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Review #1, by bev Aftermath

1st October 2007:
what was my quote?

Author's Response: Zetis-letpitis you guys, this story is so freaking old. I started it in seventh grade and you guys are still reading? damn i love you all. I'm working on it... it's hard. I don't like being a freshman. Everything is big and scary.... lol. Yeah... i guess i'll improve a few chappies for you or something?

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Review #2, by bev Discord

1st October 2007:

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Review #3, by SamtheMan Special for Aurora

2nd September 2007:

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Review #4, by SamtheMan Special for Aurora

1st September 2007:
This scene was not..good...not very many details, and being the guy I am I crave details when it comes to this sort of thing, plus, I AM SNAPE!! You didn't even give me the glory of going at it with a hot blonde.

Author's Response: Don't worry. i'm working on an extremely graphic one. it's kind of long... i don't think they'll let me put it up here... i'll stick it on fanfic . net and you can enjoy it there.

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Review #5, by Astoria_Launay Aftermath

21st August 2007:
Yay an update! I was net-less for five days! It was slowly killing me, but I'm so glad there was an update waiting for me. I truly love this story. It's wonderful.

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Review #6, by OneDamselsKiss Discord

18th August 2007:
oh dear... poor kate! Well, hopefully Siri can make her happy again! Thanks for the amazing read! Keep it up!

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Review #7, by dianap00 Aftermath

16th August 2007:
Oh no! what happened? is it malfoy? it's totally malfoy.

Whoa. Seriously. That was just, Whoa.

I cannot believe what Sirius did. I do not believe it.

Snape, gosh, I grudgingly like Snape more that I like Sirius. He's hilarious, almost adorable.

“Because you’re a brainless imbecile.”
You know what I love, how someone with the worst idea in the world could say this to anyone. I love this story. Seriously.
I can't believe she wants to make him suffer. lol. He is suffering, although I'm pretty sure it's more out of the fact that he's a complete idiot than what she actually did to him.

I love Blue. I love this story.

Author's Response: OMG!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! Seriously (siriusly. haha), i had a really rotten day because i didn't sleep enough last night (urgh... one hour? two, maybe?...) and then i had to wake up early to walk around for hours and hours and not get home until 2 AM (though i DID see Stardust and i highly recommend it to everyone. really, great movie!) and i was sooo ready to be upset because no one reviewed but you saved me!!! Really, your review just warmed my little writing heart. ^_^ I'm so glad i could get you to like Snape so much- the guy deserves it, really, after all he's done for Dumbles and the Order and stuff. Thank you SO much for loving my story! My story loves you back (and naturally, i love what my story loves. HUGS!) ^_^ So, yeah, CLIFFHANGER!!!! dun dun duunnnn. Just you wait and see what happens next! It's so anti-climactic! and ironic! or maybe it's not and i'm being ironic! lol

Alright, LOVE YOU DIANAP00!!!

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Review #8, by Snapes_Sweet_Heart Aftermath

16th August 2007:

Author's Response: Dman? ...Teach me this language! I must learn! lol. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing. I luv u. ^_^ Hopefully you'll like the next chapter better.

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Review #9, by Astoria_Launay Discord

13th August 2007:
Fantastic story! Really.
Please continue soon.

Author's Response: i'm trying but my chapter is stuck in queue!!! i've got a trouble ticket, so i'm waiting on it....

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Review #10, by dianap00 Discord

10th August 2007:
poor katie... her dear dear family... dammit.
lol, sorry. it's so sad. it wasnt that angsty or whatever. it was awesome and really really funny/ almost random until the end which was all ... sad... bah!

i think i like your sev now. ew. [srry but i usually like not liking sevs in general...]


reads her diary???
Grr... thank you SOOoOOO000 much for updating! i felt that "oh-my-god-i-love-the-world-now-that-i-can-read-one-of-my-favorite-fanfic-awesomeness!!!" feeling... =D

... i like dashes...

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Review #11, by Reading Fool Discord

8th August 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks! Damn, that's the best review i've gotten all year!!!!! Everyone who's reading this, i want you ALL to leave me reviews that just say "Wow". okay? Good. Thank YOU, Reading Fool!

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Review #12, by Reading Fool Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

8th August 2007:
Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: I think i love you. THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING!!!! FINALLY!!! Everyone, reading fool is like the ONLY good reader because they ACTUALLY leave REVIEWS!!!

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Review #13, by Reading Fool Special for Aurora

8th August 2007:
Great chapter.

Author's Response: will you marry me? (haha. jk.)

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Review #14, by Snuffles_Snogger Discord

1st August 2007:

Author's Response: hell yes

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Review #15, by Snapes_Sweet_Heart Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

29th May 2007:

Author's Response: make me.

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Review #16, by dianap00 Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

11th May 2007:
nicely put...and bevin has some very graphic ways of measuring things, i wouldnt want to be near her while shes cooking...anyway, great chapter...hope you update soon...


Author's Response: lol. the scary thing is i HAVE been around her while she cooks... scarier yet, poor mike, i'm sure he has too! lol. ...hmmm....i guess that explains the patch he was wearing a couple weeks ago... lol! i'm workin hard on the next chappie. anyone reading this- REVIEW. i need those to know how well i'm doing!

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Review #17, by Bevin Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

10th May 2007:
good monolauge at the end, and yes that is how you measure a smidgen.

Author's Response: thank you, bevin, for your contribution to the literary world.

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Review #18, by liandhate Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

8th May 2007:
o very interesting chapter!
(update soon!)

Author's Response: Thank you, li, and i FINALLY UPDATED! sorry it took so long, it's just that... welllll... i could come up with a thousand excuses but they're no more extrordinairy than anyone else's. What it comes down to is that i was busy.

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Review #19, by OneDamselsKiss Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

8th May 2007:
love the speech at the end! It is very true! Hope to read more!


Author's Response: Thank you, Damsel. i look forward t your thoughts on the next one.

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Review #20, by OneDamselsKiss Special for Aurora

8th May 2007:
kute! lol im sorry i havent been on in a while and that im REALLY behind on my reading for this story, but chaos has calmed and im back in potterworld! Hooray! Well that was a great little fluff chappie asnd i really like how u wrote it for a friend! Its cute! hope u check out my story, Simply Secrets, and i know ill continue 2 be a loyal reviewer 4 urs! Hapy Writing!

X's nd O's

The Damsel

Author's Response: Thank you very very much!!!! don't worry, i'm a little behind on my writing, as you can tell. BUT i did manage to get two chapters done at once!

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Review #21, by Snapes_Sweet_Heart Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

8th May 2007:
sorry! This whole dying thing really takes a lot out of you!!! Good job S.S. great writing good chapter, nice touches! Luv Ya!

Author's Response: Honey, you're not dying. You just have mono.
...............that would be an interesting plot twist thing. Give Snape mono.....

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Review #22, by under_the_willow Hogsmeade

7th May 2007:
OH poor Kate she's claustraphobic! and they puched her in a closet! good stroy! i'm rereading it and reviewing my favortie chapters. YEA Sirius at least stood up for her!

Author's Response: yeah, that's why she likes him so much.

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Review #23, by Chelsea_Black An odd occurence

6th May 2007:
Hey! i hope ya see this lol. Any way i must say your story got an intrest in me right away. It is also the longest chapter i've read so far lol about 17 pages for the first chapter! (yes i really wanted to see how long it was so i copied and pasted it on word lol) anyway i have never read a chapter that long but your story is very intresting. It may take a while for me to catch up with school work and all but i really would like to read it. It has an awsome plot nd it is very funny also i would like to say that like Kate i am from New Jersey so i would like to thank you for picking the state i'm from lol! awsome job and keep it up! 10/10

Author's Response: Omg!!! I'm from Jersey too!!!!!! WOO! Just to let you know though, Sirius is MINE. lol. jk. But yeah, keep reading and thanks a lot for the review!!!! I'm glad that you like my story. (is it really 17 pgs? wow.... yeah, i have trouble knowing when to stop so hpff put a limit on me and now i can only go up to like... 8... it's really upsetting.) Well, have fun reading! and thanks again for your approval!

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Review #24, by Bevin Special for Aurora

25th April 2007:
ooo now i want to know *pouts*

Author's Response: lol. Know what? what they did?

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Review #25, by SamtheMan Special for Aurora

11th April 2007:
YES!! I'm in this chapter! Because we all know I'm Snape. So Sirius and James can just suck it!!! Very nice writing! This is rated 15+ so more detail in the other scene would have been okay!

Author's Response: True, but many of my readers are too interested in cutsy-ness. If i had put more detail in, i have a feeling i would have been scolded. A lot. And aurora would have killed me. Btw: Snapikins, i think that this chapter was pretty darn good but it leads to a lot of angst. I shall have to include you in this story much more in order to meet and surpass my angst quota.

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