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Review #1, by malfoydraco Big News

20th April 2011:
This is really good! And I'm glad that you went with the goth, emo perspective I find these very interesting because it is a complete reverse on the character's actual character. I also like the fact that she is a pureblood again reverse on character's character. This is very well written and I look forward to the next chapter. Bye!

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Review #2, by Rae Big News

8th February 2010:
I was liking the plot of this story but you lost me at corset. A corset!?!? Does anyone actually wear a corset? Even if hermione went into a severe depresion b/c of the deaths of her parents it's very ooc for her to be in that attire. You can be goth without being slutty.

Author's Response: well, it really wasn't meant as her being slutty. but i read over it again and think i'm going to change it up a bit anyway. thanks for the perspective.

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Review #3, by mad_4_hp_123 Big News

18th November 2009:
This Is A Good Story Keep It Up

i Love BYOB It Is My Fave System Song

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Review #4, by harrys_angels Big News

9th September 2007:
no offense but uve dressed hermione so out of character its real slutty

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Review #5, by allie Big News

29th January 2006:
more pleaze!

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Review #6, by penny potter Big News

29th January 2006:
i really like the plot! it's very good. just one question: why is she wearing red eye-shadow? eek. but the rest is reeaallly reeally good! keep it up!

Author's Response: thanks for the review. um, the red eyeshadow goes with her outfit. but usually the way I dress hermione is for a reason. sry if you don't like it though.

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