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Review #1, by hullo Kill me tender

7th July 2007:
its gr8 plz update quickly!

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Review #2, by k_fizzy Kill me tender

7th August 2006:
this amused me. Hehe Updates! :P

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Review #3, by Draco is fit 123 Kill me tender

26th April 2006:
hey. loved it. update soon! Poor..well me. lol Yours Emily xxxx

Author's Response: aww me is glad you likes it=) im not sure about the updating part but me is trying my hardest=) fanks for the review=) you is make me very happy-) lol yes i can speak proper english...i just like speaking that way sometimes...

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Review #4, by ErikandChristine Kill me tender

29th March 2006:
lol, this is the best chapter so love i loved ittttttttttttttt, update quicker, much wuickre and please. oh and thnx for reminding me u updated. (groans) oh sorry i have a stomach ache, so much chicken....gahh. well anyway update update now

Author's Response: lol....yes....weird jokes, i would never say that about my faithful reviewer! aww poor stomach! *growls at stomach ache to go away* hehe...yes....oh im so glad that u liked this chappie! *blushes* lol thanx so much for ur reviews! my most faithful reviewer...

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Review #5, by witch767667 Kill me tender

28th March 2006:
Please update as soon as the website lets you!!!! I hate the website for not letting authors update their good stories!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah by the way I love this story!!!!

Author's Response: aww thank you! =) yes i wish the site would let me update because i have a few ideas for a new story....oh im so honoured that u love my story *blushes* lol

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Review #6, by emlover Kill me tender

26th March 2006:

Author's Response: YEAH ME TOO! lol! im writing a story that has him as the main character in the near future lol

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Review #7, by Marauderette Kill me tender

23rd March 2006:
AWWW! that's sad ... so what year is this? 3rd? update soon

Author's Response: aww yes i know! *sobs hysterically* anywho,...i think i'll set this for the fourth year but it wont go along with the doing my own style...thanks for the review! =)

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Review #8, by tom_feltons_godess Kill me tender

23rd March 2006: sad...poor poor Jaymee....I kno U just lyk updated and all but U think mayB U cood fynd it in ur heart to update soon again??? I wood forevr B in ur debt if U did!!!~Jaymee

Author's Response: lol yes yes poor poor you! lol! dont worry i'll update it tomorrow if i have the time! problem is...i cant think of what to write next....OH I GOT IT! you'll just have to see...i also have another idea for a new story...revolving around the marauders...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU AWESOME REVIEWS!

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Review #9, by tom_feltons_godess Your one true love

23rd March 2006:
COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM!!! *realizes she's being weird again and sits back down* Ehem...sry I got excited...*blushes* Hahaha I care th@ ur not ending this story cuz I'm lyk N it oodles so far!!!~Jaymee

Author's Response: yes...i think u had WAY too much ice cream lol. OH DID SOMEONE MENTION ICE CREAM? *looks around expectantly* ICE CREAM! *runs after the person that has ice cream and knocks him down* ...i think I had too much ice cream lol!

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Review #10, by tom_feltons_godess Your busy life

23rd March 2006:
Ugh stupid Adrian son-of-a-crapper!!! N*E ways awsum job again!!!

Author's Response: lol! now THATS the first time ive heard 'son of a crapper' lol. thats funny!...may i use it on my next chapter? lol i cant stop laughing at that phrase! thanx for the reviews!

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Review #11, by tom_feltons_godess Your busy life

23rd March 2006:
Loving it!!!~Jaymee

Author's Response: awww thank you =) i feel so honoured! lol

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Review #12, by catseyes Your busy life

19th March 2006:
poor me=( poor poor me. i feel so sorry for me. lol. that feels weird. i love this story. and i don't usually say love. so you should feel very very special for that.

Author's Response: lol thank you so much=) yes i feel sorry for me too...dont you feel sorry for you? im confused. damn you! weird, and so are you...kinda. nah jks. thanks for the review btw. i feel special. in fact, im so special, that my parents send me to a shrink sometimes. see i AM special! lol...jks i dont go to a shrink...that often...hes sometimes freaked out by me so he makes his cats ill...

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Review #13, by cutie17 Your one true love

13th March 2006:
I love it! I just have one suggestion, could you make everything into paragraphs so it isn't all right underneath each other? Other than that, I love it and I want updates!

Author's Response: yep dont worry. ive just figured out what everybodys been trying to make me i press enter twice right?...kk hope it works lol. thx for the review=)

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Review #14, by Paige Weasley Your one true love

12th March 2006:
Oh so no happy ending with George? I like the story alot.

Author's Response: aww im sorry...its just that im an incredibly lazy arse...seriously! i was juss too lazy to write more lol. sorry...thanx for the review=)

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Review #15, by 188__dragon song__881 Your one true love

7th March 2006:
oh that sweet in a sad way. But george seemed to love her/me and adrin was such a prick picking up that other girl. Oh i feel so....well...happy...and....sad. That was a good ending it was a weird choice but i guess she/me had the right reasons. lol ythat feels weird to write "me" lol but i guess it was from my POV, yeah i guess that I wasnt with adrin at the time he picked up (damn i should say snogged, lol sorry bloddy australian slang) the other girl, so that kinda makes it alright.... Great story!!! loved it all the way, and teh endinhg was great i felt really weird which i guess is the sign of an AWESOME story!!!! PLease please plaease update other story ASAP! XOXOXO

Author's Response: lol im so sorry for the abrupt ending but i just was to lazy to write down more (avoids broken beer bottles again) PEOPLES CALM DOWN IM NOT THROUGH YET!...anywho, i took the easy way out and chose adrian coz it woukld be so much more complicated with george and im too lazy to write more lol...(ducks under table) PEOPLE!...thanx for the reviews;) now its my turn to review yours.

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Review #16, by 188__dragon song__881 Your busy life

7th March 2006:
lol those puppy eyes got me!!!! lol nice chappie!i really like the scene in the herbology class, it was really imaginative!! I love it i love it i do!!! Adrin and another girl!!!! woah i did not see that one coming, are you sure that it is him!!!???? lol of coarse you do you are writing it, oh dam i thought he sounded cute, oh well back to good old george. Nice line about him going out with her because of her boobies, it makes sense that the hufflepuffs should be dumb blondes i never made that connectuion be4!! This is really great, can i just make one tensy wensy suggestion? could you please space it out a little? please dont shoot me!!! But apart from that this is great!!!! xoxoxoxo p.s thanx for your reviews!!!

Author's Response: *stashes guns away* lol jks jks. thank you soo much for your kind reviews, dont worry ill space it out...the scene in the herbology class i dreamt about it (and no i didnt take any drugs lol) so i decided to write it down...any who, thx so much for your kind reviews!

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Review #17, by Emerald Angel Your one true love

16th February 2006:
WHAT!?! Why the sad ending! I think I might cry....

Author's Response: lol im soooo sorry but im ging to write a sequel...i promise! anywhom thanks for ur review i really aprreciate it:D

Author's Response: *hands you tissues and starts to cry heself too*

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Review #18, by ErikandChristine Your one true love

12th February 2006:
end? is the end, is this it? please dont let it be, when u see my review please pm me a noted telling me that this isnt the end, please, this si a really good fic, or was, sob, ur faithful reviewer.

Author's Response: awwww im sorry it is but dont worry im doing a seqel..or whatever u call it. im setting it 2 years from where the story left off...tee hee

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Review #19, by ErikandChristine Your busy life

12th February 2006:
oh darn adrian with a slytherin girl, damn, is till love ur story ur faithful reviewer

Author's Response: lol thanx for the review

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Review #20, by BlondeHufflepuff22 Your busy life

7th February 2006:
Too hard to read, didn't even start, put spaces between your paragraphs

Author's Response: well maybe you should read something more easier that suits you goldilocks? or the three blind mice? and ive put spaces on my second and third chapter...why dont you write a story and we'll see how perfect it is? thank you for the review *puts on sweet face and walks away muttering obceneties* oh and it means swear words...just in case THAT was too hard for you to read

Author's Response: well maybe you should read something more easier that suits you goldilocks? or the three blind mice? and ive put spaces on my second and third chapter...why dont you write a story and we'll see how perfect it is? thank you for the review *puts on sweet face and walks away muttering obceneties* oh and it means swear words...just in case THAT was too hard for you to read

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Review #21, by 188__dragon song__881 Your busy life

6th February 2006:
This is really really good. I love the way that you have written it from the perspective of the reader! That type of writing is very hard to pull off but you have done it beautifully! I love the line, 'giraffe being tortured by a donkey' I laughed alot when I read that. I also love all the different little crushes that are going on between different characters, very cute. I really like this story! Awesome!

Author's Response: thank you so much! *bows* weehee my third reviewer! *hands you a prize* hehe thank you all for the awesome reviews! its like 1:30 in the morning and i gotta go sleep now coz i got skool tomorrow (i get very violent when i dont have enough sleep) but again, thank you for the reviews:)

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Review #22, by ErikandChristine Your busy life

4th February 2006:
ah this is awesome, just a little ocnsrustive ctisim, maybe u should indent and leave a line to space out some paragraphs, other wise i love this, this so totallyy greattt, le me rite that in capitals ot emphasise it THIS SO GREATTTT. anyway like i said u reviewed ofr my story i reviewed for yours, now get off ur butt and update!!!! frtom ur newest faithful reveiwer

Author's Response: yay! fank you! i have written chapters 2 and 3 but its still not validated yet...dunno why tho but fank you for the review tee hee *jumps excitedly around the room*

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Review #23, by HPGurl123 Your busy life

31st January 2006:
I love this story, it's got a great plot and everything. I have a few things that might make it easier to read though. Don't worry all first time authors go through this but between each paragraph, double space it and don't put A/N's in because I was once told that "Any story is a good story until you make the reader realize it's just a story" hense the A/N's you don't need to explain everything. I hope that helps. Update soon. ~HPGurl123

Author's Response: thanks :) ill make sure to do that next time

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