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Review #1, by Katie_Riddle Chamrs..

2nd June 2010:
Please write some more
i think you have a great story going!!!

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Review #2, by karebare Chamrs..

28th September 2004:
It is very good so far. I can't wait for you to update it so that i can read the rest of the story. I really like the fact that you have taken you time to publish or kindof this sotry. DOn't give up you are a very talented athur.

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Review #3, by lily Chamrs..

9th May 2004:
i luv wen there friends!! i think uvr got a good story goin! and nice chap!!!! hurry and tite the nxt

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Review #4, by kathleen Chamrs..

28th March 2004:
its really good please right come more . please continue. can't wait to read more. kathleen aka Kat

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Review #5, by hotshot567 Chamrs..

29th January 2004:
That was cool. Update like 7 chapters a day so we will have lots to read! (speciffacly me!)( I don't think I spelled that right!_________)

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Review #6, by ShellyV929 The first day

28th January 2004:
Well... it would be nice if there was some variety in the sentences... this chapter seemed very... she did this, and then she did this.... it is hard to explain... more details usually help this.... it is good though, keep up the good work.

Author's Response: thanks for the advice! I'll try to follow it!

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Review #7, by Hotshot567 The first day

26th January 2004:
That one was wierd. But all the other ones were so awesome.

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Review #8, by Tam The train

25th January 2004:
i liked it

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Review #9, by Ally The train

28th December 2003:
love the ff, hope that you post more soon!

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Review #10, by misstines The train

28th November 2003:
Great! I can NOT wait to read more! So get writing and update this story soon! (I love the fact that Remus and Lily are twins. So Sweet!) Hurry! I'm waiting for more more MORE!

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Review #11, by HP's #1 fan! The train

27th November 2003:
UM......r u gonna continue this story????????/ it wuz pretty cool .. plz UPDATE asap!!!!

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Review #12, by indy Lost twin

16th November 2003:
HI! Thanx 4 reviewing my fic! Is ur story inspire by de Paretn TRap? I likey it! Nicew idea about Lily an REm being twins and all. Keep it up for te next few chapters!

Author's Response: yeah a little :-) I had to come up with some kind of an idea to get Lily and Remus together and I came up with this :-)

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Review #13, by Sporty The train

14th November 2003:
i hav just started reading ur fan fic n i think its really nice:) i liked ur lost twin idea, it was something new. keep on writing more chapters soon. they'r bound to get more interesting rite? :)

Author's Response: thanks! And I'll try to make it interesting I have an Idea to every chapter I think... lol Hope you'll keep on reading my story! *~Flower

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Review #14, by HP's #1 fan! The train

13th November 2003:
hey! ur story is gud!! keep writin...nice job done on it!!! Makin Lily n Remus twins were a cool idea.. !!!!!@#$%^&*()_+>?" k then. keep writin... toodles....................................................

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Review #15, by Erin Diagonally

11th November 2003:
Hey this story is good write more soon!

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