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Review #1, by my wicked quill Midnight snack

3rd December 2009:
this was just soo fresh so funny, the summary really said it all, and the conversation was really fun, trying to guess what was going on. great job 10/10

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Review #2, by leapoffaith24 Midnight snack

9th August 2009:
weird! i wonder who their married to.

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Review #3, by eleven49 Midnight snack

2nd June 2008:
Aw that's so cute! I liked it. It was really funny, too. I didn't find it confusing at all. I really liked Harry's line at the end: "And if they are boys, Harry Jr. and Harry Jr. number two." On a different note, it would be more enjoyable to read if you fixed your grammatical errors. But good job!

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Review #4, by Fayewn Midnight snack

17th May 2008:
Very cute! I'm trying to make you a banner I don't know how to get it to you so bear with me.

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Review #5, by anonymous Midnight snack

13th May 2008:
wow, how can some people be so stupid as to not get the boyfriend/husband part

Author's Response: Lol. No comment.

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Review #6, by Weasleys Forever Midnight snack

9th May 2008:
This is really cute. I love Ginny at the end saying, "I heard that." When it comes to names Harry is doing a Michael Jackson - his two sons are both names after him. Weird.

Well written, good characters.

Keep writing.

Author's Response: Lol. I didn't know that. Michael Jackson... creapy.

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Review #7, by rosai_gryffindor Midnight snack

3rd March 2008:
lol! i liked this! was random, and randomness rocks!! i was a little confused about that marry talk and love talk... wasnt sure what they were on about til it became clear that they were joking around, speaking of each other as if they were two people, husband and harry and ginny and wife lol! but the kids were sweet, loved the fluffiness and the names and such! nice little one-shot! well done!

Rose :)

Author's Response: Yeah, lots of people think it's confusing. Sorry about that. =] But, I have a hard time changing it, because when you know that they are the same person, then no parts are confusing. You know? Anyways, thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by luvinpadfoot Midnight snack

1st March 2008:
So funny! I like the ending. How would you liked to be named Harry Jr. #2? That would kind of suck. And Lilly should be Lily. Love the story, though. I give it a 9/10. Minus one point for the name Jamie, I don't like it that much. Keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. But, I know someone names Lilly so it's hard for me to spell it with one 'l' because she is always really into making sure people spell her name rght. But, I'm going to go back and change it. Sorry about the name =[.

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Review #9, by Kyrandia Midnight snack

13th December 2007:
aw this is so very cute love this.

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #10, by quidditch77 Midnight snack

9th October 2007:
Ah LOVED it. hehe...the playful banter between Harry and Ginny was amusing and cute. And Jamie? Never thought of that name, but I love how it has a bit of James in it..thats really cool.
Great one-shot was an enjoyable read and very very cute.
I loved this line: “And if they are boys Harry Jr. and Harry Jr. number two.”

Author's Response: Thanks, most people love that line.

And, honestly, I just picked Jamie because I really like the name! Lol, I never thought about the connection to James, but ever since someone pointed it out, I've been using the name even more!

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Review #11, by BeauBella Midnight snack

31st July 2007:
Hahah this is so funny!
I love Harry's and Ginny's sense of humour, and the “Harry, I don’t think my husband would want you doing that!” line made me really giggle.
And would you like me to make you a banner? My email is, if you're interested.

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks!! I love the banners!

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Review #12, by Savanna Weasley Midnight snack

12th February 2007:

Still looking for a banner, cos I can make one...

Author's Response: Yeah, I really need one!

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Review #13, by Dragonette Midnight snack

30th November 2006:
I found this story a bit confusing.they're not married, but are they? Hmm..could you clarify? Still thoguht it was cute.


Author's Response: It was a joke between them. Like they are married but Harry is her "boyfriend" that way when they fight and stuff she can talk to her 'boyfriend".

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Review #14, by ILoveLost1888 Midnight snack

24th November 2006:
Is Ginny and Harry are married together?? I was getting lost in this?? @_@10-10

Author's Response: Ahh! Lots of people got lost!! I'm so very sorry, I was trying to write differently then i always do, and I don't think I did too well. Well, thanks for reading and reviewing, though it wasn't good enough for you to understand.

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Review #15, by Charmed_Im_Sure Midnight snack

22nd November 2006:
lol i love it its realy funny


Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I'm really glad you did!! Thanks so much!!

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Review #16, by dreamseeker Midnight snack

19th November 2006:
Hey, great story, eventhough its slightly confusing.
Anyway, If you would like a banner I would be very happy to make one for you. Just go to my authors page above and go to my website where you can request a banner.


Author's Response: Sorry that it was confusing for you. I have got that a lot... I may need to think about how to express my thoughts in a better way so everyone can understand, I'm not to good at that, this story has done as well as i had hoped. Anyway, thanks for the review and i wll be going to your site.

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Review #17, by harrypotterishot Midnight snack

10th November 2006:
that was pretty much AMAZING.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I had a very good time writing it. I like your name :). Thanks again!

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Review #18, by SYN Midnight snack

9th November 2006:
IU'm really not into fluff but this one was pretty good. A litle confusing, but I like it. Good job.

Author's Response: Oh, well thanks for reading. Sorry, but i'm not very good at writing anything but fluff. For me it makes me happy, and sometimes they are so fully is silly and i can't help but laugh. Thanks again for the review. I'm sorry it was confusing- sometimes i can't explain what i mean very well. Thanks again!

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Review #19, by GinnyWeasleyPotter Midnight snack

3rd November 2006:
^_^ this was a cute story!!

Author's Response: Thanks so very much. I love all your stories also!

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Review #20, by irishhende818 Midnight snack

14th August 2006:
I just realized i never commented on thsi one, but i read it again and i still love it just as much!! Don't you say that you aren't a good writer, because you are. The only thing that needs work is a little editing!

Author's Response: I know, today i did some editing, i just don't like that part... ;)

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Review #21, by Adonis blue Midnight snack

16th July 2006:
This was quite an amusing story. It kept me smiling, and I definitely laughed out loud a few times--always a great sign. I thought that Ginny's character was well done. You could still see the base character we meet in the books, but she has changed and matured some--something that [usually] happens after someone has a child. I loved the game the two played, and the last line was wonderful. Also, it was nice that they named their daughter Jamie--a tribute to Harry's father, no?
I have some constructive criticism as well: It would help if you either checked over your stories again before posting or had someone else do it for you. (I would be happy to do it if you need someone.)There were some little mistakes that could have been caught. For example, "Ok" should either be Okay or O.K. (So many people make this mistake.) And: "They he[a]rd footsteps from upstairs and I[a] small girl appeared at the staircase,[;] she was looking threw[through] two wooden posts, [and] she had a tear stained face,[.] “mum-my,” she cried as she run[ran] down,[.] she jumped up on her mother lap and hugged her." Fixing these little things would increase the overall quality of the work. (Oh, by the way, I loved the image in those sentences--see if you can add more like them.)
Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story. I’m glad I made some time to read one of your stories. It was definitely worthwhile. Happy writing!
~Adonis blue

Author's Response: Yeah, i don't like to edit... but i did it today!

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Review #22, by navygirl529 Midnight snack

2nd July 2006:
that was awesome! i love how easy-going and fun it was to read!
absolutely fantastic, luvved it!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much!

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Review #23, by CCC Midnight snack

19th June 2006:
Your story made me smiled. I like that you let the reader think that they were not together at first. Very enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Thanks, thats kinda what i was hoping for. Sometimes thats fun to read!

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Review #24, by iluvgreenday Midnight snack

19th June 2006:
Nice story! :-P Well done!:-)

Author's Response: Thaks, i glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by ---- Midnight snack

21st May 2006:
It's ok-----

Author's Response: Ok, thanks for reading!

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