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Review #1, by MysticPhoenix A Lack of Conviction

7th August 2012:
That was sweet. I thought it was very interesting that you chose to have Mr. and Mrs. Weasley come over with Ron to explain to Hermione's parents about what was happening with Voldermort instead of Hermione simply erasing their memories. It will be interesting to see how that plays out later.

I like how this story was classical Ron and Hermione interaction with the added in attraction that had been building between them. I love how Ron is still awkward in his attempts to explain his feelings to Hermione and how Hermione flys off the handle thinking he's insulting her then suddenly realizing what Ron was trying to say.

One thing I really like about this chapter and take on the story before they set out with Harry, is that they have already shared two kisses. They have now expressed their feelings.

This chapter does a nice job of setting the tone for the rest of the story. You know that there will be danger ahead and that they are focused on helping Harry anyway they can, but also setting the stage for the focus on their growing romantic relationship.

Great opening chapter! Really well done!

Thank you for all your work in the House Cup!

- MysticPhoenix

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Review #2, by forest_of_dean Things We Said Today

9th March 2011:
The first bit was SO CUTE...and then when Harry walked in I literally threw my hands in the air and screamed OH NO, NO WAY! So funny!

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Review #3, by forest_of_dean Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree

9th March 2011:
That was exactly how I imagined it would go down! So awkward and perfect! I loved it!

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Review #4, by forest_of_dean All Tomorrow's Parties

9th March 2011:
I loved the little jokes along the way!

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Review #5, by forest_of_dean A Lack of Conviction

9th March 2011:
What a perfect Ron/Hermione kiss! I really love the way you subtly put in magical references with the spells and things. Many people don't!

This was one of the first fanfics I ever read when I was a kid. (I cheated the legal system, shh, don't tell!) Now I'm actually legal! I really loved this story all those years ago and I'm so glad I've found it now.

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Review #6, by Jakota Things We Said Today

18th August 2010:
It looks like you have forgotten this story. To bad since there was only one chapter left and I really wanted to know the end. Hopefully after 3 years you will stumble upon this review, reread your amazing story and finish it. Someone can only dream.

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Review #7, by iloveblack A Lack of Conviction

30th October 2009:
Hey, I’m here to spread the love for HPFFSAD.

Wow, this is my Ron/Hermione in over a year! And I guess this fic was a good choice to get into it again. I really like your style of writing and characterization. The way everything you say can be misunderstood, especially as tensions are already running high with Voldemort being back and Dumbledore dead. The way you had Hermione and Ron act around each other was like a dance or something (:

Also, how you let Hermione ask the Weasley’s to explain the current situation is very realistic. I always was under the impression that JK was makin gall the characters way too mature and by letting Hermione go for help you remind the reader that she is only a teen and still needs help.

Very nicely written first chapter!


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Review #8, by Celticfaerie13 Things We Said Today

17th January 2008:
I am so loving this story and am bummed you haven't updated in a while! Do you plan on continuing this story? I love Ron : ) Poor boy and his hormones...*grins*

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Review #9, by lyla_bell Things We Said Today

9th October 2007:
I love this story. That's all I can really say, other then you are a fabulous writer and each of the stories you've written have just been amazing. I'm looking forward to the end!
Last thing: I think you've captured Ron and Hermione's relationship perfectly.

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Review #10, by Hopeless Romatic Slowly Goes the Night

3rd October 2007:
That made me laugh when Harry walked in on them.

Hee hee hee. Good idea!!!

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Review #11, by JanelleWeasley Things We Said Today

24th August 2007:
Good update, I can't wait for the next one. I can't believe it just about over.


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Review #12, by Bears Kitty Things We Said Today

21st August 2007:
*crys* i hate waiting

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Review #13, by Bears Kitty Slowly Goes the Night

20th August 2007:
i loved the tonks and lupin thing it was great keep up the good work

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Review #14, by Hermytwin027 All Tomorrow's Parties

16th June 2007:
"But Ginny was the reluctant recipient of the bouquet: it had rather inelegantly smacked her in the face and half fell down the front of her robes" ...hahaha...I actaully laughed out loud at that. I really like how you've used the humour (like that) to break up the seriousness of the world around them...oh and well done on the Harry/Ginny fight...just how they should be hehe :p Oooh hope there'll be lots more Ron/Hermione situations coming up...I bet he told his brothers bout them being a lil bit more than friends when he was drunk, right???! haha classic stuff - top marks x

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Review #15, by Hilary Radcliffe Two Soldiers

13th June 2007:
Terrible. Ew.

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Review #16, by mommcgonagall Things We Said Today

5th June 2007:
I'm loving this story--its in my favourties. Please finish soon, need an update. I intend on checking out your others...

Weasley is our king!

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Review #17, by Sandra Things We Said Today

27th May 2007:
Another great chapter, I found myself smiling at some bits because there were some good humourous parts in it. I think Ron and Hermione end up fighting in each chapter in some way, can't they just get along? lol

Harry has finnaly found out, and in the most awful way possible, how embarrasing! I found it funny how you showed Hermione becoming paranoid when talking to Fred and George and Bill Weasley.

I don't know what else to say except this is a great story and i'm really enjoying it. I'm sorry I couldn't say anything more in my review, I find it hard to express what I thought about a chapter into words :)

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Review #18, by Sandra And I Stumbled Onto You

27th May 2007:
This was a nice chapter. So Viktor has returned, I knew instantly that, that spelled trouble for Ron and Hermione, he was bound to get jealous. I loved the little argument that the two had, it sounded so childish and immature.

So I see you're one of those authors who think that R.A.B is is Regulus Black, so am I, it seems very likely doesn't it. Guess we'll never know until book 7. Harry's reaction to Ron and Hermione's idea of the identity of R.A.B must have been a bit annoying for Hermione. I mean how long has she spent on researching. And again Harry has to deal with keeping his emotions to himself. Hermione is right, it's not healthy or normal. Good chapter :)

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Review #19, by Sandra Two Soldiers

27th May 2007:
Again what a sweet chapter with Ron and Hermione, they really are growing up in this story. So the trio have been made members of the Order of the Phoenix, Mrs Weasley would go mad if she found out. The conversation between Harry and Ginny is hinting that he might be moving the Grimauld place for other reasons. Have Harry and Ginny kissed or did what ron and Hermione did? That's what Hermione thinks isn't it.

Very nice story, i'm enjoying this :)

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Review #20, by Sandra Everything is Broken

27th May 2007:
I'm so sorry for how long i've taken to read this, it's been ages. I've been revising so much for my school work. I was curious to see what this chapter was about, because of what happened in the previous chapter with Ron and Hermione.

I really like how Ron and Hermione act after what they did and the awkwardness of it. It's exactly how I imagined them to act, and how sweet when Ron said that he meant it when he said he loved her.

That was a big shock that Percy was seen in the company of Death Eaters, I wonder if he's turned to the dark side. i wonder if Ron really means it when he says that Percy does not deserve to be part of the family anymore. You really got his character right by having him say that, as it's like Ron to jump to comclusions and act before he thinks. Also his yelling at Hermione was very Ron like. I felt really sorry for her.

The last bit with Harry was enjoyable too, at least he's been ok with them now. I thought this was a enjoyable chapter.

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Review #21, by MoonNRoses A Lack of Conviction

14th April 2007:
Wow... I love the fact that you make Ron so clumsy. It's just so... Ron. (He's my favorite, you know.)

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Review #22, by Angela Things We Said Today

11th April 2007:
Oh my goodness, this was so cute! You did a great job conveying the awkwardness, and it was so funny - ''this is exactly the sort of thing I'd like Harry to be left out of!'' - I cracked up when I read that! It was very Ron lol. And I love Hermione's embarassment, very well done Lauren!
Keep up the beautiful work, I love every word of it!
Love Angela xxx

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Review #23, by stargazer Things We Said Today

10th April 2007:
Hey there Noblevyne! So after I realized that you had updated I decided to go read and noticed that there were several chapters that I missed out on reading. So I went back and re read the whole the story. I got halfway through chapter 9 last night until I just couldn't read anymore I was so tired. So I decided to save the rest for tonight. Now that I'm caught up I can leave you a review you deserve, instead of just say great chapter!

Okay first off I'm going to go back to chapter 6 and say that I loved the intimate seen you portrayed of Ron and Hermione. I thought it was done wonderfully. Most people make their characters jump right in. I love how you made the situation awkward and beautiful at the same time.

I really enjoyed reading about Harry going to see his parents graves. And the ordeal with his old baby crib still entact and the room staying the same from the night of the attack, it made me feel extremly sad yet happy that you wrote it that way. The way that Harry didn't even really say anything, he just touched things and moved on, it made me want to cry and reach out to him,let him know that it was going to be alright. But I agree with Hermione saying that his reaction was a bit scary. Though i can really see him acting that way in the last book.

I must say, I've very much loved reading this story, always wanting to know what would happen next and never wanting it to end. I'm really glad that this wasn't the last chapter and to know that there will be atleast one more. There are still so many questions to be answered. What will happen with Ron and Hermione, and what about Harry and Ginny? What of RAB and what will they do about him? What about the Horcruxes?

And..sorry I know I keep adding stuff..I want to add in that I love how you portray Remus and Tonks. Remus especially. He seems to be very canon yet with a hint of his own extra specialness that only you could have given him. (No clue if that made sense to you, sorry if it didn't) But I absoluty love his character in this story. And Tonks, I love her in the books. And she just keeps making me smile throughout this story. Did I mention that I love your descriptions? Oh I did notice that the italics marks didn't go through, just letting you know.

Well I'll save more when the last chapter is to come. In the mean time I'm going to update myself with Hollow Bones and hopefully have a review for you soon on that. Oh and congrats on podcast! Unfortunatly I'm unable to check it because my computer is quite old and doesn't allow me to listen. (It took me a year just to be able to put sound on it, blah)

Well hope I didn't babble too much. Can't wait till the next chapter!


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Review #24, by chick_fic_luver_erin Things We Said Today

5th April 2007:
hey this story is amazing.
i started reading it from the beginning and i forgot the name and hadnt been on to read it in a while and today i just magically remembered the title!! haha. i usually dont read mature stories, sinc i am not within the ''age limit'' but i just had to finish this story. i loved this story from the beginning because i fell in love with the first kiss. it was wonderfully written. and you did an amazing job on ron & hermiones first time. i know it must be awkward for you to write, b/c this review is awkward to write, but it was very appropriate. there werent gross details or anything. it captured what sex really is for people. its about love and caring, not gross actions and things>/i>. haha. [[that was not the perfect word, but i hope you understand what i mean]] haha. i cant wait until the end of the story, yet i am sure i wont want it to end. you are a great writer! keep it up!!!


ps: in this chappie, you put brackets around you italics instead of . just a heads up!

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Review #25, by Green Sky Things We Said Today

3rd April 2007:
I love this chapter. It seems a little different than previous chapters, but it's good all the same.

Looking forward to the final installment.

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