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Review #1, by Royalcheshire ILY, HG

18th October 2011:
Wow, I loved how funny Harry was in this, I actually laughed out loud at some of his lines ha. And i love ho Hermione is always looking for protection with Ron...Very Hermione like

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Review #2, by Sara_Sj ILY, HG

21st March 2011:
It was alright. I felt you made Hermione a little...too oc. She was a bit off character, more of a girly-girl that freaks out at the littlest things, which is not how we know Rowling to portray her.
The idea was good, the anagrams idea was brilliant.
But I felt it was missing something. I'm not sure what it was exactly, but I felt your story was missing something important.

Also, it dragged on JUST a bit. Constructive criticism, please don't take it any other way!

Good job on your first one-shot of them, though.

Author's Response: nope, I know exactly what you mean! This one of of my very first one shots, written when I was like 16 or something. so I agree entirely, hermione was a bit ooc and it did drag a bit. I appreciate your constructive criticism though! :)

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Review #3, by Jakota ILY, HG

23rd August 2010:
I was laughing so much at the beginning. It was a very cute and funny story.

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Review #4, by weasley_gang ILY, HG

21st December 2008:

this story was so cute! =D

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Review #5, by darkpixie13 ILY, HG

10th March 2008:
really cute one-shot i liked it alot :)

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Review #6, by llamasrule789 ILY, HG

17th October 2007:
I for one loved it .

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Review #7, by jenkent ILY, HG

15th September 2007:
I really liked this story. Great job!

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Review #8, by marina39520 ILY, HG

3rd September 2007:
that was really cute!!! lol i liked it!

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Review #9, by xxstaindrosesxx ILY, HG

2nd September 2007:
That was really cute!

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Review #10, by ColorMyWorld ILY, HG

28th May 2007:
This was great. Offially and incredibly superb! Must I say again how much I adored it? Well, anyway, I really liked it. : ) 10/10

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Review #11, by pens82 ILY, HG

26th February 2007:
good liked it

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Review #12, by Lady Hope ILY, HG

18th January 2007:
hehe, that was great.
it was a good hermy/ron story. the awkwardness, the whole both in denial thing.
well, i loved it!

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Review #13, by hermioneneha ILY, HG

11th December 2006:
Aww that was adorable!!!

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Review #14, by ibelieveintruelove ILY, HG

26th October 2006:
i lOVED iT!!! It was so sweet! haha ILY, HG was so clever and Ron was so adorable! HG/RW FOREVER!!!

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Review #15, by She Devil ILY, HG

2nd October 2006:
um, well, i check my email alot, so i will post my email in my website box and erace it when you email me. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #16, by She Devil ILY, HG

1st October 2006:
OOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really like it! it was really good. i also don't think that it had a cliffhanger! you are a really good writher! "Did he french you?" i laughed soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard! well done! rating:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::20million outa 10!

i was also wondering if you could do a banner for me. just like the story, the banner was awsome! i would love a banner of your skill! would you be interested?

Author's Response: I would be happy to make a banner for you. How can I get in contact with you though, so I can work out the details and such? If you get this, go to my homepage and leave a message on the cbox, and make sure you enter your email and your name, and I'll email you asap!

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Review #17, by WotcherIrishWitch ILY, HG

4th September 2006:
Author Quote: 'My first Ron/Hermione one shot! Yaay!'

Woah really? That was brilliant. Keep writing, and stay amazing. =]

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Review #18, by Bwale1 ILY, HG

6th July 2006:
Absolutly Amazing

I've never read something that caught the heart of the Rowlings world before

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Review #19, by RA Black ILY, HG

4th July 2006:
I really liked it. I liked the title, and when I first saw your banner (title) on pearluna's fav. stories, I was trying to find out what illy hig was, but then I realized that HG was Hermione Granger and then I knew: I Love You was ILY. So I mean that I really liked your title, and it made me want to read your story, which I also enjoyed immensly.

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Review #20, by Star Potter ILY, HG

26th June 2006:
that's good...reeeeeaaaaal goooooood!!!!!

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Review #21, by Redheads_sis ILY, HG

2nd June 2006:
Very long indeed. Yet very good! Ten out of ten!

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Review #22, by Brenda16 ILY, HG

1st June 2006:
Oh my gosh, i am speechless. OH! This story was so well done. I enjoyed reading it immensely!!! I thought it was so adorable, and the grammer and spelling was so well done!!! I don't even have anything to say, this was just brillant! so beautiful. I can't think, lol, well, great writing, Continue especially!!! This one-shot was gorgeous and definitely, without a doubt, worth my time! It is definitely worth a 9, i am so jealous, I loved everything!!! :) Job well done! *[claps hands quietly waiting for an encore]*

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Review #23, by hermiones_patronus ILY, HG

28th May 2006:
very good story. i especially liked all the humor at the Dursely's

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Review #24, by ron_hermione_fan ILY, HG

18th May 2006:
wow i was looking 4 this story wanted 2 read it again its still as good as i remember

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Review #25, by Redheads_4ever ILY, HG

13th May 2006:
Good! Really good! I really enjoyed it!

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