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Review #1, by Snapegirl First visit to King's Cross Station

9th September 2007:
This is a really good fic, sounds like she comes from a really uptught family, poor kid! Please write some more about her. Oh, by the way, my fic isn't all posted yet, even though it is a completed novel, so don't worry, it's got 21 chapters and I've already written 2 sequels to it plus 2 short stories, I'm posting them as fast as I can! 10/10, great beginning!

Author's Response: Awesome, thanks for reviewing. I really can't update with my thoughts scattered around and the fact that my sister deleted my files (permanently)... I'll update though, I will because this fic is really an interesting thing to look on to.

Your writer & reviewer,

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Review #2, by maraudersmap First visit to King's Cross Station

21st August 2007:
Wow! This is such a great story, and I can’t wait to read more! Narcissa seemed very nice, though… :) Oh, and what house will she be in? I got this feeling shell be in Gryffindor :P Because she doesn’t think muggleborns are scum and all… Your writing is very well, and so is your plot! Pretty please update?

Author's Response: You'll see in the next chapter (once I get my deleted files back...).

I'm not going to abandon this fic, just remember that!


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Review #3, by slytheringal22 First visit to King's Cross Station

7th May 2007:
ooo that is so cool! what house do u think seh'll get in? i want it to go longer!

Author's Response: Well, I already have it written up, but it still is in the process of being editted. :) I'll post up the next chapter as soon as I'm finished with it.

P/s: Hopefully more reviewers like you would come along and review. :]

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Review #4, by Natural Amortentia First visit to King's Cross Station

3rd April 2007:
Lovely, Meli. ^^

The only bad (and even then, it's not very bad...) things I really noticed were the occasional spelling errors with the names.

You spelled Rodolphus' name right the first time, but after that you referred to him as "Rodolfus", and for Lucius you put "Luscious." (Which I think you may want to look up on

Anyways, great job.
I would have liked to see a little more of Selene's character, but I liked what I did see.

Thumbs up.

Author's Response: Awesome! :D Thank you for your review, Natural Amortentia!

P/s: I'll edit it in just a moment. :]

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Review #5, by TBranc First visit to King's Cross Station

25th February 2006:
Great Story

Author's Response: Thank you!!! :) ~Meli~

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Review #6, by Gwendolyn First visit to King's Cross Station

10th February 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks!! :) ~Meli

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Review #7, by Lyn Midnight First visit to King's Cross Station

10th February 2006:
Wow, this is a great chapter!!! I like Selene, and I hope she will not end up in Slytherin. You have written this well, and I am already interested in the outcome. Keep up the good work and update soon :)

Author's Response: YAY!!! Thank you!!! I'm working on the next chapter...but I'm not getting to the sorting that fast...I'm really not sure where to put her yet... ~Meli

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