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Review #1, by hprwhggw_hogwarts Mixed feelings

9th July 2007:
i love it hope thers more chapters.

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Review #2, by busybusybeta Mixed feelings

16th May 2006:
ooh. i like this so far. and i like kez. its kinda like kelso, but not. cooler. hahaha, sorry, im in a nostalgic 'that 70's show' mood. my favorite of wich is fez. ooh! kelso + fez = kez. hahaha, that's awesome. sorry, im really really really sugar high right now. id still love to beta. oh, and my storie's be updated a couple of times. pls lemme no what you think!

Author's Response: omg thank you! lol i love that show! kelso is so dumb lol in a good way...hem hem back to hp...oooh thats good u updated im going to see it right now-soz for the late replies i just dont feel like coming to this site anymore...

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Review #3, by busybusybeta Angfurts?

16th May 2006:
aw. i like this idea. its a nice plot. i cant wait to see what else happens. and you never did reply to me, because im a dumbass and didnt give you anywhere to reply to. i left you a reply on my reviews for my story, that i would love to beta for you. and just to warn you, im a very hands on beta.

Author's Response: aww thank you! nah your not a dumbass! puhleese far from it! lol. i just havnt been visiting this about the beta what do i have to do? do i send you a new story im doing on email and then u beta it or something like that? sorry to say that i might not be a regular at this sight anymore...but ill try to come on as much as possible=) thanks so much for reviewing! i feel so special lol

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Review #4, by ? Angfurts?

1st May 2006:
hey, um yeah. well if you have anytime email me at

Author's Response: thanks ill try.

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Review #5, by Brittney Mixed feelings

17th April 2006:
I like this story, i am so happy that there is another chapter. I cant wait to read more. Please continue soon

Author's Response: thank you=) im happy there's another chapter too lol. thanks for the review. ~susau~

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Review #6, by Griffindor_girl102891 Mixed feelings

14th April 2006:
yay! Harry sooo likes who is this Kez dude.....he sounds hot!

Author's Response: hehe you will have to find out later;) thanks for the review

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Review #7, by ? Angfurts?

14th April 2006:
Hey nice story. I got a question. Where did you get the title? i mean it is a song done by TE Vaka.

Author's Response: OMG! how did u know? are you an islander too? i got the title from my cousin who listens to te vaka...

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Review #8, by darklordsnightmare Angfurts?

23rd March 2006:
Those cursed cliffhangers!lol.I like it.

Author's Response: lol thank you=) im still waiting for the next chapter to be validated....

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Review #9, by random Angfurts?

19th March 2006:
finally! a story about luna! she's my fave character ever! hey i like tv too! what are your favourite shows? i loved this story

Author's Response: lol she's my fave character too! so is hagrid, sirius and angelina johnson. but mostly luna. and then angelina. anywho, my fave tv shows?...hmm...i guess: lil romeo show, pimp my ride, the simpsons, thats it i guess oh! and everybody hates chris, schapelle show, bromwell high...err....yeah thats it i guess...WAIT! also, lil pimp...das the maddest cartoon ever. lol

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Review #10, by catseyes Angfurts?

19th March 2006:
i like this story so far. are you updating soon? i hope so. update please...and i will reward you with another review lol. even though this one doesn't really make sense. please review. or i will kill you.

Author's Response: weehee! i shall go now and update! but by god you had better keep up to YOUR promise woman! lol. no dont kill me! *takes out her own personal glittery knife* haha! now who rules! lol

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Review #11, by brittney Angfurts?

15th March 2006:
Please please please continue i cant wait to read more its a really good story

Author's Response: thank you=) i really really wanna update but ive got lots of homework and assignments to do at the moment...dont worry ill try to update now...thanx for the review=) i really appreciate it

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Review #12, by Paige Weasley Angfurts?

13th March 2006:

Author's Response: lol u remind me of me when im high on sugar. thanks for the review and dont worry ill update soon. i just have other stuff at the moment (tons of assignments...)

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Review #13, by random Angfurts?

5th March 2006:
i LOVED this story! ive checked and checked for some grammatical errors but have found none...that i can adding u to my faves. hope you feel special

Author's Response: hehe glad you liked it =) omg! i didnt make any errors! (and somewhere down south hell froze over) and yes i feel special...people tell me that im special..among other things lol

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Review #14, by emerald_reflections Angfurts?

5th March 2006:
BRAVO BRAVO! hehe so 'shantrella' when are you going to get up off your lazy ass and update? lol hurry! oilei gonei, sa kaci tiko o your real name! and pick up the damn phone!...i didnt know you liked harry potter...something to blackmail you with mwahahahaha

Author's Response: thank you thank you my dear friend. magaitinamu man au nanuma ga niko na noqu friend. *sniff* eh go ahead blackmail me...but do you remember that picture of you that i still have? thinking of blackmailing my evil friend? ahhahaha thanx for the review

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Review #15, by ErikandChristine Angfurts?

4th March 2006:
hey, i finally got around to reading some fanfic, i loved this beginning, please, cnat wait for chapter 2, and i really think u should have more reviews. - from ur faithful reviewer, well my penname is at the top

Author's Response: yay! thank you! chapter 2 hasnt been validated yet but it will soon...i hope...but chap 2 isnt as good as the first one i guess but least its something...right? thanx for the review!

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Review #16, by icequeen8181 Angfurts?

27th February 2006:
Add more, please!^^

Author's Response: dont worry i have=) it hasnt been validated yet tho...thanks for your review=) i really appreciate it.

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Review #17, by jam Angfurts?

16th February 2006:
that is a cool u must write more more i say!!!

Author's Response: lol thank u thank u *bows and nearly trips* hem hem...anywho, im glad u like the story thanx for the review:D

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Review #18, by 188__dragon song__881 Angfurts?

13th February 2006:
oh poor luna i feel so sorry for her. That is really cute that harry is looking out for her. Oh I really hope that he is leening in to kiss her and not to get something off her face or whatever. What a nesty thing for ginny to do!!! That was not nice at all :( I think that you have captured the character luna really well she is kinda sad and crazy but also fairly easy going about it. Please please please please update soon!!! Thankyou for your reviews of my story!!!

Author's Response: dammit lol u guessed it! i was going to write that harry was going to get something off her face thanks a lot lol *pretends to sulk* ooh ohh i got another idea! and thanx for the review! *goes to dragon song's story to see if its updated*

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