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Review #1, by almost_witch Watch Me Bleed

28th January 2007:
Ah... wow?

I was dragged in by the interesting banner and title, but as I read the story I was pulled in by the very raw emotions. It was screaming ANGST, and what can I say, I just love angst. (I sort of reflect that into my stories, I kill off just about everyone... oops!)

Even though it's a short fic, it would have been runied if you were to go on it for longer, I could understand how he felt, and I must say I re-read the line for which you said Ginny's own brother had killed him. I kept on thinking 'surely not!' But still, it's depressing!

Also, congrats on the last paragraph, it was such a good summary of everything, I loved how you said he didnt die by the hand of Voldemort, but by the exact thing that ruined the Dark Lord - Love! Such a good idea!

I also loved the way the whole aftermath of the war really effected him, and the way he wanted to look good before he sees and holds the one he loves.

You have a great writting style, I would love to see more angst stories written by you because you can really feel the emotions of it.

Well done!

Author's Response: me too! I think everystory I have except a few has had at least one character killed off or seriously hurt. :) its so fun...and its actually easier to write, lol

well, in reality, he didn't actually stab her, but he caused the events that led to her death in the long run...did that make any sense? I don't made sense to me when I wrote it.

yay! I love that paragraph, it all ties in and is almost like...ironic in a way. he defeated him and died by the same thing.

yay! I'm glad I have a good writing style ^_^ I actually have one now, its just being beta'd then it'll be up

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Review #2, by cocoa_spark Watch Me Bleed

27th January 2007:
wow. i liked it, it was really good. especially the ending. very powerful

Author's Response: thanks! its deffinitly one of my favorite pieces

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Review #3, by cAughtonFire Watch Me Bleed

27th January 2007:
I love stories that make me cry and actually feel emotion. Great job, everyone needs to read a dark/angst or tragedy story every once in a while.

BTW- I love ur banner!!!

Author's Response: awwww, thanks ^_^ this is actually my favorite story up there, though Sunday Best comes awfully close. and I agree. Those tend to be my faovrites :P and I agree, Kay did a magnificent job on that banner

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Review #4, by SilverQuill92 Watch Me Bleed

11th April 2006:
*strangles Desi* What's with you and killing the main characters?!?!!? So angsty and so graphic *shudder* You did a great job writing, Desi ^^ So much angst in a one-shot. *goes off to read another fic*

Author's Response: *cough* I just love doing it >_< It makes the story soooo much better. I'm trying to write another like this, maybe from Voldemor'ts view though ^_^ and thanks ^_^ I love to write. *waits for more reviews*

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Review #5, by serena_lilian_snape Watch Me Bleed

23rd March 2006:
I really like this, especially this line: "How can it just slide around the glass, when in life it clings. Every bad thing clings, and to forget, you have to leave. You can’t stay whole and sane with it clinging. It tears you apart inside. Why can’t I just let her go though! " There were a few grammatical errors, but i love this story of Harry's pain. Well done!

Author's Response: hehe, I'm glad you like it ^_^ yeah, grammer is my failure >_< I'll really fail language next year with the grammer nazis. to tell the truth, I randomly started right it one night, without any intent on finishing, and I found it about two months later, and finished it ^_^

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Review #6, by Snapple_92 Watch Me Bleed

12th March 2006:
That is sad.

Author's Response: yeah, it is a sad one >_<

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Review #7, by Via Watch Me Bleed

11th February 2006:
Yesh...too lazy to log in. Anyways - it's amazing Desi! I almost cried, that's how good your writing is. I think i'll go gorge myself with chocolate now and watch tragic movies until my tears dry out. Okay, exaggeration. But it was still really good!

Author's Response: haha, I love you too ^_^ My writing isn't usually this good, I just exceeded myself on this one ^_^ haha

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Review #8, by potterfan226 Watch Me Bleed

11th February 2006:
Oooh it was good! Thought it was Sirius at first but near the end, I realized it was Harry and the last sentence or two w.e my suspicions were confirmed. Haha. Very goodnees. Keep up tah good work@!!! :D

Author's Response: hehehe, I'm so sneaky aren't I ^_^ I'll try

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Review #9, by Geerawrd Watch Me Bleed

11th February 2006:
Wow, that was one of the best things you have ever written! Keep it up!

Author's Response: thanks Stace ^_^ I'll deffinitly try

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