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Review #1, by James and sirius 4 eva Her Kiss

10th December 2007:
Your tourturing me, a one-shot with phoenix. Please write another long novel involving her and maybe james and sirius alive that would be awesome.

Now back to reviewing. It was amazing, the way it was written, the idea everything. Well done!
p.s you just become a favourite author of mine

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Review #2, by were_kneazle Her Kiss

31st March 2007:

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Review #3, by ant122992 Her Kiss

25th February 2007:
OH. That was cute/freaky. But more cute. :D

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Review #4, by Roxyboxin Her Kiss

5th November 2006:
Very nice, I can't wait to continue reading your work! Keep up the good writing!

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Review #5, by Cassidy Evans Her Kiss

14th September 2006:
Now that was wonderful.

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Review #6, by Caty Her Kiss

30th July 2006:
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by Demon_Darkheart Her Kiss

27th June 2006:
cool i liked it and you rock at writing and the fic(s) this is based off of are the best fics i have ever read!!!!
awesome! job keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
rock on!!!!!!!

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Review #8, by Bookish_Beauty Her Kiss

22nd June 2006:
i love remus/nyxie. they are so perfect together.

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Review #9, by Nymphadora Tonks Her Kiss

25th April 2006:
... That was very... wow... I don't think words can discribe that.. beautiful! I suppose you can have Remus now.. =]

Author's Response: I'm glad you agree, but I wanted to fight you for him! *pout*

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Review #10, by Lyn Midnight Her Kiss

10th February 2006:
You are simply BRILLIANT! And those two cannot live without each other. Would it be too selfish if I ask for MORE chapters on the story of Phoenix Darkheart? It just cannot be over!!! You are a great writer and I can't wait to read more! Please :)

Author's Response: Haha... Go read Marauder Magic, The Dark Years, and Ghosts of Past and Present. Then read Letting Go, which I'm still writing. That will give you PLENTY of Remus/Phoenix fuel while I come up with my next one-shot. (It wont be sexy, but it will be soooo cute!)

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Review #11, by Alex Her Kiss

4th February 2006:
Do you have some kind of gift for making me cry? Keep it up xx

Author's Response: I guess I do have a gift... but mostly I just do it because it's fun. HA!

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Review #12, by Cheeky Monkey(not signed in) Her Kiss

2nd February 2006:
OMG, that was an ace 1 shot, if u want a banner email me @

Author's Response: Go me. ^_^

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Review #13, by Cserri Her Kiss

25th January 2006:
very different style of writing for you, but its good.

Author's Response: You said that already.

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Review #14, by Cserri Her Kiss

25th January 2006:
very different style of writing for you, but its good.

Author's Response: should read my poetry.

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Review #15, by raych Her Kiss

24th January 2006:
oooh. nice fic.. so sad tho :( but yeh really great :)

Author's Response: Aww... thank you!

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Review #16, by Michaela Dragonsworth Her Kiss

22nd January 2006:
...I LOVE YOU!! Q.Q I'm on the verge of tears, though I'm not sure why... ^^;;

Author's Response: LOL! I was a little teary writing it, but that's because I had sad music playing too. :(

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Review #17, by sydneybristow Her Kiss

21st January 2006:
awww omg poor remus, sooooo good, i loved it!!!!! its so sad when theyre not together...

Author's Response: LOL...glad you liked it. ^_^

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Review #18, by Its Stripes! Her Kiss

21st January 2006:
Mysterious and Utterly brilliant :3 Your an awesome writer Toki 8DDDD

Author's Response: OMG RIE IT'S YOU *TACKLEGLOMPANDSUCH* Thanks for the R&R. ^_^ You're awesome.

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