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Review #1, by Lucy_Fleur Funny Feeling...

6th December 2007:
that was really really really sweet. i love ron and hermionie things and you did it really well

Author's Response: awww you're really sweet, and i wrote it for people like you, thank you very much, you've made my day!!! :)

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Review #2, by ginwannabe Funny Feeling...

7th October 2007:
Very nice!!

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Review #3, by nobodyinparticular Funny Feeling...

18th May 2007:
If this story should be rated Mature, then I'm a flobberworm...

Author's Response: hahaha as i've said mannnnnny times, they would not post it unless i changed the rating to mature, not too sure why, im sorry if it makes some people upset, because its not my fault!! thnk you for your review

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Review #4, by PebblesForTea Funny Feeling...

13th May 2007:
Really great story, I don't know why it was 17+ though...?? Well done :)

Author's Response: thank you!! they wouldnt put it up at 15+ for some reason, i dunno why, but oh well, thank you for your review, it made my day!!!

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Review #5, by ILoveLost1888 Funny Feeling...

5th December 2006:
Hi. I love Toby Keith! He was a movie is going to be 12-15-06 at 8:00 it is on a Friday CMT. It is good. I like it when Harry was looking at Ron and Hermione. 10-10! ^.^

Author's Response: oh thats awesome, yea he's pretty cool!! im happy you liked it, thanks for your review!!!

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Review #6, by pens82 Funny Feeling...

4th June 2006:
very good

Author's Response: thank you very much! i hope you enjoyed reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it!!!

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Review #7, by wishmylastnamewasWeasly Funny Feeling...

24th May 2006:
YAY!! I am so glad someone wrote a fic about that song! It is one of my favorites, and I am a HUGE ron/hermione shipper! This was really great. Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: thank you so much!! im glad you like, it and that song is amazing, its so catchy and sweet hahaha! i didn't even realize i had 2 new reviews, and im so happy! thank you for reviewing, and ron/hermione shipper ARE the best!!!

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Review #8, by Ron_hermione aaf Funny Feeling...

14th March 2006:
I really really liked it! It was really sweet!!! I just have a question...I know I'm american and all but, what quote exactly were you saying you borrowed? Just out of curiosity and all

Author's Response: thank you for your review!! I'm glad you liked it!! hahaha yea I just noticed that the quote that I borrowed isn't really that clear!! The quote is "Next time there's a ball, ask me before someone else does, and not as a last resort!" It's page 376 in the Canadian/UK version, but I am not sure what page it is in the American. The quote also happens to be in the Goblet of Fire movie, which I was happy about!! hahaha I'm sorry that it wasn't that clear, and I hope you enjoyed the rest of my story!! Thanks again!!

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Review #9, by spasticpuppy772 Funny Feeling...

8th March 2006:
OMG THAT WAS SOOO GOOD!! i love the story and you wrote it sooooo well!! ps OMG UR CANADIAN?!?! THATS SOOO COOL!! I WENT TO CANADA ONCE AND I SAW NIAGRA FALLS!! sorry if that was kinda weird... i just really like canada.

Author's Response: hahahah thank you, im glad you liked it!! hahaha yes, I am Canadian!! hahaha I like that you like Canada, I hope you had a good time when you were at Niagara Falls!! that wasn't weird at all!! I'm glad when people like Canada!!!! Thank you for your review, and I'm happy you enjoyed my story!!! :)

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Review #10, by voldy_sucks88 Funny Feeling...

4th March 2006:
sweet i liked it!! :)

Author's Response: hehehehe thanks!!! thank you for your review!!!

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Review #11, by hunni Funny Feeling...

24th February 2006:
this is not worthy of the mature rating i would say a 15+ at most either change the rating of add some mature content to the story x

Author's Response: hahahaha i know i know, but i sent it in at 15+ and it was rejected, I dunno why, so I'm sorry if you were wanting a more mature story!!

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Review #12, by weasley_girl392 Funny Feeling...

14th February 2006:
i love this story! i'm adding it to my favorites! good job!

Author's Response: hehehe omg thank you so much!!! i can see you're a Weasley fan yourself!!! awww thank you for adding my story to your favourites!!! i really feel honoured!! thank you for your review and im happy you enjoyed it!!!

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Review #13, by Sudha53 Funny Feeling...

11th February 2006:
wait, how is this rated for 17years and older?

Author's Response: hahah i had it as 15+ but they rejected it saying it didn't rate up to their standards, hahaha i dunno why!! I'm sorry to disappoint you if you wanted a mature story!! i just want it to be safe for people to read!!!

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Review #14, by minä Funny Feeling...

7th February 2006:
it was REALLY nice

Author's Response: heheh thank you for your review!! I'm happy you enjoyed it!!

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Review #15, by Nini Funny Feeling...

6th February 2006:
I'm crying. I loved it so much!

Author's Response: hahaha thank you!! I didn't know it would be so emotional!! I hope those are good tears!!! Thank you for your review!!

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Review #16, by dm_hg4ever Funny Feeling...

5th February 2006:
ur canadian! me 2!!!! toronto actually. and i'm proud lol., i read all the hp books in candian/uk version. lol i reviewd ur other one-shot (draco/hermoine) but i like this too. greeaat story!!! keep on writing!

Author's Response: hahah thank!! awesme, another canadian, I'm from Brampton. I just responded to ur otjher review to see you left this one haha!! haha thank you for your reviews, I hope you enjoyed them, and go Canada!!! hahaha

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Review #17, by tasia Funny Feeling...

2nd February 2006:
awwwww so cute, write another plz and longer plz plz plz again

Author's Response: heheh thank you!! im glad you like it!! Im planning to do more one-shot song-fics, im just looking for the perfect song again!! thank you for your review!!

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Review #18, by thefuturemrstomfelton Funny Feeling...

1st February 2006:
wow i like dur story it was awsome update soon

Author's Response: hehe, thanks!! I think this is going to be a one-shot sing-fic, so I don't think I'll be adding anything to it!! Sorry! I do have another story though, "Does Family Really Matter?" but I haven't updated lately, I will soon, I promise!! thank you for your review!

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Review #19, by VaRuCa Funny Feeling...

31st January 2006:
Oh, I absolutley love this pairing. I really felt it, as if I were there.

Great Job!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I love this pairing too, and when I heard this song, I thought, this is perfect!! Thank you for your review!!!

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Review #20, by purplepygmypuff Funny Feeling...

30th January 2006:
I love this song and have been thinking about writing a similar story! This was sweet!

Author's Response: hehehe thanks, hey, you can still write that story!!! I'd be sure to read it!! I love this song too!! thanks for your review!!

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Review #21, by maggiedalena Funny Feeling...

29th January 2006:
I think this story is really sweet and I've never heard the song before but it sounds sweet too. It's all just so 'aawww'ing. Oh, by the way, is your name Maggie because my name is Maggie Magdalena and I only allow one person to call me Mag.

Author's Response: hahaha thank you!! when I heard this song, im like, it's totally Ron and Hermione!! and yes, my name is Maggie, its my real name, not Margaret (though i get that a lot and I hate it cause its NOT my name, though it is a nice name), though most people call me Mags, my nickname. I only allow one person to call me Mag too!!! hahaha my Grandpa!! I love the name Magdalena, its very pretty!! thank you for your review Maggie!! (that sounds so odd haha)

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