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Review #1, by jada.caron The Dangerous games we play

11th May 2012:
i want 2 know the dare

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Review #2, by Luna Rose The Dangerous games we play

21st December 2007:
I love this, it doesnt give too much away and gets your brain working. Please update soon 'cos i wanna know what that dare was!!!

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Review #3, by Quidditch Chick 01 The Dangerous games we play

26th September 2006:
AHHHHHHHHHH...... What's her DARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quidditch Chick 01

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Review #4, by dandracula The Dangerous games we play

8th September 2006:
this areally exiting game please get going with the next chapter

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Review #5, by Hufflepuff_friendly The Dangerous games we play

22nd July 2006:
it's great so far! you need to finish it, I want to see what Hermione's dare is!!

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Review #6, by @$hly The Dangerous games we play

5th July 2006:
luuuuuved it with a capital L!!!!!!! is the dare 2 seduse draco? *wink* lol 1/10 update soon plz!

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Review #7, by Perish The Dangerous games we play

19th June 2006:
Please update!!!!!!!

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Review #8, by black sisters The Dangerous games we play

30th May 2006:
you have to update!! love it!

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Review #9, by justhegirl_4dan The Dangerous games we play

9th May 2006:
OMG...update...pleaesesesesess4e....i cant wait to see what the dare is...i hate cliff hangers...ugh...great job by the way. ;)

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Review #10, by hello The Dangerous games we play

26th March 2006:
when you use the word 'blemished' it makes hermione seem really unattractive because blemishes are usually spots. and anyway freckles are cute!

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Review #11, by ArtyGirl The Dangerous games we play

24th March 2006:
Nice use of language. E-mail me

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Review #12, by fire_of_the_goblet The Dangerous games we play

21st March 2006:
noooooooooooooooooo u and damn cliffy's. I want 2 know now wat her dare was. Hurry with the next chapter plz

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Review #13, by ashley5895 The Dangerous games we play

19th March 2006:
i cant wait for more. love it! more more more

Author's Response: teehee glad ou liked it! i will update very soon. thanks for your review. *~Jemz~*

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Review #14, by fairgirl The Dangerous games we play

19th March 2006:
oh my...what is the dare???Grrrr I really hate those slytherins they are so evil lol i want to be like them...anyway glad that you have updated

Author's Response: lol yes i finally updated and you'll soon see what the dare is:P teehee love keeping you all in suspence! thanks for your review! *~Jemz~*

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Review #15, by snailsndme Boredom Strikes

16th March 2006:
okay, confusing sometimes. but okay most. like if the paragraphs were would be better. but hurry up and up date soon so you can know what i really think, i cant just live off of two chapters forever! ~haley

Author's Response: lol thanks and yeah i'll probs make the paragraphs shorter! i put the other chapter up the other day so it should be validated very soon! thanks for your review! *~Jemz~*

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Review #16, by Nataliaa Boredom Strikes

2nd March 2006:
Oh Em is so good...please soon hurry up!! I can not wait for the next chaptres! Tank you

Author's Response: thank you, i'll try and update ass soon as i can. im very busy at the moment what with college and my driving essons! so keep watching this space. *~Jemz~*

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Review #17, by Black sisters Boredom Strikes

26th February 2006:
OMG OMG you just gotta update NOW!! I love this story! plz plz plz update

Author's Response: teehee im glad you enjoyed it! i will try and update soon however my other story poison is more important at the mo! but hopefully i will be updating this soon! thanks for the review! *~Jemz~*

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Review #18, by Black sisters Boredom Strikes

26th February 2006:
OMG OMG you just gotta update NOW!! I love this story! plz plz plz update

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Review #19, by _SummerbabE_ Boredom Strikes

18th February 2006:
omg i really want to know what it picks! ur story is really good! keep going and it will be awesome! plz update soon!

Author's Response: hopefully i will update soon, got my driving lssons and my theory test and on top of that i have writers block but soon i should be back on track=) watch this space and thanks for the review! *~Jemz~*

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Review #20, by ArtyGirl Bitter Beginnings

17th February 2006:
did ya get my e-mail?

Author's Response: just got it=) and its a great idea! we should defo do that! *~Jemz~*

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Review #21, by ArtyGirl Bitter Beginnings

13th February 2006:
Yooooohooooo! Any updates? I LOVE this story!! I updated my story! Please review it! Well, got 2 go, I have ballet! Write to ya later! And UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: lol got writers block at the moment:( bless me so im trying to give my story ago again, just need to type up the next chapter=) i'll update as soon as i can...and i'll read your story=) im glad you've updated! *~Jemz~*

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Review #22, by ArtyGirl Bitter Beginnings

10th February 2006:
You know, I think this is an . . . . . . . AMAZING!!!!! story! I want you to update this one before Poison!

Author's Response: lol ill see what i can do=) *Hugs* *~Jemz~*

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Review #23, by ArtyGirl Bitter Beginnings

2nd February 2006:
UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting:)

Author's Response: lol will do:P XxXxX

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Review #24, by fire_of_the_goblet Boredom Strikes

1st February 2006:
OMG i thought i had reviewed sooo sorry i love it i wanna know wat happens in the game nothin too dodgy i hope but plz hurry im waiting u know *sits on the floor* ill wait right here 4 it lalalalalalalala........

Author's Response: lol:P nothing too dodgy nah there isn't trust me! lol i'll update ASAP!!!! as we speak=) wath this space! *Hugs* XxXxX

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Review #25, by ashley5895 Boredom Strikes

31st January 2006:
wow.. i want to read more. gosh hurry up with more, and whats the game all about. anyway, update soon i love it.

Author's Response: glad you liked it=) you'll see later what the game is about:p don't want to ive to much away lol...i'll update asap! xxXxXxX

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