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Review #1, by Onyx Scorpio Introductions

29th September 2007:
Ohh, yay! I hope to see more! It is really an interesting idea!
Please update son! :)

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Review #2, by Onyx Scorpio The journey.

29th September 2007:
A bit short though.
Poor Harry. -sniff- :)

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Review #3, by Bibbs Introductions

26th May 2007:
Ah, okay. So I guess my theory about her possibly being involved in the war in some way is completely out the window :) I thought maybe she might know who he is to have just stopped and picked him up on the street, but I guess not. I also thought she was a witch, but she's a Muggle, isn't she? Just a nice person that wants to help people out.

So is Harry going to leave the magic world now?

Well, at least he isn't alone anymore lol.

Anyway, sorry about this. Again, my reviews are usually longer, your chapters are just a little short (not that that is a bad thing!) and I think I covered everything that stood out to me already.

Author's Response: "I thought maybe she might know who he is to have just stopped and picked him up on the street, but I guess not. I also thought she was a witch, but she's a Muggle, isn't she?"

I wouldnt be too sure if i was you, i already said in my last comment to your review that he's not a stranger to her. And about being muggle dont judge people only because they arent doing magic. :) (am i giving too much away?)

Thanks for the reviews.

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Review #4, by Bibbs The journey.

26th May 2007:
Oh how interesting... Well, I am already intrigued by your OC. I wonder if her name means anything... Anyway, the way she just pulls up in this car and whisks him away and he doesn't even know who she is very interesting. I was wondering if she was somehow some part of the war against Voldemort or something have so many friends and family that is either dead or injured.

I enjoyed Harry's thoughts about avenging the deaths of everyone he has lost. I thought his desire to kill Voldemort over and over was great (and pretty Harry-like).

So does he not know who she is at all? total stranger? Anyway, sorry this review isn't very long, I usually go longer but the chapter's short :)

Author's Response: Its a great review no matter how short? its actually long compared to other reviews i get, LOL.
For the first part of your review you answered yourself in the next review :)
Well yes she's a total stranger to him...but (trying not to give too much away) He's not a stranger to her.

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Review #5, by fAnfICtiOncHiCk Introductions

1st June 2006:
I'd love to make you a banner.

Author's Response: Thanks my email is you can send it to my email.

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Review #6, by Ollie Introductions

7th February 2006:
another review to make you go further with this story....!!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol thanks so much

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Review #7, by Ollie The journey.

7th February 2006:
just chuck in a few more reviews...doo doo doo....good story...

Author's Response: LOL thanks.

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Review #8, by Ollie Introductions

7th February 2006:
harry's the murderer? geez, she's more dodgy than he is...course we all know and love harry so we're biased, but STILL. ok wait, damn that ending, too fast! i thought of something, but why dont you write it? you could have something else other than them having millions of babies. katie has to find out that harry's from the magical world, when she odes, what's her reaction? will she stic with him? maybe someone that each of them thought were gone comes back....mysteriously. and why would harry be so ready to be a muggle when he felt so at home at magical hogwarts and with his magical friends. he belongs there...doesnt he? *feels lost and confused* anyway, if you dont want to, i can do it, and if you need more ideas for it, just ask ok? you could go heaps further with this...just think of the random possibilities.....(big word) whew..*breathes hard* ok well, im happy to help remember, ok? if you're totally desperate i can make you a banner, but if not, talk to iced_cherriez, she made me one, and hers are always gorgeous. she's a lone banner aker too. i might not have time so it would just be a simple one. write back about what you think with your story ok? we can do it together!! *claps you encouraginly on the back* (wink)

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the ideas they are great as i've said to you before you are a great writer. if you really don't mind you could do the ending for me but i could always help you with it, if you want my help that is! i'm sure you won't need it. its up to you what you wana do. anything you come up with tell me and i'll agree!

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Review #9, by Ollie The journey.

7th February 2006:
wow, he's very trustworthy...and how does he know she's a muggle? just cause she drives a car and doesn tperform any magic in front of him? lol, i need more evidence! and hey whoa, need osme spacing out cause its kinda hard ot read, just a few spaces would be goood. there better be more to this girl, i need mystery! i spose she's there to omfort harry in his time of need when he's lost everyone and hogwarts he finds this girl who has lost everyone and has a house like hogwarts...COINCIDENCE??? oooh yeah..

Author's Response: i know u probably can write sooooooooooooooo much better but... oh well, practice makes perfect.

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