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Reading Reviews for what really happened
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Review #1, by xOxO~Stefanie~xOxO about time really

5th July 2006:
Its kind of confusing...and rushed. But the plot and all that is pretty good.

Author's Response: yer i get your point, i kind ofconfused myself when i was reading through it theother day!

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Review #2, by Lianne why

12th May 2006:

Author's Response: thanks lianne, you're my friend!

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Review #3, by arg about time really

5th May 2006:

Author's Response: u rock

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Review #4, by Lil lily71 why

3rd May 2006:
Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Luv ur story awsome

Author's Response: thanku

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Review #5, by almondmuffin about time really

18th April 2006:
It's pretty cool. It would be easier to read if you did a double enter between pararaphs, like

this. And also if you used 'because' or 'cause' instead of coz. But other then that, it's coolio.

Author's Response: thank u and i'm sure i did put cause but i looked over it and your right i didn't

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Review #6, by Seamusfan1 why

15th April 2006:
Interesting idea...never looked at this part of the book this way before.
The only thin s are to watch for punctuation and capitalisation...Try to space stuff out more...And coz should be 'cause or because...it's really hard to read.
Great job! This is a new and interesting take on the relationship.

Author's Response: its rather random i know but i tried my hardest and i didnt think it was that good but if you think its ok then i'm happy!

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Review #7, by merrickpunk why

20th March 2006:
Awsome i love hermione and ron

Author's Response: thanks ur cool

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Review #8, by merrickpunk about time really

20th March 2006:
Sounds good..........................

Author's Response: stylish

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Review #9, by katieweasley why

11th March 2006:
wow this is awsome

Author's Response: wow thanku i luv u ppl

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Review #10, by ronwithhermioniegoes about time really

10th March 2006:
OK, I really really like it! You could use some more commas, less !'s and more periods. I really really really hope that you continue. and thankx for the reveiw on mine, On the Road, even if u didn't like it. CONTINUE! (I have added a chapter and have edited it, if you care.)

Author's Response: i do care thanks and i loved ur story, and i will try 2 add more commas, lol

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Review #11, by ronwithhermioniegoes why

10th March 2006:
Wow! I really love it! Thankx for reading my story, On the Road, which I have corrected the spelling and added a chapter!(even if you didn't fancy it) But please, please continue this! My only sudgestion would be to use commas in the right places, and maybe replace some !'s w/ periods. gd job so far!

Author's Response: ur story rocks

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Review #12, by Cal5114 why

20th February 2006:
Awesome story. Please say your going to write more. Keep it up!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: thanks 4 the review and there could be more

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Review #13, by harrypottersangel about time really

12th February 2006:
You need to spell out the word "because". It is ok, I guess. Might want to work on making it flow with the book. Nice try though

Author's Response: hey this is what im like when it comes to writing i forget that im not txting lol

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Review #14, by Neptune_girl3 why

11th February 2006:
Good Nice Complimentary words..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????@@@@@@@@@#############$$$$$$$$$$%%%%%%%%%^^^^^^^********(((((((((())))))))))))))___________+++++++++||||||||<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>:::::::::::::"""""""""""{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}}}}Happy Signs{I hate happiness, by the way.}

Author's Response: random but you no i like ppl who are random they rock

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Review #15, by Nini about time really

6th February 2006:
Ok. Some parts were a bit like a panto. Lavender was the baddie, Ron was the prince and Hermione was the princess. The start was a little annoying coz you were rambling on and there was no full stops! I like the plot though.

Author's Response: i know i like to ramble and everyone likes a good panto dont they thanks for reviewing it

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Review #16, by hellen about time really

6th February 2006:
well, i liked it but it was a little too far fetched for me. and there were a lot of run-on sentences, which made it very difficult to read, but i think you can fix it up a bit then repost it and then it will be just fine. don't give up, i can tell you got something good rolling around in your brain! :)

Author's Response: thanks and i would change it but i cant at the moment i got a lot of coursework to do so its hard, but thanks anyway

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Review #17, by Katie about time really

30th January 2006:
Please finnish soon! P.S. I love the story!

Author's Response: i will finish it and thanks 4 loving it

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Review #18, by ali about time really

28th January 2006:
lol...poor ron

Author's Response: i no i just randomly thought lets make it to annoy ron

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Review #19, by gabzi27 about time really

28th January 2006:
is there more? if not i liked it and keep writing

Author's Response: yer theres more and thanks for liking it

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Review #20, by Hermione Fan about time really

28th January 2006:
That was a fair attempt at a first story. I commend you for giving it you best effort. However, the content and formatting was rather confusing. Puntuation is important. Please revise and edit as you see fit.

Author's Response: well i tried my best and it was my 1st and the computer is demented

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Review #21, by lalla about time really

28th January 2006:
confusingg... and just WRONG

Author's Response: whats wrong about it and i no its confusing lol

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Review #22, by Pink_Princess12 about time really

28th January 2006:
Oh, i like

Author's Response: gd gd im glad you did lol

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Review #23, by katieweasley about time really

28th January 2006:

Author's Response: im sure and thanks there will be more

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Review #24, by blondiechick about time really

28th January 2006:
hmmmmm strangly intresting lol

Author's Response: dude u mean sister i dont like u 4 that well ok that was okish bout what u put but still kinda mean

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