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Reading Reviews for Dear Harry...Love Luna
40 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Moondanser83 The Letter

26th October 2008:
Love it :)
Luna is one of my favorite characters and I love Harry/Luna fics :) You have wonderful attention to detail in this story and make it very easy for the reader to picture the setting as well as whats going on.

Great job!

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Review #2, by Bianca_Potter The Letter

1st December 2007:
That was cool. It doesn't really have a point but since when does any fanfiction?

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Review #3, by Cassie:-) The Letter

3rd August 2007:
sunrisehighway, its soo sad! and now i actually know who she is and everything, and wat happened. let me know if u get this. :-)

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Review #4, by ray8233 The Letter

23rd July 2007:
hello thisd great it could be made into a varry interisting story harry mluna u know. think about it. thanks

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Review #5, by Cyan Green Zephyr The Letter

4th December 2005:
Awwwm it started off so sweet, and then, it's so sad, that last line caps it. Excellent. Before that it's just kinda Luna, sweet, but ht elast line, so well administered, thansk for that, it was wonderful. Ran

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Review #6, by Weasleys_Wizard_Wheezes The Letter

1st October 2005:

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Review #7, by harry mad The Letter

8th September 2005:

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Review #8, by AzkabansMostWanted The Letter

2nd September 2005:
oh. thats sad. I really wish it had been Luna/Harry, not Ginny/Harry. you got Lunas character down nicely. ^-^ great job!

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Review #9, by Fiddlers_Elem2 The Letter

15th August 2005:
You sure that you can't write a sequel? I can't wait to see what happens!! Its really good!

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Review #10, by Fiddlers_Elem2 The Letter

13th August 2005:
so sweet. it really seems like you know Luna well

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Review #11, by GiantMushroom The Letter

1st August 2005:
Short, simple, and to the point. Perfect.

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Review #12, by megan The Letter

21st July 2005:

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Review #13, by Entropy The Letter

24th May 2005:
I think you might want to make this a little bit longer. Maybe not the letter longer, but take a little more time to describe this world around Luna, what's going on now? I also envisioned Luna as one of the more understanding people, and by asking some of those questions, put a little more emotion in it. She is a little floating in the clouds, and isn't your run-of-the-mill schoolgirl, and I question the opening statement of "Hi!" That seems a little peppy for her. I really like the last sentence of the letter though, that seems to really fit with Luna's character.

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Review #14, by kira The Letter

30th March 2005:
a good story, i mean a letter, why don't you writer a reply. it's would be interesting.

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Review #15, by Amy A. The Letter

25th March 2005:
I loved it! Harry and Luna would be cute together.. You should write a sequel with Harry replying!

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Review #16, by Cyber Freak The Letter

21st March 2005:
Hey! Are you going to update? It s a grat beginning to a story, I'm just dying to see what happens next. Keep Writing!

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Review #17, by KimMalfoy The Letter

17th March 2005:
*too lazy to log in* I hope she sends the letter =) Good job!!

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Review #18, by Football_girl The Letter

19th January 2005:
It's sad and sweet.

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Review #19, by tfhtsf&olly The Letter

14th January 2005:
Interesting way of portraying Luna. great!

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Review #20, by jailey21 The Letter

14th January 2005:
I think that she should send him the letter, thhis could turn into a great story!(not that the one-shot wasen't a good one well ~LATER~)

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Review #21, by KeepWaiting The Letter

4th January 2005:
*sniff* that's so sad and so sweet!

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Review #22, by sparky The Letter

29th December 2004:
how sad and nice at the same time....

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Review #23, by Love_that_Dog The Letter

10th December 2004:
Awww! That's really cute!!! I love it!!!

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Review #24, by Belmagus2 The Letter

24th October 2004:
Very nice!

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Review #25, by Daisaku The Letter

3rd August 2004:
how does luna know sirius fell trough the veil? she wasnt there at the time she was back in the room with the brains.

Author's Response: He probably...he might have...ok, plot hole I didn't notice. Thanks for pointing that out.

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