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Review #1, by Meeeeera Date?

18th February 2008:
LOL, I love this story =]
Please keep it going...

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Review #2, by Jess Date?

2nd January 2008:
Ahhh, please continue this brilliant story!!! You portray the characters of Sirius really really well. Please please please write more!! Get those creative juices flowing!
~From a loyal reader (and HUGE fan of you!)

Author's Response: I'm so so sorry, but this story is abandoned.. I might start another fic with Sirius but there are no plans for that right now. At the moment my story A Seeker's Troubles is the only one I'm working on, feel free to check it out! Once again, very sorry but thank you so so much for the review!

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Review #3, by asian Date?

4th May 2007:
Great story! Update soon please!

Author's Response: Sorry, but I've abandoned this story. I'm currently working on another one 'A Seeker's Troubles' so check it out!

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Review #4, by hogwartsgirl997 Date?

2nd February 2007:
loove your story

Author's Response: Wow, that makes me so happy! I've abandoned this story for now, though.. but I'll try to finish it...eventually. :) I'm going to post a new story soon, please check it out!

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Review #5, by Victoria_Black Date?

12th August 2006:
Oh, her alias is Charlie White? Wonder what her real name she a Malfoy? Or (God forbid, it would just be WRONG) a Black?

Please, please, PLEASE update, I really love this fic!!!

Author's Response: Ha! So I got you interested, eh? Well, I'm having MAJOR troubles finishing this next chapter, but I just have a little left.. stay with me, and I hope you'll like it! Thank you sooo much for the review!!!

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Review #6, by Victoria_Black The Kiss

12th August 2006:
Aw, come on, Charlie...who doesn't want Sirius Black?

Anyways, great work, can't wait for an update!!!!

Author's Response: :D

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Review #7, by Victoria_Black The First Day

12th August 2006:
Ooh, really loving this fic...update?

Author's Response: Okeydokey!

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Review #8, by Victoria_Black A New Home

12th August 2006:
Really liking this fic...can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: Okeydokey!

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Review #9, by bluegirl Date?

26th June 2006:
Very good story so far and please update soon.
I would review more, its just my computer isn't working too much.
great job!-britt

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm working on a lot of different stories right now, so it might take a while though... sorry about that//Loui

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Review #10, by cheezit96 Date?

7th May 2006:
Hilarous. We finally get to see Charlie's dark past catching up with her.

Author's Response: Indeed... mohahahaha!

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Review #11, by Crunk_Queen Date?

1st May 2006:
Love it! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Ooh, yes will do! I'm currently working on another story as well, please check it out as soon as the first chapter gets posted! Thanx for the review!!

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Review #12, by argetlam shadeslayer Date?

26th April 2006:
Ahh, brilliant, yet again! I flippin' love this story! It's so KEWL!!! (Wow, did I just actually say, "KEWL"? Oh, dear...It's a blast from the past....) Honestly, this chapter was hilarious, especially the (Causing James to shriek ’Quill of Death!!!’ and hide behind nearest sofa, giving Charlie enough time to button her shirt again) part - I swear, Quill of Death, I'll never live it down. Heh, good times, mate, good times...Anyway, UPDATE SOON! Please. =)

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes I need something a bit more funny in this story, so I made up the Quill of Death thing, mainly because I couldn't think of anything anything, hehe, but then I saw the oppurtunity to use it again and I'm glad someone thought it was funny!! Anyway, thank you soooo much for the review, it's all I live for these days.. :P Anyway, I will update sooooooOOOOoooon!!

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Review #13, by magpie quill The Kiss

26th April 2006:
Thank you! finaly a story where aafter only 48 hours of knowing sirius the main charachter is in the broom closet making out with him. I really appreciate that your a bit more realistic about this. Anyway this story is very well written. i love reading it.

Author's Response: Why, thank you! Glad you liked it! //Loui

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Review #14, by aussie_angel_91 November

17th April 2006:
i love this story! update soon!

Author's Response: Will do! As soon as know.. can, hehe... I've been stuck a little bit on it but very soon!!!

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Review #15, by cheezit96 November

20th March 2006:
wow, very much improved. the evil stuff is coming when?

Author's Response: Thank you! Well, the evil stuff will start, if things go as planned, at the end of the next chapter, so... hold on for a little while and the chapter will be out! I've been busy the last week so I haven't been able to write that much! But it'll come soon!!!!

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Review #16, by argetlam shadeslayer November

10th March 2006:
Oh, yay, I loved it!!!! Wow, I knew it! (Which I believed I've already said, but what the heck?) I knew James and Lily would come around, they always do....Yay! Please hurry up with the next chapter, I do so love reading this....

Author's Response: Mhm, mhm, I'm soon done with the next chapter... having troubles cutting it down a bit though.... But it'll be out soon enough!!!

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Review #17, by GreenAngel November

8th March 2006:
Awwww, more fluff. God are we going to fall hard when the darkness reveils. So disappointing but don't you love making your characters suffer? I know, I'm so evil, but I could just imagine you plotting and writing the next chapter, laughing in that evil way. The bark of laughter would echo off your walls as you put the people through pain and misery.

Sorry, I bit off track there, aren't I? Another wonderful chapter, nothing less could be expected. I didn't find any typos and the chapter was pure bliss. Have fun writing the next chapters!

Author's Response: Hehe, yess, I just can't bring myself to start the evil stuff... but sooooooon, very sooon, mohahahahaha!!! .....Ahem, yes, thanks for the review!!

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Review #18, by GreenAngel Surrender and Victory

5th March 2006:
Now, this time I'm actually reviewing your story. Such a hypocrite, that's what I am, providing you a banner without complimenting the wonderful story you wrote. I'd like to apologize that I didn't leave a review for every chapter, if you want, I can go back and do that. But I'm glad I gave you the banner because your story more than deserves it. I definitely think your characters are spot on, and everything is like a revolving door, emotions bursting in and slamming out. From your responds to earlier reviews, I see that you are excited about the darkness that is yet to cover them, but so far, your story's wonderful. Sorry I can't give any CC, it would just ruin the whole effect you've casted over me with all these wonderful words. Again, thanks for writing this, it must have taken up tons of time. And what I like most is that you don't drop hints to review, unlike some other authors. There I go being a hypocrite again.

Author's Response: Now, that's what I call a review! Lol, no only kidding! Oh, you don't have to make an effort and write review to every chapter, this is great! And I am soo happy for the banner, thank you once again! And thank you for all the wonderful words, but please write if you have any criticism! Well, I wouldn't want to drop hints to review, cause that's just...bad. I mean, when you read a story, you get into that 'fantasy' and don't want to be interrupted by being forced to rewiev! Honestly, I mostly review when no one says I have to! (I do hope that made sense) And thank YOU for rewieving this, this totally made my day!!!!

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Review #19, by GreenAngel A New Home

4th March 2006:
Ok, sorry that didn't come out as I thought it would, here's the code, just remove lines such as this: | and don't include that in your summary.

<|img src=""|>

Author's Response: Oh, my GOD, I love it I love it I love it!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! Let's just see if I can make this work....hmz...

Author's Response: Oh, my GOD, I love it I love it I love it!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!! Let's just see if I can make this work....hmz...

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Review #20, by GreenAngel A New Home

4th March 2006:
Nah, I just don't know what to do with this banner, no one will claim it, so I was like, hey why not give it to you. You were asking in your summary, and it caught my eye. Ok, I'll make this easy for you, so put this code in your summary:

And if you want to view this beforehand, here's the link. Just copy and paste:

Please credit me in your summary.

Author's Response: I. Love. It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #21, by cheezit96 Surrender and Victory

2nd March 2006:
coolio, what about her past?

Author's Response: Mhm, bet you wanna know, eh? Well, you'll soon find out! In like... three chapters or something...

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Review #22, by GreenAngel A New Home

27th February 2006:
Would you like a banner, because I have one. Just reply and I'll see what I can do.

Author's Response: Oooooohh, yes please!!!! That would be sooo kind of you!!

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Review #23, by Abbi Surrender and Victory

20th February 2006:
like it

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #24, by Elana Surrender and Victory

20th February 2006:
this story is one of my favorites, update soon!!!

Author's Response: Oooh, that makes me so happy!!! Will do, I'm on my way to post the next chapter!!

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Review #25, by argetlam shadeslayer Surrender and Victory

19th February 2006:
Yes! Ha, ha! I knew it! *grins happily* Yay!

Author's Response: Yes, everyone is happy now! But not without a price... *evil grin* Soon the past of Charlie will come to haunt her...ha ha ha!!

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