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Reading Reviews for Two Strangers
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Review #1, by TheGiinger  All Those Years Wasted-

14th April 2009:
Wow that was excellent!
You could continue if you like but its nice where it is.
I think it needs a little cleaning up though, just making sure all the spelling is correct etc, plus some more details.
Just details that help us understand where they are and how they think, just so we can step into their shoes a little more.

Flashbacks can be put to italics to make them very clear, as long as you remember to say in your authors note that italics=flashbacks you'll be just fine.


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Review #2, by ratnasri  All Those Years Wasted-

6th December 2008:
its very nice.

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Review #3, by dracos_lover365  All Those Years Wasted-

15th August 2006:
it was nice

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Review #4, by HersheyKiss  All Those Years Wasted-

28th January 2006:
aaaaaaaaaaw! that was so cute...^_^

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Review #5, by fairgirl  All Those Years Wasted-

12th August 2005:
this is a very good one-shot!!!congratulations!!

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Review #6, by hockey_chic_13  All Those Years Wasted-

26th July 2005:
Please do another chapter! I really like your story!

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Review #7, by Kitra  All Those Years Wasted-

22nd July 2005:
Good story, sort of sad but I liked it.

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Review #8, by cheerbrat  All Those Years Wasted-

30th April 2005:
oh that was so sweet i started to cry! you have real talent you should write a longer draco hermione fic!

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Review #9, by Simon  All Those Years Wasted-

29th March 2005:
No, No, No, No, No! It was soooooooooooooo awesome! It was simply fabulous! Why, why, why, WHY did you make him kiss her? You do NOT make people give in so easily, put Hermione through some denial (more than you already did) before such a dramatic move is made! You are sooooooo close to having a fantastic story! KEEP TRYING!

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Review #10, by PrudencePiperHalliwell  All Those Years Wasted-

20th January 2005:
good chappie. altho is was lucius not lucious lolz.

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Review #11, by anamarissa_malfoy16  All Those Years Wasted-

14th December 2004:
this is a gr8t story i really like it

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Review #12, by malfoyheart  All Those Years Wasted-

25th November 2004:
great story just a little bit rushed. and you should also finish all the other stories you havent finished.

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Review #13, by nethermaid  All Those Years Wasted-

20th August 2004:
You captured their emotions very well, and were able to convey your ideas in such compact ways (something i have trouble with). Very good. I can't wait to read more of your work.

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Review #14, by Fiona  All Those Years Wasted-

6th June 2004:
I liked it. I thought it was a bit rushed though. You should really add more.

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Review #15, by Andie  All Those Years Wasted-

23rd March 2004:
I love your story, you have really great writing abilities! ^_^

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Review #16, by sam  All Those Years Wasted-

11th March 2004:
that was great dont add another chapter its perfect the way it is terriffic!!!!!!

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Review #17, by Dracos_Chick  All Those Years Wasted-

20th December 2003:
Ok, this is really good. I wish that you'd add more to it. Its got me captivated. Its sooooooooooooo good!!!!!!! Great writing

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Review #18, by vicki  All Those Years Wasted-

15th December 2003:
great story but a little confusing. Write more please!

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Review #19, by Becky  All Those Years Wasted-

27th November 2003:
Absolutly excellent, well done for a briliantly poetic fan fic, gives me chills when i read it!

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Review #20, by Lindsey  All Those Years Wasted-

16th November 2003:
aww so cute! write more!

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Review #21, by eowyngirl14  All Those Years Wasted-

13th November 2003:
i likethe plot.. and the set up. but i think that it was kindof rushed. i wanted to hear more about what hermione thought of Draco. like how she realized after all those years of hating him that she couldnt live either if he died. overall though, its good. a nice start. whens the next chapter coming?

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Review #22, by saro  All Those Years Wasted-

10th November 2003:
good story, but the end is a little confusing. now who was he kissing? his mother or hermoine? but i did like the story a lot. good keep writting. i look forward to reading the next chpater! :)

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Review #23, by lil kit Z  All Those Years Wasted-

9th November 2003:
confusing a little.

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Review #24, by chicablue18  All Those Years Wasted-

8th November 2003:
Hi don't listen to me I thought there were two chapters I'm really stupid, Duh!!!!!!! Ok this story is really good plz!!! add more soon!!!! ok !!!! = )

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Review #25, by chicablue18  All Those Years Wasted-

8th November 2003:
that was a great chapter plz!!! write more, I'll read chapter later, got to go.

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