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Review #1, by RoseWeasleyGryfindor Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

18th May 2013:
I love your stories, I am just starting out on writing my first story on this site. I'm just getting a little stuck with names. Any help you can offer another author?

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Review #2, by Blackbearcub12 Chapter Two: History and Future

20th November 2009:
All your books are fantastic and it's a wonder how u make them so good

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Review #3, by Redneck_writer Chapter Twenty-Three: Diddy and Dolores

14th August 2009:
I've been reading the Pheonix series, and just noticed something. Vampires' groups are called clans, and the Darkhearts called themselves a clan. When Pheonix married Remus, got bit, and had children, they started calling themselves a pack. I find this very interesting.

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Review #4, by Cassie_Heart Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

9th May 2009:
I love this story! love it! i had started it before, but didn't finish it and now i came back and read it! i really do love it! your an awesome writer! keep writing! great job!

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Review #5, by Karkaroff Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

12th October 2008:
Cool idea and thanks for writing.

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Review #6, by x_pOliJuIcEjOe_x Chapter Twenty-One: Descended Through Time

20th April 2008:
certainlii clears some stuff up! lol like y Demon could hurt i guess is a good word for it mognag i think his name is ?
soz im bad with names lol
so yerh gr8 chapter and er write again !

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Review #7, by x_pOliJuIcEjOe_x Chapter Eleven: Are We There Yet?

18th April 2008:
wow gr8 chappi
er.wat elce .usual praise [as always] and wow good luk in the future!

cool! u got a runescape account?? wow same lol! mine is er.i forgot .hold on.ah well i forgot its tonx.somethin somethin somethin lol havent been on since november last year lol
so yerh ani way
again great chapter/story

im on the forum as well [polijuicejoe still my name] hpff one lol
and yerh u need a editer or ani thing or something just look us up ! lol
P.P.S grr cant say how much i lov ur stories! lol

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Review #8, by x_pOliJuIcEjOe_x Chapter Eight: Midnight Pyre

18th April 2008:
wow ingenious! loved it loved it loved it !
also-love all the .interesting names! tru genious! ahhh i love your work! well done [i have to get bakk to readin so ill review later!

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Review #9, by x_pOliJuIcEjOe_x Chapter Five: Minister Again

18th April 2008:
hey lol thanx so so much 4 writing again wow it has been so long since i read marauder magic ect and i think i have forgotten the characters and connections .lol.ill pikk it up no worries! lol
ok thanx and later

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Review #10, by x_pOliJuIcEjOe_x Chapter One: Reunion

18th April 2008:
yerh hey ladydarkheart im a HUGE fan of your work ! wow well done ! and yerh im glad i like this one as much as the others!

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Review #11, by James and sirius 4 eva Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

12th December 2007:
Thanks a lot you made me cry so much when lily, James and Sirius went back it was actually quite embarrassing. My eyes are still wet so yeah. anyway this was an amazing story and i absolutely loved it! Ive already said this in other reviews but ill say it again Phoenix is an absolutely amazing character. id really like to read an alternate fanfic where James and phoenix get married instead of James and lily (maybe lily and Remus hm) cos they just seem so perfect for each other. but i cant see that happening cos i wont write as that would be stealing your character and i wouldn't be able to do a good job of it anyway.

Okay i got a little of track there. so sorry. now im going to go and read the last story relating to the last four so you'll most likely be hearing form me again aren't you lucky. i know you cant wait to read a another review from me that just gos on and on about nothing.
alright thanks again bye for now not forever! *smiles and waves*

Author's Response: I love your reviews! Please leave more!

And as for the James/Phoenix bit...see the one-shot called "Despair".


P.S. -- Sorry I havent written more, I'm actually in the middle of writing another chapter! =D

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Review #12, by James and sirius 4 eva Chapter Eight: Midnight Pyre

11th December 2007:

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Review #13, by Cassidy Evans Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

15th October 2007:
okay, now that I've finally read this far, i still think you didn't have to make me stop half way through when Phoenix died. I hated that. I cried my eyes out, AGAIN! I really gotta stop getting so emotional over these things.


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Review #14, by lolipop Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

10th September 2007:
heya again forget what i said about fred hes alive hes mentioned in chapter 13 in the room of requirement sorry people
story syill gets 10/10 =)

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Review #15, by lolipop Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

10th September 2007:
heya sorry if im wrong but is fred weasly dead in this story it mentions mina havin 2 sons but it neva mentions who with and george is always mentioned but neva fred

by the way this story gets 10/10

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Review #16, by lolipop Chapter Eleven: Are We There Yet?

10th September 2007:
sorry if im wrong but is fred weasley dead its just george is always mentioned but neva fred

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Review #17, by Armand Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

8th September 2007:
great, wonderful! i have loved all your stories. and this one is no exception. it was great!

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Review #18, by sinwillys822 Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

30th June 2007:
very good story

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Review #19, by sinwillys822 Chapter Six: The Old Guys vs. The Whipper-Snappers

28th June 2007:
good way of taking a really funny story and adding a sad twist to it.

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Review #20, by BlackFaerie Chapter Fifteen: Darkness and Void

1st June 2007:
Hehe. I guessed who has the void. . . *skips to next chapter to check* No, I didnt really, but is it Pyra?

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Review #21, by BlackFaerie Chapter Nine: The New Elements

30th May 2007:
And now you're forgiven

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Review #22, by BlackFaerie Chapter Eight: Midnight Pyre

30th May 2007:
what the. . . *gapes blankly* . . . you are soo messin with my head here. . .

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Review #23, by BlackFaerie Chapter Six: The Old Guys vs. The Whipper-Snappers

30th May 2007:
*sniffle* thas just plain mean, and you know it. *sniffle* dont wanna read anymore. . .

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Review #24, by devlyn_black Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

6th May 2007:
hmm.the beganing of this chapter made me cry. it was so sad. i love adam.
the battle was great...very full of action!
the car chases are still the best...maily because i'm like adam and des and love adreline rushes.such as racing fast things!! probably shouldnt though...dont have my licence yet.oh well i dont care!!
pandi, hmm i really wish you would do another one relating to this one...maybe??

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Review #25, by Caty Chapter Twenty-Five: Goodbye

3rd April 2007:
Happy ending:D!

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