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Review #1, by LunarKasumi Hello

23rd November 2006:
i love that song . i love the scenery andthe .. um reason for it . it suits it well

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Review #2, by Miriam Hello

5th July 2006:
I'm not a H/H shipper but I thought I'd read this anyway. Putting those issues aside, I liked the flashbacks. That was a cool idea instead of going through the events. However, some of the events seemed out of character, like Hermione singing, or Harry finding the door to the Room of Requirement. That would only have happened if he and Hermione went to find the room for the exact same reason, which is unlikely. I also felt like them expressing their feelings for each other at the end was a little.. rushed? I'm not sure how to say this. I guess the ending seemed too perfect, especially for a Harry Potter fan fic. Good story overall.

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Review #3, by jujuju107 Hello

9th June 2006:
you need to write a sequel

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Review #4, by annependragon Hello

7th June 2006:
OH my the imagery was just heartwretching. Very touching tale

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Review #5, by Choggstar Hello

3rd June 2006:
You killed off Ron AND Ginny, that just seems cruel! When I clicked on this review I hoped it was based on the song by Lionel Richie "Hello, is it me your looking for?" it could have been a Harry Potter musical!!!! It would be amazing! In fact I think I'll start now! Anyone with any ideas for songs in Harry Potter the musical I'd be glad to hear them!

Anyway about the fan fiction. The writings good. Was this set after 'realising' or is this a small vision of how things could be or a particular scenario. Anyway it was sad, not dissimilar to 'Because you live' in style....I have mixed opinions on it...

I thought you liked Jesse McCartney? Evanescence seems a far cry from him.....somewhat darker and more depressing...

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Review #6, by tom hugg Hello

19th April 2006:

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Review #7, by hhrprincess Hello

10th February 2006:
really cute ur a great author

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Review #8, by thegoldentrio07 Hello

6th February 2006:
So cute! I love how you have flashbacks and stuff.

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Review #9, by Alley06 Hello

5th February 2006:
I love the song and i love the story... you did the song justice! Keep doing what your doing!

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Review #10, by ambie Hello

3rd February 2006:
I love it, Sad yet... happy? anyway, it was really good. your very good at this and i love the song as well. ~*~ ambie~*~

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Review #11, by BabyMagicWitch Hello

3rd February 2006:
Thats REALLY REALLY sweet.

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Review #12, by roselilah Hello

3rd February 2006:
gin and ron died?! WAAA!! well awsome story... keep up da good work!

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