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Reading Reviews for Tale of Hypocrisy
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by dracossexcgal Tale of Hypocrisy

11th March 2006:

Author's Response: hmm, maybe lol.

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Review #2, by dramione2645 Tale of Hypocrisy

8th March 2006:
this was good. really good. :-D leaves kind of a cliff hanger that cant be fixed, because this is the end. lol. great story. :-)

Author's Response: yeah yeah, you know how i do. cliffhanger that cant be fixed, I CONCUR. lol, i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by omigosh Tale of Hypocrisy

7th March 2006:
omigosh!! please say that they are together again!! very cute!!

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Review #4, by devilsdaughter Tale of Hypocrisy

7th March 2006:
oh my god I love your style of writing ......striaght and to the point....but i bet lots of tell you that

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Review #5, by 1majbubba Tale of Hypocrisy

25th February 2006:
sorry about the double review i hit enter twice. and also i loved the storys

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Review #6, by 1majbubba Tale of Hypocrisy

25th February 2006:
is that the end?

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Review #7, by 1majbubba Tale of Hypocrisy

25th February 2006:
is that the end?

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Review #8, by Mci2 Tale of Hypocrisy

23rd February 2006:
WELLL,, I REALLY WANT AN EPILOGUE PLEASE!!!! please please please please please write and epilogue.!!

Author's Response: lol, ill think about it. IM GLAD YOU LIKKKKKKED IT.

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Review #9, by Baybeetricia Tale of Hypocrisy

18th February 2006:
I LOVE IT! I actually know which one you used and I got to admit it was a amazing choice. ~ Now on with the review ~ She cheated on Draco with Harry! HARRY!!!!! What the fu*ck was she thinking. I mean I understand that it was a mistake but damn! When he says that he's "Drawn to you" that should have put a warning sign in your head and said "Get the fu*ck out; NOW!!!!" But no, you had to stay there and endure all of sh*it that caused all of the drama in your growing marriage. ~ I am happy that she regretted it though, that shows that she has a conscience.~ I love the argument. It's just like they were in hogwarts again. All the name calling and stuff surely brings back a whole lot of memories. *sighs and looks up in the roof, reminscing.* *comes back to the review 3 minutes later* But by the way the argument was going I thought they were going to make up and then suddenly he leaves. I Like the way that went. ~ When i read the part about the ring the first words that came out of my mouth was "Omigosh! He's going to marry her, oh no he's going to marry her. Not a good thing; not a good thing." ( That was the exact words that came out of my mouth.) And she had the decency to gloat, when she wasn't even going to marry him. PATHETIC!!!!! Jealousy is surely a fickle thing to those who don't have what they want. ~ The last thing I'm happy for is that she didn't just give up and throw herself at him, she is willing to make him work for what he wants. And even though he's working for it, he is bound to change; and I love it. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! This trilogy was awesome!!!! Much Love Baybeetricia. (If you need help on anything else, you know where to reach me.)

Author's Response: i am really, really glad you helped me with this. you helped out a lot. and what with your amazing reviews in the past two stories, i really just love you for all of it. and this is the longest review i`ve ever gotten, oh i know.. it`s pretty sad. lol. your review is like, the best thing ever because not only are you telling me how much you liked it, you`re telling me EXACTLY what it is you liked. i love reading reviews because its just so fun. lol. thank you so much for your help and if you ever want to write a story together, let me know because i think it would be a lot of fun to collaborate with someone who writes as good as yourself. wth did i just say lmao. anyway, what i was really trying to say was; YOU write really good stories and i would love to write a story with you. if you ever want to, you know where to reach me as well. lemme knoww. thank you so much, once again, for everything you`ve done.

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Review #10, by sweetgrl1988 Tale of Hypocrisy

13th February 2006:
this was by far the best part to the trilogy. i like how hermione isnt all to forgiving as in parts one and two but we know things are still happily ever after.

Author's Response: i`m really glad you thought so. yeah, i figured i shouldnt let it be TOO cliche. so hermione was like UHHNO you can`t kiss me. WTH! lol, i`m glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #11, by scarletheartedlioness Tale of Hypocrisy

12th February 2006:
this was a great trilogy, Saren!! awesome writing!! ;-} xx dazzi xx

Author's Response: i`m really glad you liked it

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Review #12, by Anonymous Tale of Hypocrisy

10th February 2006:
I loved your story! I thought it was interesting, like with their fight and all. yay!

Author's Response: yay!! i`m soo glad you liked it. it means a lot.

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Review #13, by addict Tale of Hypocrisy

5th February 2006:
sooo stoopid

Author's Response: thanks doll.

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Review #14, by dm_hg4ever Tale of Hypocrisy

3rd February 2006:
ooo greaat ending... yay they're back together. lol that rhymes: 'with elle, you can say i was living in hell.' i read ur other stories and they're awsome!!!!

Author's Response: lol! thank you soo much.

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Review #15, by Laura Tale of Hypocrisy

2nd February 2006:
AWwwwwww lol AHEM. That was cute ^^; You should make Hermione get hit by a truck or something, and she loses memory, and Draco has to show her how much he loves her. Thee end Laura

Author's Response: lmao get hit by a truck. OH LAURA YOU`RE SO FUNNY. lol i`m glad you liked it.

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