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Reading Reviews for Rons 3 wishes
8 Reviews Found

Review #1, by jen_444 the second wish

17th July 2006:
wjeres the rest of the stori???? upDatE quik! xx

Author's Response: errm you might not be to happy with my reply but i havent had any inspration for a while now, so the 3rd chapter wont be coming out anytime soon ^^ check out some of my other stories thou!

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Review #2, by iamatree the second wish

3rd March 2006:
Haha, another good chapter! I almost feel sorry for Rob- I Mean, Ron- and just the entire situation and names are quite funny. One thing though, which I think has been mentioned before, some of the spelling and grammar is a bit out. I suggest proof-reading your work before you post it- you know, putting in capitals and putting speech on a different line. Just little things like that. Otherwise a funny story and I can't want to see how bad Wish No.3 turns out! -iamatree

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Review #3, by Nephele de Tourmalin wish number 1

3rd March 2006:
Hey! This is funny, but there are a lot of mistakes in grammar and spelling. If you need someone to proofread I wouldn't mind doing it, because I think the story could be even better if you made it easier to read. Regardless, I can tell you're hilarious! I like the way you write Ron's voice, and the satire is funny, too. xoxo Nephele

Author's Response: would you really proof read my work?? and you wouldn't charge me?? really? ^^

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Review #4, by lillys_best_pal the second wish

14th February 2006:
THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Five hours later* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! Oh and I really like it and hope you might read mine later but you don't have to, that's okay actually, you can just ignore this whole sentence if you want... Aanyway. I really like the story but isn't it against the djinni rules to mess up the wishes? That's what mine told me when I got one. Wait... I wasn't supposed to tell you that... *runs away after leaving a bunch of flowers for such a good story*

Author's Response: LMAO ohhkay i'll check your stories out :) and.. this djinni is evil!

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Review #5, by mrstravisbarker wish number 1

8th February 2006:
ha ha thats good <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored :)

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Review #6, by iamatree wish number 1

6th February 2006:
Hehe! Funny! I like it. Add more 'cos it's really good. Only criticism is that it is full of typos, but other than that a funny read. Maybe you could do a Rob: Destroyer of All That Is Evil saga?

Author's Response: im making more chapters, i just finished publishing one right now.

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Review #7, by marauderin_around wish number 1

6th February 2006:
Random, but it made me chuckle a lot, I think that's pretty good going! You could do with making it clearer; put a space after each person has finished speaking and check the spelling, but this definitely has potential!

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Review #8, by mrstravisbarker wish number 1

3rd February 2006:
my first attempt at comedy okay? i dunno does it suck?

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