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Review #1, by TheRenegades The Mask of Eileen Snape

3rd December 2006:
flippin awesome!

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Review #2, by My Muse The Mask of Eileen Snape

7th May 2006:
What an inspired portrait of Eileen Snape. It moves me to see a woman who cared so deeply for her son and did everything she could for him. Another wonderfully told tale by BJAuth.

Author's Response: I do hope that's the way JK sees Eileen too, but I wonder if she will. An answer to a challenge set by Violet, and one (being Snape) I had to answer! Thanks again for a great review.

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Review #3, by Prudence Prior The Mask of Eileen Snape

17th April 2006:
B.J. that was a wonderful story. I'm sorry that I hadn't read it before now. I didn't know. You write beautifully and I love the small portrait of the mother, proud, stubborn and supportive in the face of the father and grandfather. You've given a real voice to Eileen, who can't have had an easy time of it. I hope this means that you'll be writing the occassional story again. Cheers, Pru

Author's Response: Thanks hon.

I sort of sneaked this one in while no one was looking! Violet did a challenge on forum and I read it and thought 'Yes, I have to do this'.

It's a different view of Eileen, and certainly different of Tobias. It does mean I'll be writing the occasional one along the way. Believe it or not I'm working on a Remus/Tonks one shot.

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Review #4, by delta The Mask of Eileen Snape

7th March 2006:
It is well writen for a topic that is not often explored. I especially like the last line.

Author's Response: I just had to use that last line! Thank you so much for reviewing and approving!

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Review #5, by steve34 The Mask of Eileen Snape

31st January 2006:
That last line was the absolute perfect ending! Well done. As to the rest of the story, it was very real. I completely understand how she let her husband push her around up until the moment the baby was born, and then the mother's protectiveness kicks in, and though she'll still tolerate the pushing against her, she won't against her son, his son. I was slightly angry (as I usually am) when I thought how she tried to save or fix her marriage by bringing a child into it, but in this case, the baby actually saves her and gives her the strength she needs to stand up for herself (and her son). So many conflicting emotions (in me, not the story), annoyance but sympathy with Eileen, disgust and anger with Tobias, and sympathy for Snape (which I hate... y'all should just let me hate Snape in peace and stop making me feel sorry for him or that his rudeness is justified by his lousy upbringing...). Excellent work here again.

Author's Response: *makes mental note to convert Steve to Snapeism* I love how you always sound so emotional as you review. Anger to Eileen? Yes. Let me say if this were 'real life' then I would be cross with her too but I bet you can think of people who have done just that - had a baby to save a marriage - I know I can. I tried to show the empowerment thing here -that you would do anything for them. That whole living through your offspring feeling that some mothers have. I'm guilty of it myself. You want life to be kind to them, and you would do anything for them, as I think she did. It also shows that bond between mother and son that can effect some relationship dynamics. I actually feel partly sorry for Tobias here, interestingly enough, because he was lied to. He loved her, and who worse to be betrayed by than someone you love? Of course in an ideal world he would have bypassed the prejudices for her. Later on, as we see the more evil side to him in the memories of Snape, I don't sympathise at all. But here a part of me does. You really should feel sorry for Snape you know Steve. Besides which, the buttons more than make up for the rudeness which is just part of his charm.*removes tongue from cheek* Thank you for another wonderfully detailed review hon.

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Review #6, by Dark Princess The Mask of Eileen Snape

30th January 2006:
Great job, and everything was portrayed very realistically. Your characterization of Eileen was also very believable, but my favourite part, I'd have to say, is the final line. It was truly a great way to end the story.

Author's Response: Thank you. I didn't know if that was too much or not, so to hear it worked for you is great to know. Thank you for taking the time to tell me. It is truly appreciated.

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Review #7, by Violet Gryfindor The Mask of Eileen Snape

29th January 2006:
Oh my gosh, BJ, this story is so beautiful. You write Eileen's pain so strongly, making the reader feel what she's feeling. That poor woman - falling in love, then having all her dreams shattered with a few words. I love the symbol of the mask you've used throughout - it suits the role that Eileen has to play as the muggle mother until Severus is old enough to go to Hogwarts. I also really liked how both parents show characteristics that have been seen in Severus once he's an adult. He has both his father's looks and temper, as well as his mother's brains and pride. This is amazingly done, BJ. Thank you so much for having written this. =)

Author's Response: Oh I'm pleased that comes across ok. I really tried hard to weave in a few links to Tobias and Eileen from the sketchy things we know. I wanted to show that far from being a totally wrong relationship that there was love in the beginning but Tobias' anger comes from his fears, paralleling Severus'. I also think this empowerment (certainly true - from my own experiences) and deception is a possibility - that Eileen had a close relationship with her son, perhaps. I also linked this in with Reflection and the theme of the masked man. Just so like his mother. Thank you for reviewing and posting such a good challenge.

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