awww blackcat sry i made u cry...yea i guess that story is a bit most of them..;)) thx so much 4 cute review!! ~Karla~

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Review #3, by Darkest_Days My Fallen Angel

24th July 2006:
I cried reading that. It was so...I can't describe it. The poor woman must have gone through so much pain and hurt in her life. I can't believe all the Malfoy's died, they were such a great family. You're so talented at writing, you make everyone cry. Well done.

Author's Response: in this fic she was the last malfoy, yea...the funny thing is that after i completed this fic, i reread it 2 corect mistakes and stuff...and i actually cried myself!! lol yea pretty pathetic i guess...but this was my first angst get the picture...thanks again soooo much!!

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Review #4, by Snow Angel My Fallen Angel

19th June 2006:
you had me crying along with Narcissa.

Author's Response: wow snow angel, im so glad u found it that touching, yet im sorry i made u cry lol. this story does tend 2 have that effect sometimes...:))) so glad u liked it! cheers;)) ~Karla~

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Review #5, by octopudding My Fallen Angel

22nd May 2006:
whoa. this is totally different from the other fic...(i think it was my dark angel or sumthing). anyways, this is scary and totally not what i expected.

Author's Response: lol becuz the 2 fanfics that r 'related' shall we say, r so different from each my fallen angel it says that narcissa remembers the time when lucius loved her, that he taught her to love....but in the end he's gone and everybody else that she loves...i know its scary, especially when u read them like u did, one after the other becuz the difference is mind-blowing. thx a bunch 4 ur review!! cheers:))))) (im so giddy--so many reviews at once!! lol)

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Review #6, by SiriusGal My Fallen Angel

25th February 2006:
Oh, that was so sad. It was very well written though. you did a good job!

Author's Response: thx a lot i love lucius/narcissa and this being a continuing to My Dark Angel....welll...i like writing about Draco too but Narcissa is just soo intriguing. it is very sad, isnt it?:P i quite enjoyed revealing this sensitive side of cissa and exploring her character. thx again:))cheers

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Review #7, by Arienette My Fallen Angel

17th February 2006:
Lovely story, very touching. I loved the water/ice metaphor you used; it works so well with Narcissa's character. Really great job.

Author's Response: A thousand thanks for the lovely review, Arienette!:) the story wasnt in fact like this the first time i wrote it, but then i improved it. and the water/ice thing was something i decided to expan on in the end. i'm glad you liked it thx again for reviewing!:)) cheers

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Review #8, by Paloma Patil My Fallen Angel

12th February 2006:
Wow - it's so rare to feel any sympathy for Narcissa, but you got me, ginevra_m_r_green! Very well done. Here's a great use of metaphor: "Andromeda was earth. Bellatrix was fire. I was water. Together, we were all wind. Three sisters, lost in the wind forever." The way that you continued the water/ice motif throughout was terrific! Well done! Paloma

Author's Response: omg you are so bloody fantastic paloma patil you make me blush! lol i really think you REALLY are my most frequent reader and reviewer....and i'm glad. to be honest, i started writing this fanfic at school. I was in math class, being very bored (grins sheepishly) and i opened my literature book. The book fell open to a girl--with blond hair and lovely blue eyes. But she looked sad. That's when it hit me! Narcissa--it looked like a teenage Narcissa! So i started writing it. Then, next period i was in reading, i was reading a book on the second world war and i stopped for a second to read it all through. It actually brought tears to my eyes--it was very angsty. But the worst part was that i knew 'this is no fanfic--this actually happened!' so i decided to make this fanfic an outlet for that. Through te eyes of someone who did bad, without really wanting to. Through the eyes of Narcissa, because we know so very little about her, and i could easily manipulate the character. Especially since the story is about refinding herself--finding love. All she really wants is to be at peace. I really liked the part where she says "Forgive me." In a way, she blames his death on herself, althought its not really her fault--but she IS a mother, and like all mothers...well...i'm glad you liked this one as well and be sure to read 'My Dark Angel' which is the Prequel to this, but i have no idea why i posted that after this....(shrugs) anyway thanks soo much 4 reviewing and i hope to see your name in my reviews again. have a happy valentine's day:o)

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Review #9, by Winterrose My Fallen Angel

11th February 2006:
Very touching, well done.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, and really, I'm the one who is touched that SOMEONE finally told me something about that fanfic. I worked on that fanfic while I was in Math class, and I got really bored, and afterwards, while in Reading, I read a very angsty summary of a book about the 2nd World War. It inspired me, and I immediately thought of what devastations the Wizarding War could do (or as some call it, the Final Battle). I decided to do it through the eyes of Narcissa, because she's always given me the impression that she was all ice, all unbreakable. But I don't think she is. I see her as a small blond girl who's dreams of love and life were shattered when she married a cold and cruel hearted--.....well, you get the picture. This is a sequel to 'My Dark Angel', so when you have time be sure to read that. I was trying to explain how she fell in love with her husband in the first one, but then after Draco was born, it is obvious that he grew distant. But now, in this one, she finally has found love again. "And she is at peace..." LOL sorry but I just had to say that......Well thanks for reviewing.......:D

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