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Review #1, by xElusive Memoriesx Weaslette's Schematics

17th November 2006:
Hilarious. Ridiculous. On to favourites~

Author's Response: A lot of people liked this one, too. I'm glad you did as well ^_^

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Review #2, by Squirrellyn Weaslette's Schematics

11th March 2006:
Hahah. I absolutely love this! It really was hilarious. I really heart the part where Alexis wanted to commit suicide and the Giant Squid just wouldn't let her.

"God damn it! No! Let me die!" she shouted at the squid while its tentacle retracted back into the water.
"I'm going to turn you into sashimi one day…" she muttered and glared at the lake while drenched in the freezing lake water.
"Oh darling! You're soaking wet!"

I <3 that! *glomps on paragraph*

Good job on it. I really would have loved to see Ginny's face at the end! Hahaha..priceless.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this monstrosity, Squirrellyn. Along with many other people, that part was their favorite as well.

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Review #3, by silver phoenix Weaslette's Schematics

6th March 2006:
.................oh my Lord. This has got to be the most hilarious thing I've read in a long time! This was so deliciously devious and fresh! Ginny is so sneaky, and she's so sure of herself, yet in the end she was wrong. Bwahahahaha! I haven't read the story this branches from, but I suppose I must now...Lexi intrigues me greatly. Add to my favorites, I must... ^.^

Author's Response: Hey silver phoenix! So my eyes weren't tricking me when I saw I had 7 new reviews! Truthfully, it's quite a shocker! But I'm glad you enjoyed this story. Devious? Yes. Ginny being sneaky? A definete. I'm glad you added this to your favorites and thanks for reviewing :D!

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Review #4, by the_renika Weaslette's Schematics

1st March 2006:
omg, lol. this is a wonderful piece of work. :-) nto many people can write comedies.

Author's Response: Thanks the_renika! I'm so glad you enjoyed this. Although there is a subtle difference between 'ha-ha I get it' humor, 'It's funny in your head but not in other people's' humor and truthful humor. And mind you, the knight thing HAS happened to a friend of mine from high school. So I think of it as a little 'tribute' to her ~_^.

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Review #5, by Blackdog2010 Weaslette's Schematics

3rd February 2006:
omg i was cracking up the whole time!! good story, keep it up...and what's PoM?

Author's Response: I'm glad you like the story. PoM is just the shortened name of my main story, 'Protector of Mankind.' I should have made that clear so I apologize for the confusion.

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Review #6, by firefawn Weaslette's Schematics

2nd February 2006:

*continues staring*

This whole tid bit....
"What have I done to deserve this?" she muttered. "Oh it could be worse." Neighing was heard. Lexi picked her head up and looked at the entrance of the Great Hall. "Sweet mother of…" She at least managed to make out some words. I just stared with my mouth open. All I have to say is Shakespeare's got nothing on this.
Can we say MY GOD that was good!? LOL That was an excellent opener for the whole chase scene in the great hall, and dear God poor Harry! And then him attacking Malfoy, and then everyone's different reactions! You nailed the reactions and were wonderful in the description! You're writing style even fluctuated in this, changing to suit whatever scene you were working on a bit better. The action scene had shorter sentences and wow...Just great work. I am officially laughing my head off like a loon! :) And then the ghost tromping in with just trousers!!! HAHAHAHA! Priceless! Remind me to never get on your bad side alright? Lol

Oh NO! She's whipped out the flag of surrender! AND IS GIVING IN!!! HAHAHAHA! Oh wait...HA! OMG brilliant twist! Hell I did NOT see that one coming so great work on that! It just figures that Hermione would catch her and they would go to such lengths to prove a point but again...oh the visuals of Ginny running away from two rabid people! But this line was wonderful!
"But hey, at least I finally got them to get along…"
It might actually have worked a bit better than the mummy line at the end, if you switched the mummy line and that, but either way this was priceless! Fantastic work and seriously consider doing some humorous multi-chaptered stories in the future! :)

Author's Response: Oh I don't get like that when I get mad. I just go on the violent blitz hahaha.

I thought that little white flag added a nice touch to the story since those who have read 'Protector of Mankind' know what kind of person Lexi is. As for multiple chaptered short stories, I don't think my insanity can handle that. Unless I have a WHOLE bunch of stories in my head that I remember and can be used to my advantage. I was going to have this go on with 2-3 chapters following with a revenge but I thought, 'Keep it short and the jokes won't be a run on.'

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Review #7, by firefawn Weaslette's Schematics

2nd February 2006:
Okay I am officially mad. Not only did I have the second part of the review all written up, but it got deleted, and it's official. My laughter has officially woken up Andy, and I am now facing down a man whose glare closely approximates that of a rabid ferret just escaped from its cage.

Alrighty well onto the review again! I adored the tripping over things bit in the Great Hall! The word choice that you used worked perfectly for that, from Harry's overly sappy sentimental pet titles to the abrupt wording you used as Lexi suddenly tripped. Then there was Ginny's reaction of not knowing if the tripping was from Lexi falling or from the poor girls clumsiness! Oh the horror you are putting these two through! *laughs very very very hard*

Oh dear God the lake! The lake was great! From Lexi's self-depricating, suicidal attitude to Ginny's encouragement of it, to Lexi's threats to turn to the Giant Squid into a culinary cuisine to delight the palate, to Hermione's attempts to dry her! I loved it! And then the visual you created with Harry chasing after her with the butterbeer bottle! Brilliant!

I must say that the ideas you are using in this are wonderful. I have no idea how long it took you to come up with all of these, but I am glad you did! This is one of the best one-shots that I have ever read, and it is also one of the longest! I love that because the fun never ends!!!! The poor thing though, being drug through the common room....For shame! LOL You enjoyed writing this far too much didn't you?

Another good thing I've noticed, is that while this is like a companion piece to your multi-chaptered story, it is wonderful on its own, and others who have not read your "Protector of Mankind" story can still read this and understand it well since you explained everything right away in it. :) Great work on that! Okay new review time....

Author's Response: Wow I'm guessing you have free time to do multiple reviews on a one shot like this. To have more than one review from YOU on ONE story actually means something! Yikes and I'm guessing Andy isn't taking the whole being woken up bit too well now huh? Well, let him read the story and see what you're laughing at. Maybe he'll sympathize... MAYBE. The whole sashimi bit just came into my head. Squid + Japanese food = Sashimi hehe. I've had raw squid before and it's very chewy. So part of it is personal experience. Not a good one but nonetheless, it was still an experience. Originally, I had Harry skipping after her but they ARE on a hill after all. So that would've made it a bit hard to.

Oh these ideas just came to me one after another. 2/3 of the story took me about a day to type up. I was struggling with the ending quite badly actually. I could've used your help on it but you were busy so it's all good. Yeah this one-shot is one of those stories you can read separately without knowing the actual plot to 'Protector of Mankind.' So I really like this piece because of that fact.

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Review #8, by firefawn Weaslette's Schematics

2nd February 2006:
*laughs very loudly*

*stares while trying to think of something to say about this*

*continues laughing*

Ichigo I think you have officially found yet another genre that fits your writing style extremely well, and that is humor! Now stop looking at me like that! You're very good at it you modest individual you! :-P Just the style that this story flowed in, from the first three tiny lines of introduction, where the reader was left wondering what POV it was in, and then suddenly hitting us with the deviant mind of Ginerva Weasley! It was like BAM! Prepare to assist in the prank to end all pranks! I just loved how you took us through her deviant thought process, and the best part about that was that Ginny did not even seem to think she was being all the deviant! I suppose being a Weasley and growing up around Fred and George would do that to a person, but you captured her character very well. I'm sorry this is not much of an analytical review but I'm still stifling my laughter so I do not wake up Andy, and this is quite a task I must say!!! :) I particularly enjoyed these lines at the beginning:

" Don't give me that look! It's not like I put cyanide in there! Relax"

"I promised her a lock of his hair, alright? Are you happy now? Yes, I know that's weird and I don't even want to know what she's going to do with that lock. Grow her own Harry Potter I suppose?"

"You can help me stall Harry while I dab this on his food.
Oh wait… you're just a third, omnipresent being there. Must I do everything myself?! Gosh. "

Those lines just really, right from the get go, got the reader into it. You made the story both funny and interactive which is quite a hard task so great work!

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you really enjoyed this disaster of mine. It was really hard writing it that way because it got my story deleted three times. So I had to a little revision here and there and voila! You have what you read. Truthfully, those are some of my favorite lines in the story too. I can only imagine what my mind was going through when I wrote it though. You gotta love the knight part since it did happen to a friend of mine. But that's an AIM convo for another day.

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Review #9, by DarkFairynum1 Weaslette's Schematics

1st February 2006:
lol its really funny

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^.

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Review #10, by kogepan Weaslette's Schematics

31st January 2006:
"I'm going to turn you into sashimi one day…" - mmmmm nice twist on the ending, i actually wasn't expecting that :P too bad they didn't force a potion down ginny's throat in revenge :X

Author's Response: That whole potion thing would have been a bit too obvious for a revenge plot. Instead I just had them beat Ginny to a pulp and Ron didn't recognize her little sister and avada kedarva-ed her into oblivion :D. Nice eh?

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Review #11, by sweetgrl1988 Weaslette's Schematics

30th January 2006:
lol! this was freakin' hilarious!! this story is so great! and the ending was such a great twist!

Author's Response: Thank you sweetgrl ^_^.

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Review #12, by Captain Chemo Weaslette's Schematics

28th January 2006:
Oh. My. Merlin. ... *banging my head against the computer desk laughing my arse off* I had a bad week and this just erased it! THANK YOU!! I LOVE IT!!!

Author's Response: Hahahah I'm glad this story turned your bad week away. See? There are things that makes your bad week better :D

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Review #13, by PureBlood Muggle Weaslette's Schematics

25th January 2006:
LOL - Thank you sooooo much for a great laugh!! I love this... must go check out main story soon

Author's Response: No problem for the laugh. As for the story itself, it's not as humorous as this one shot.

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Review #14, by _alechia_ Weaslette's Schematics

25th January 2006:
this is hilarious... what a JOKE :)

Author's Response: Thanks ^_^

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Review #15, by Ellie Weaslette's Schematics

25th January 2006:
oh my god! i love it! it got me to really laugh. i havent really had that many stories actually make me laugh. thanks for making it!! i like these little one shot type things that youre making

Author's Response: Thanks Ellie! Truthfully, it wasn't too hard to write this since I knew my main goal: Torture Lexi while makng my readers laugh. Yeah these one shots are created due to my lack of concentration on Protector of Mankind.

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Review #16, by SummerFrost Weaslette's Schematics

24th January 2006:
LMAO!!! Oh my god! I have never laughed that hard when reading a HP fanfic humour story!!! No lies I'm not even exagerating!!! That was absolutely the most hilarious story I have ever read!!! :D I loved it and the Lexi's personality just made things even better!!! Oh this was so funny...*pops into favs* I really like that you had in Ginny's POV, nice twist! You are truly turning into a fanfic chameilion (sp?) Lol, great job with this! It was absolutely wonderful! :D

Author's Response: I'm glad I was able to make you laugh to the point your stomach muscles hurt. Yeah poor Lexi... She didn't even stand a chance. At first I was going to have it in Hermione's POV but I couldn't go anywhere with it. Then came Ginny and her little mischievous side reared its head. And well... you get this as the end result.

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Review #17, by KawaiiAce2003 Weaslette's Schematics

24th January 2006:
................................. *speechless* .................... *I can't type...... laughing too hard......* So perfect....... so funny...... soo...... you have just officially gone up on my list of cool people.

Author's Response: HAHAHA! Wow that shocking huh? I have silenced the almighty unsilencer!

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Review #18, by njhill22 Weaslette's Schematics

24th January 2006:
I must say, I was disappointed by the ending, but other besides that, it was awesome. And it only took, what...2 weeks or so to get it validated? Worth the wait though =)

Author's Response: Aw I'm sorry it disappointed you. I was going for the whole irony mix into it. At first I was just going to have them argue to no end after the antidote was drank but that would've been too obvious. Hahahah yes it did take 2 weeks after having it deleted 5 times!

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Review #19, by 0_tish_tash_0 Weaslette's Schematics

24th January 2006:
LOL! that was hilarious! I loved the twist in the end, that was really unexpected. Also it was cool from Ginny's point of view!! Very fun to read!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. The sad part is that one of the events I wrote in there has happened to a friend of mine back in high school. Yes it was on Valentines' Day if you're wondering. I heard about it from her after it happened and I just recalled it while writing this story, thinking 'I need something REALLY embarassing to push Lexi to the edge.' And there you go.

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