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Review #1, by harryp_lover Your Beautiful To Me

4th December 2007:
I like it.its harsh but I could see ron doing that...or at least with where I'm going with my ff. anyways I liked it so pleez write another one... lol l8r

Author's Response: Ron shall be explained on a later date.

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Review #2, by Grints_love0 Your Beautiful To Me

21st March 2007:

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Review #3, by Dracana Your Beautiful To Me

7th October 2006:
Ah, so pretty and yet so sad. Lovely.

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Review #4, by angelluvdraco Your Beautiful To Me

11th July 2006:
it was good and it was sad :( but i liked it!

Author's Response: Thanks it was supose to be sad and Im glad you liked it!!!

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Review #5, by ilovecandy62 Your Beautiful To Me

2nd July 2006:
It's so sad! And, I love sad stories! (I know that's weird) Anyways, fab song fic! Loved it!

Author's Response: lol thanks so much!!! Thanks for reviewing~~

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Review #6, by DirtyLittleSecrets Your Beautiful To Me

30th June 2006:
I think this story was ok... I don't like the subject of suicide very much so that's why I didn't really enjoy it. Also, I felt like the story was kind of rushed. Also, (and don't worry I do this all the time too) some of your sentences were missing commas, and a few were run on sentences. I think you should consider getting a beta if you don't already have one. They help so much, trust me. Other then that, the song is great and it went with the story pretty well. I hope I wasn't too harsh, because I do think you're a good writer. :)

Author's Response: Hey thats fine Im terrible with commas and such~ And thanks so much!~

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Review #7, by Emma Your Beautiful To Me

25th March 2006:
y aren't they letting u see anyone else's review?

Author's Response: I had no idea...


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Review #8, by Emma Your Beautiful To Me

23rd March 2006:
AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron killed his self AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD SHE DO THAT TO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!!! BAD HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EVIL HERMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Is this a good comment or a bad...

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Review #9, by VERONICA ROSALES Your Beautiful To Me

23rd March 2006:

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much!! I feel so special!


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Review #10, by mum_weasley Your Beautiful To Me

22nd March 2006:
ARG!!! Oh touchy, touchy subject suicide is. Good powerful write, I just don't like the idea of suicide :(. Hugs to you though, love your stories!!!

Author's Response: Oh thanks for the hug and I know touchy subject..

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Review #11, by BellaLuna Your Beautiful To Me

21st March 2006:
awww, i could cry. Ron has it hard! aww i love him sooo much! as always, the hero gets the girl, and the best friend gets whatever's left. such a perfect song to use. but how did he know the words?

Author's Response: umm well he didn't know the words really it was as if he was saying them! ~*Amanduh*~

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Review #12, by Seamusfan1 Your Beautiful To Me

15th March 2006:
Oh my gosh...this is so sad...but beautiful...kinda makes me hate Hermione a bit sad, but so good!

Author's Response: Aww dont hate mione lol ~Amanduh

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Review #13, by purple_peppermint_25 Your Beautiful To Me

14th March 2006:
Awww, my poor Ronnie baby. Ok, I thought this was good, I love the song with all of my heart. And I love Ron/Hermione with the part of my heart that doesn't love this song. So obviously it broke my heart when Harry and Hermione "betrayed" him, and the ending did too, but it was a really good plot idea, and you fit the song in really well!! Great job = ) -Purple

Author's Response: Aw thanks purple i love ya lol well thanks!! ~Amanduh

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Review #14, by Sophia Montgomery Your Beautiful To Me

26th February 2006:
'She ment everything to him, she was his reason for living.' Meant, not ment.' He opened the great hall door's and walked in, right away Hermione caught his eye.' I don't ever remember any characters opening the doors in the books-- they're much too big. How about 'He walked in the the Great Hall. Hermione was in there-- she caught his eye right away.' Or something like that. . . ' He watched her for a moment just studying her, he remembered the first time he saw her.' There should be a ; instead of the comma. 'He loved her the minute he saw her, but he was so mean to her. ' But he had been so mean to her. Not was. ' Ron began walking closer, he smiled slightly thinking of sneaking up on her but then he saw something that made him freeze. ' This doesn't make sense, because you previously wrote 'Hermione caught his eye', and that means she saw him and caught his attention. So, he couldn't have been sneaking up on her. '"Ron, I....we have something to tell you..." she said as she reached over and held harry's free hand.' There needs to be proper punctuation after the . . ., and Harry needs to be capitalized. 'Harry knew Hermione ment everything to him and he took her away from him.' Meant, not ment. Also, it might be better as 'yet he took her away from him'. 'How they had destroyed him ' You need a period after this sentence.'Ron once again slowly walked down the staircase on his way to the great hall. ' Great Hall needs to be capitalized. 'Ron looked away and turned his back and ran straight out of there he knew what he had to do.' It should be something like 'and as he ran straight out of there. . .' ' Ron ran up the stairs and into the commons, tears where slowly finding there way along his cheeks. ' More like: 'as tears slowly found their way along his cheeks'. 'He knew that Hermione and Ron would be up there any moment to try and calm him down, but it was too late for that.' Hermione and Harry, not Hermione and Ron. 'he said slowly putting his wand to his head thinking of the spell that would end his life it was too late' for that part, it's a run-on sentence.

That is a surprise ending. . . Though that's not canon, I think you fit the song in well. I thought you have a very interesting interpretation of the song. . . but next time, get a beta before you post your story. It'll help with the errors and whatnot. Other than that, interesting song fic!

Author's Response: Wow thank you I will fix all of that tomarrow and I am getting a beta. You have been so much help!!! ~*Amanduh*~

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Review #15, by Tina Your Beautiful To Me

26th February 2006:
OMG Im crying that was so sad

Author's Response: thanks I think and Im sorry lol ~Amanduh*~

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Review #16, by WhiteRoseBlackSky Your Beautiful To Me

23rd February 2006:
aaw, too sad! hermione and ron were MEANT TO BE, she can't be stupid enough to fall for harry! but i love that song and it was nice. you should do 'Goodbye My Lover' (maybe that would've fit the break-up a bit more? This sonng never seemed like a break up sonmg, more about a random girl that he just fell in love with for an instant.)

Author's Response: I know BUT the insperation of the song came from his LONG time girlfriend so I decided to honor his work to do it the right way. I have studied the song I have no life lol ~Amanduh*

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Review #17, by Mistake Your Beautiful To Me

21st February 2006:
soooooo sad! I am gonna cry! that was soooo sad *I think I already wrote that....* lol ~Z

Author's Response: haha yeah you did.......crazy person ~Amanduh

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Review #18, by Chocolate Frogger Your Beautiful To Me

21st February 2006:
omg so sad. my first songfic is a james blunt song too, CRY, you should check it out. i swear the man is brilliant...anyways, yes, good job, it's so sad, but really good i like it.... :o) ~Kat

Author's Response: hey I will and yes he is....*I LOVE HIM* lol !Amanduh*

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Review #19, by tom_feltons_godess Your Beautiful To Me

12th February 2006:
awww.... I loved that. Um....this may be inappropriate,but I still am very angry and very hurt so disregard this if you find it harsh. I believe you have read the story "Colliding Worlds" by Padfot sumthing or other,well I suppose I should let you know that she/he copied my first chapter word for word. My story which was posted long before her's is titled, "When Worlds Collide" I think you should check it out and see that both of those are identical. It's your choice whether you choose to believe me or not,but the reason I'm writing {besides having read your story and bawling} this is,I noticed you offered her a banner,and I was wondering if you could make me one too???~Jaymee P.S. I have chapters 2&3 posted if you want to read those seeing as you've read the first chapter already,just a thought.

Author's Response: Of course I would hun and I do belive you. I even gave you a review stating that you had made it first. And I will read the chapters and Review. ~Amanduh

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Review #20, by Jessi_Rose Your Beautiful To Me

12th February 2006:
Very very nice! (I love James Blunt too!!!) This was a really good one!! (Almost made me

Author's Response: Aww!! Im glad you think so and Im glad some people like it!!! ~Amanduh

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Review #21, by harry_potter_girl091 Your Beautiful To Me

12th February 2006:
wow you brought me to tears! now i am generally against r/hr, but now i kind of wish they had gotten together by the end of this! but anywho. loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Im touched by your touchedness

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Review #22, by almost_witch Your Beautiful To Me

10th February 2006:
thats so sad! good too. :) well done mate!

Author's Response: Thanks Mate! ~Amanduh

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Review #23, by abbeydraco7 Your Beautiful To Me

9th February 2006:
this is a very good fic. You are very talented, DracoSexy. keep up the great work!! abbey xoxo

Author's Response: Thanks so much Abby!! I feel so special now~

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Review #24, by Spiffen Your Beautiful To Me

8th February 2006:
It was pretty good, considering it was your first. In fact, it was a really good first songfic. But I must ask, did Ron kill himself or what? It wasn't exactly clear.

Author's Response: Wow Didn't I JUST see this review? lol ~Amanduh~

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Review #25, by Spiffen Your Beautiful To Me

8th February 2006:
It was pretty good, considering it was your first. In fact, it was a really good first songfic. But I must ask, did Ron kill himself or what? It wasn't exactly clear.

Author's Response: Thank you sooo much! I feel soo good and yeah he did...sadly, I love my Ron. But thankyou~

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