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Review #1, by CrazyForYou Her dragon

7th August 2007:
oh!!! i like the ending =)

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Review #2, by dramionesilverserpent Her dragon

17th April 2007:
i never cry @fanfictions ...but this just made me's an awsome story...

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Review #3, by HARRYPOTTERLOVER Her dragon

23rd September 2006:
its too cute! plz write more soon!

Author's Response: thx. oh there will be a sequel to this just not too soon. thx for reading

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Review #4, by draco and hermione Her dragon

26th July 2006:
*sobs uncontrolably* how could you kill him, he is too hot to die. lol. great story.

Author's Response: it was hard for me to kill him, because of his hotness, but u it had to be done.:( thx and thx for reading

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Review #5, by ark angel Her dragon

10th June 2006:
it made me cry!!!

Author's Response: srry but believe me it made me cry writing it.:(thx for reading!

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Review #6, by hpdude_4life Her dragon

13th February 2006:
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! omg dat was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad! :'( especiallt the bit where draco came bac and i was like 'YEY!' then harry calls hermione and it was all her imagination. dats enough 2 kill her :| mn this touched me deeply. write more stories! :)

Author's Response: yes very sad i cried writing it, but not as much as his angels! yes that was enough to kill her, but she's strong! i'm glad you liked this story! Thx 4 r/r1

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Review #7, by mbstargirl123 Her dragon

12th February 2006:
that was a nice story!

Author's Response: thx!

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Review #8, by david Her dragon

7th February 2006:
Where's the sequel? great story.

Author's Response: there's no sequel just a story,'his angels', about what would've happened if Draco hadn't died!thx for r/r!

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Review #9, by Scarlett Victoria Riddle Her dragon

7th February 2006:
omg............i'm crying.......that was so sad.........i just can't stop crying.......i was listening to 'remember to breathe' by dashboard seemed to fit.........omg.........this makes me think about my makes me realize that i could lose him so fast that there couldn't be anything to do about it....i love this story......i'm going to add it to my favorites

Author's Response: i'm sorry i didn't mean to make you cry that bad, but i'm glad that you liked it.*sobs*it makes me cry thinking about the story though.*hands ScarlettVictoriaRiddle tissue* thx for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by BB Knight Her dragon

6th February 2006:
I really liked your plot in this story. The whole illustion part. You should put in a couple memories that Draco and Hermione shared, to make the reader feel more like they understand what Hermione is going through. But altogether it was good! -BB-

Author's Response: thx for the advice. i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #11, by brokenheartedangel Her dragon

3rd February 2006:
okay hand me a tissue... this was a wonderful and moving piece...

Author's Response: *hands brokenheartedangle tissue* here you go. i'm glad you liked it. thx for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Karma Her dragon

3rd February 2006:
pls update it soon

Author's Response: i'm sorry but that's all there is!

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Review #13, by nethermaid Her dragon

1st February 2006:
Very sweet, a tear-jerker.

Author's Response: thank you! i'm glad you liked it1

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Review #14, by candz Her dragon

29th January 2006:
omg!!!!! i can not believe this story, i read the first paragraph and then in the 2nd paragraph it sed ' Even After all those years of hatred for each other, they managed to find love' and at first when i read the 1st paragraph i thought it was about ron but then that sort of gave it away that it wasnt. I said 2 myself 'U R SUCH A PRAT' bt oh well. Anyway this story is absolutely amazing, i cried! its so sad that hermione tried to kill herself but 'draco' saved her, oh god! my eyes are filling up again. Even though this is just one chapter, its so great and such a romantic chapter. I LOVE IT!!! you're a great writer by the way you wrote everything with detail and everything. I also loved the idea of draco telling hermione to keep a knife, very clever ickle draco! lolz. anyway bye xxxx

Author's Response: ths for reading my story. thx for the compliment. it good that you lie my story. there will be more one shots, especailly when i get my writer's blocks. so i hope you like those also. thx for reading.

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