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Review #1, by animaguskitty the dream

13th February 2011:
Again... not the best with reviewing romance.
Still good!

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Review #2, by animaguskitty the perfect day

13th February 2011:
Hmm... well... idk what to say... still a good chapt.
Yeah im kinda bad about reviewing romantic scenes.
Not the best at that...
STILL !10/10!

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Review #3, by animaguskitty the presence

13th February 2011:
OOH! Well idk but ikt the Boy is Draco. seems... scary. Like a Slytherdor. LOL but yeh... cools.

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Review #4, by animaguskitty little black book

13th February 2011:
OOH! A MYSTERIOUS BLACK BOOK!!! Thats a lil creepy though... still cool chapt.

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Review #5, by animaguskitty the third person

13th February 2011:
Ooh! I was right about the girl and boy! i think. nice chapt.

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Review #6, by animaguskitty the discovery

13th February 2011:
Those visions r spooky! Is it just me or does the Girl sound like Hermione and the Boy sound like Draco?
Hmm. Cool story!

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Review #7, by Ella of Frell dreams, letters and visions

26th January 2007:
Pretty good so far now I'm gonna read the next chapter.

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Review #8, by Water_Goddess_Mia the dream

25th July 2006:
i lurved it!
need more
must have story

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Review #9, by Fallen Angel the dream

16th May 2006:
umm.. can you make the chappies a lil bit longer? i knw its kinda rude but it looks as if there's only abt 700-800+ words in this chapter.

anyway the plot rocks! its just the length thats annoying!
love your story! :D

Rating : 7/10

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Review #10, by ashley5895 the perfect day

13th May 2006:
i like it so far!! jest the chapters are short!!! other then that, i love it!!! write more soon!!!

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Review #11, by Skylar the presence

12th May 2006:
Wowza love you story lol its awsome and so are you. plz continiue i can't wait anymore :P

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Review #12, by Maraudersgirl4ever the presence

23rd April 2006:
OMG its so good i am intrigued, please write another chapter.

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Review #13, by white_wolf07 the presence

18th April 2006:
hello!! Your story was a random pick but its really good! Please put another chapter up! I really want to see how it ends! xxxx

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Review #14, by firedeamon the discovery

24th March 2006:
This chapter was good keep it up and keep the dramma it gives the story itz appeal.

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Review #15, by Bitter_Sweet_Love62 the presence

26th February 2006:
Here it is i hope you like it, by the way you so dont have to use this it's only the 2nd one i have made so it isn't that great, Zoe xx enjoy!

Author's Response: OMG thank you so much, i just have one question, how do i put it in?? lol but thank you its brilliant.

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Review #16, by Bitter_Sweet_Love62 the presence

26th February 2006:
Hey mad story!!! i was wonderin if you wanted me to make you a banner , i have an awesome idea for one, but it is your call if you want to use it i supose, well i will make it and you can decide. my email is if you want to ask me questions or n e thing Zoe xx

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Review #17, by melissa little black book

13th February 2006:
hey dude its mel from skool. i read ur story. its crap jks. no its really good. u had better hurry up and finish it or ill haf to annoy u at skool. hehe hurry up. im waiting. hehe HURRY UP!! hehe ur story is great keep writting mel

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Review #18, by Spirited_wings little black book

9th February 2006:
good story keep it up

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Review #19, by spb the discovery

7th February 2006:
write longer chapters and keep the story moving, introduce something new, adda pov of Draco and keep writing, after homework, he he lol its me, m.

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Review #20, by DracoLion_SIlverGold little black book

5th February 2006:
Well since you put it that way...actually your stories could be alittle longer...oh and you could explain why dracos being so nice to have a chapter with his pov if you know what i mean...hummm...i think thats it other wise i love the story and cant wait till you update...not to mention the fact that i really really reallly want to know what happens please please update and keep up the great work ^_^

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Review #21, by Spirited_wings the third person

30th January 2006:
good story, keep it up

Author's Response: thanks for the review, jst letting u no that i ahve added another chapter so feel free to read and reveiw

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Review #22, by alyson the third person

29th January 2006:
pleaze continue, the story, do not stop, because i want some more!

Author's Response: thanks for the review, jst letting u no that i have now posted i have added another chapter o my story so feel free to read and review again.

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Review #23, by magick dreams, letters and visions

24th January 2006:
Great start, keep it up, I want to see where your going with this.

Author's Response: it' s Fantasy_girl1990 here thanks ofr the review, it was much appreciated, if you really like the story i have now added another chapter, feel free to reveiw that one as well lol kk byes

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