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Review #1, by hpff A flight from boredom

10th August 2006:
Don't give up! You're a great author! And I'm not just saying that!

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Review #2, by hpff A flight from boredom

16th August 2005:
I love it! You should continue!!!

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Review #3, by timeturner A flight from boredom

11th December 2004:
You have a very descriptive writing voice. You may want to break up your paragraphs a little more the lengthy ones will intimidate a lot of the readers visiting the site. You may want to separate out the conversations so those readers will have an easier time. But that's all formatting, your writing is good, chracters are introduced well and dialogue is appropriate for the setting you have your characters in. Keep it up!

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Review #4, by fuzzlebub85 A flight from boredom

28th March 2004:
hey good story! is that really the order? i hope so! fuzzlebub85

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Review #5, by Your Slyth Pal Muggly A flight from boredom

23rd November 2003:
I am blown away by your description! It's wonderful, continue writing! I absolutely need to know what happens next! Good Job!

Author's Response: hey, thanks for your comment, the next chapter is in progress but i'm really busy at the min, thanks for your note!

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Review #6, by FroBoy A flight from boredom

17th November 2003:
Great start!!!! Plz update soon!!!!

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