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Review #1, by Iamweird Rumours started by the Female Grapfruit

17th July 2004:
I like wine, too. I FINALLY GET WHAT JH IS!! By MZ? Also, um...it was really good, except I didn't like chapters 1 and 5. Thanks for mentioning me. You should put Ollivanders=Ronald lives/'s evil under 'Names'.

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Review #2, by Iamweird Some Questions

17th July 2004:
Okay, um...your answer to question 3 doesn't make sense...would you explain it? 'One can't live while the other survives' wouldn't that mean that while one has lived through something the other can't live? Then how would not killing Voldemort help Harry?

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Review #3, by fiery-eyed-elf Rumours started by the Female Grapfruit

16th May 2004:

Author's Response: I...don't understand what you mean

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Review #4, by Fred Rumours started by the Female Grapfruit

31st March 2004:
Hermione's name comes from the shakespeare play 'the winter's tale'... but yours is good guess too.. hehe, this isnt a story obviously, but still interesting, so keep writing

Author's Response: Yeah, I can tell that you have also read "The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter," right?

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Review #5, by Boe Names

1st December 2003:
Back to what we were talking about, the whole book four thing... I dunno, I think it'd be something JKR would do to throw a wrench in our perception of Dumbledore. I bet by book seven he turns into some crazy Dark wizard... or reveals that he is one. But that's something we'll have to wait for. =) I like what you're doing with this. It's very informative.

Author's Response: Thanx. It's whatever information I gather while either eavesdropping or doing some spy work, which I actually HATE to do, and it's not as cool as it sounds, and I'm not making it up...

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Review #6, by Boe Names

11th November 2003:
It's kind of out of date, but one thing I noticed in Book 4 was when Harry was explaining what happened in the cemetery with Voldemort, and he said that Voldemort took his blood and "there was a gleam of what looked like triumph in Dumbledore's eyes, but then it was gone and Harry was sure he'd imagined it" or something. What's your take on that?

Author's Response: Yeah, at first I thought that Dumbledore was a secret spy, and he was a great Dark wizard, and was fooling the world by pretending he was good. I then thought he was a better Dark wizard than Voldemort, and that's why Voldemort is afraid of him, and Dumbledore wanted Tom to work for him, but never got to show his true colors before Tom did....now I don't think that so much..

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