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Review #1, by sheila1990 The Sorting Hat

5th March 2006:
its great keep going

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Review #2, by lilyemraldevans The Sorting Hat

29th August 2005:
i like the way you make diffrent thing and things happen to make the things flow......i know that was weird but i did not know how to explain it..........any way....hmmmm........good......please continue

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Review #3, by lilyemraldevans Hogwarts

29th August 2005:
very good........i think that it is very good.....LOL!....

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Review #4, by lilyemraldevans Life if the Potters were still alive...

29th August 2005:
very good i all way was hoping some one would write one about if lily and james were still alive!!!!

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Review #5, by Lalis The Sorting Hat

17th October 2004:
Well, ur story is cute, but there´s too much fluff. Could there b some more action, like Lily and James getting divorced for example? And also could u r/r my fic (Endless Love)? Thanx a LOT!

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Review #6, by Emerald_Angel The Quidditch Match

5th August 2004:
Wow great story line. If Susan and Harry were twins, then they would've been born at the same time, and if this was the real story, then they'd both be alive.....wouldn't they?

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Review #7, by LogicalRaven The Sorting Hat

3rd May 2004:
I'm guessing this is your first fanfic. For a first attempt, it isn't bad.... I personally have never been able to get into a Harry/Twin story, though I know plenty of people who do. I'll keep reading updates. The only thing I noticed was your chapters are fairy short, and almost come across choppy. It just takes time to develop a writing voice. You'll find your in no time. You have a great imagination, and the Quidditch scenes were entertaining. You have talent, Oh you just need the three P's. Practice, Practice, Practice. Let me know if I can help in any ways.

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Review #8, by apotterfan The Sorting Hat

11th April 2004:
this story is really good and its sad that its not true

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Review #9, by Mistress Of James The Sorting Hat

10th March 2004:
Vry nice story! Keep updating!

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Review #10, by Murderous Maurder #5 (Real Deal) Life if the Potters were still alive...

28th January 2004:
Cool! I think this is good.

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Review #11, by Claire Hogwarts

7th December 2003:
This story is pretty good! But there are some fluctuations in the story line. When they first get to Hogwarts Professor Lupin is annouced as defene against the dark arts teacher now its Xavier? Well its pretty good apart from that.

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Review #12, by Anynamous The Quidditch Match

15th November 2003:
Hey nice job! But, oh, darn it, you left me at a cliffhanger... Keep it up!

Author's Response: thanks for your review!

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Review #13, by baby_gurl Life if the Potters were still alive...

13th November 2003:
Actually, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to write one like this too!!!!!!

Author's Response: thank you for your review!

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Review #14, by Anynamous Life if the Potters were still alive...

12th November 2003:
In every HP fanfic where they try to make Harry have parents, it always has just one chapter and a very short one at that. Good so far, i give it three because it is soooo short (longer than the last one that i read though).

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Review #15, by dragonbrat Life if the Potters were still alive...

11th November 2003:
It's a very good beginning, and I like your writing style. There's only one thing I need to pick on, and it's just a little thing. Your first chapter is mcu too short. Make your chapters longer (combine two or three chapters if you have to), and your fic will totally rule

Author's Response: thanx for your review! yeah, i'll add a LOT more next time i post.....which will probably be about twice a week...

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