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Review #1, by Jorge of the Jungle The End to a Never-Ending Night

27th February 2011:
Oh my gosh, your story really is gripping! You MUST update quicker! Love ya!
-Georgie porgie ( = ])

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Review #2, by thefunnynamedperson2134 Have a Good Nights Sleep

18th April 2009:
hahahaha its sirius! poor katie!

Author's Response: lol, yeah. aw, how we love sirius :). thanks for the review! :)

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Review #3, by dramaqueen728 The Cave of Discovery

4th March 2008:
i love this story so far
it's a new side of sirius & i like the way you portray him... so good job :]

my only complaint is the way you set up your dialouge...

" “What?” Katie cocked her head to the side and looked at Sirius. What was he up to? Sighing, Katie decided to tell the truth.

“I-I…er…you really want to know?” Sirius nodded, looking Katie directly in the eyes."

do you see how that could be misconstrued as katie saying the 'what' and sirius saying the other line?

next time try something more like this:
"'What?' Sirius asked.
Katie cocked her head to the side and looked at Sirius. What was he up to? Sighing, Katie decided to tell the truth. “I-I…er…you really want to know?”
Sirius nodded, looking Katie directly in the eyes."

except better. lol
of course, that could be the way you wanted it & i'm just completely off base lol

but great job overall!

Author's Response: oh, wow, yeah, i see what you mean...butts, i can't make changes now... :P eek, i'm guessing i do that a lot, eh? butts...ok, i'll make that change because you've written it...agh, i have to review all the chapters now, don't i? :P i'm sorry, i'm horribly lazy and can't bring myself to change my own writing... :P:P:P:P bad excuse, right? baaaah...

thank you SO much for telling me that, i'll be much more careful now on...and i think i have a BETA, so maybe she can tell me when things don't make sense...i'm also doing a one-shot (shhhh!!!) and i think i've changed the dialogue style a, okay, thank you SO SO SO much... :):):)

i'm so glad you like the story :). i tried to make sirius a bit different, but i might be relapsing into the stereotypical sirius characterization. bleh :P. anyways, thank you VERY much for reading, reviewing, and telling me of my mistake (aggghh!!!)!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D (i may seem frustrated, but it's good :D)

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Review #4, by dramaqueen728 A Davie Past

4th March 2008:
i like this story so far :]

it has a cool vibe to it... you're a really good writer and i'm psyched to read more of this!!!

Author's Response: aw, thank you so much! i just smiled the widest smile ever :). cool vibes are good to hear :D. thank you so so so so soooo much for reading and reviewing, and hopefully sticking? *hoping i'm not pushing my luck* :D

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Review #5, by Astoria_Launay The End to a Never-Ending Night

13th September 2007:
I love this story!
Took me a while to read it through but I'm glad I did!
Great characters and plot.

Author's Response: aw, thank u!!! lol, i know, it's a...reading-ful :/....:) wow, thank you very much!...hehe, my plot is being made as i go along :), but thank you for believing, lol!!

thanks so much for reading (all of it!!!) and reviewing and staying with my story *hopeful glance*!!!!!!!!!! THANK U!

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Review #6, by LunaB1134 The End to a Never-Ending Night

30th August 2007:

i am the sage advice master.

Author's Response: lol...thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by RowenaTonks The End to a Never-Ending Night

26th August 2007:
See, I TOLD you I would read it. I came ALL THE WAY to my dad's office so I could use the computer. It's ok, you don't need to tell me I'm wonderful, I already know. (By the way, the chapter's very good.)

Author's Response: *snort*

well, thank you. much appreciated.

*sarcasm dripping from voice* thanks so much for reading and reviewing and giving me a paragraph saying how wonderful you are. hahaha, juuuust kidding. *snort*

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Review #8, by thefunnynamedperson2134 The End to a Never-Ending Night

20th August 2007:
YAY loved it update soon!!!

Author's Response: I'll try, really i will! but don't trust me to! OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU'VE STAYED!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Thank you very very very very much for reading and reviewing and staying (!!!!!!) with the story even though i take forever to update. THANK YOU!!!:)

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Review #9, by Smiling Ghost The Train is Comin' to Town

19th August 2007:
Oh no! Don't be tired! You can't type the pretty story if you're tired!
God! You're so bloody selfish! Why didn't you think about my story needs before you got tired!

~What Smiling Ghost means to say is
"This is a very nice story"~

Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that *pokes away crazy person with a crazy person poking stick*

Author's Response: lol! you make me laugh!!!!! :D

thank you VERY VERY much for reading and reviewing and staying and pointing out my selfishness. I'm entering Selfish People Anonymous. It's such a hard decision! *sobbing*

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Review #10, by Smiling Ghost Tangles

19th August 2007:
(there IS a relationship between me and Evans…she just has to notice),
Aww...ickle Petey Weetey has a wee ickle crushy wushy!

Author's Response: Nice sentence, be-a-u-tiful...lolz, thanks!!!

thanks so much for reading, reviewing, and staying!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D

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Review #11, by Smiling Ghost A Series of...Weird Events

19th August 2007:
1: Lily kissed me.
2: I kissed Lily.
3: No slapping, hitting, castrating, or retorting was involved.
4: I still have a date for Hogsmeade.
5: I know where the library is.

I think i'm most upset now...yes, yes i am.
Please make the other one make me feel better!

Author's Response: Oh, i'm sorry!! I hope the other one makes you feel better...though if my memory serves correct, it might not...*nervous twiddling of thumbs*

thanks so much for reading and reviewing (every chapter, i love you!) and staying with the story even though it makes you upset!!!!

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Review #12, by Smiling Ghost Skele-Gro: Disgusting Potion of the Future

19th August 2007:
And why hasn't the big development already happened?! Awesome! Brilliance! Serious lack of pokeable things around *growls* guess it's onto the next chapter for me!

Author's Response: lol. *hands over many pokeable (HOWDYO SPELL THIS????) objects* wow, thank you!!!

Thanks so much for reading, reviewing, and staying with my story, i will be forever grateful!!! :)

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Review #13, by Smiling Ghost Sneaky Snitches

19th August 2007:
umm ok. Just remember, I have been reviewing each and every chapter! So I just want you to know...if something happens to Sirius than I shall be very upset and poke the computer screen ~whoa. What a threat~
I know...i'm a sad little child aren't I...

Author's Response: lol. Aw, don't poke the poor computer! What'd it ever do to you??? juuust kidding. whoa, i have lame jokes, lol. I'll try not to get Sirius into danger...well, maybe just a little :). no, you're a happy little child :).

Thank you very very very much for reading, reviewing, staying with the story, and...threatening me? lol, jk :).

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Review #14, by SiriusRoxOnIce22 The End to a Never-Ending Night

19th August 2007:
Alrighty-poo. Normally, I don't like Sirius/OC's. And normally, I only read completed fics. But something about yours...dare i say, provoked me to...erm, read it, I guess. (If you wanna word it like that.) Anyways...I absolutely love your story. I know, at first it sounded like a flame. But, surprise! it ain't. :] I love how you're so random in you're story. It's hilarious. I mean like the random the author's notes. The story is well put together, I know what? Moving on...I have been reading this since you started and, no offense, I forgot about it. Then I got on...erm, yesterday, two days ago? Anyways, and I saw that your story was updated. So I read the whole thing again. I have yet to review your other chapters. But not to fear! I will. In sweet time, Author-Chick, in sweet time. (Assuming you're a chick. I mean, I'm a chick, so I just used my knowledge and guessed...) I also noticed that you have some mistakes. I know, it's impossible not too. Buuut. (hehe i almost put butt. which is you know? butt butt.*spurt of random laughter**sigh* anyways) I was thinking. if you, ya know, wanted me to, I could...ya know, beta your story. I love beta-ing. anyways, if you do want me to, answer this review, and I will leave my e-mail in another review, and you can just ya know, whatever. Okay, so that doesnt even make sense, but oh well. So...great story. Keep up the good work. Update soon please.



Last Minute Note- Oh, by the way (haha i could've went all preppy and said btw, but i didn't. for your sake. :] ) For some random reason, I was singing all the words in this chapter. Just...randomly. And somewhat following the tune of 'John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmitt' (Spelling?)...i dunno. Random fact I thought I would share with you.

I hope you enjoyed my novel of a review.
This is the end to a never-ending review.


Author's Response: Lol! I like long reviews, was looking forward to answering this one!!! Aw, thanks (reading and answering at same time...that make sense?). Yay no flame! lol. My story's well put together? *snort* Well, whatever you say :). Oh, that's ok, I dont mind. I forget about my story too :). Wow, you read it all??? You poor soul, lol. No, i'm a 50 year old man who writes mushy fanfics. Hah, JUST KIDDING. Butt butt butt butt butt! Fun. Very very fun. :) Sure, I'd love it if you'd beta my story :). I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone else, lol :D. Thanks very much for the offer, too! :) (i like smileys!!!). THANK YOU! You were singing all the words? Whatever floats your boat, maestro. Heh, I like that word...I might try that...*ponders* I DID ENJOY YOUR NOVEL OF A REVIEW!!!:D Lol.

Soooo...thank you very very much for reading, reviewing, coming back to my story (such a hard thing to do...!!!), and your honesty...and the beta offer! Thanks again!!!

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Review #15, by Smiling Ghost Great Hall Dramatics

19th August 2007:
ok, not quite as developmental as the previous chapters. But i still really liked the conversations you had between them. I have chocolate again! (Not that you overly needed to know that or anything...but i'm happy!)

Author's Response: aw, i'm sorry!!!! wow, lots of chocolate...:)

Mucho thanks for reading and reviewing!!! and staying!!! and being honest!!! :):):):)

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Review #16, by Smiling Ghost Ms. Snickers

19th August 2007:
Wootsie Footsie!
Cuteness! Gorgeousness! Lovliness! Chocolate! No...sorry, on my desk not in the story *sigh*. Onward past the cliff and over the side
Whoops there's a cliff here...

Author's Response: lol (oh whatever!!!!). i like cho-co-latte. LATTE! "my latte!" srry, movie reminiscing...ish. i dunno what i'm talking about....

Thank you very very much, thanks for reading and reviewing and staying w/ story and saying lovely things :).

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Review #17, by Smiling Ghost The Cave of Discovery

18th August 2007:
of course i like it you insane little child! Ok...that could have been taken as being hurtful. Many appolgies! So sorry, this is great. Continuing on now...gonna go find something to chuck at my head...

Author's Response: Haha (yesss!), no, i don't mind :D. DONT CHUCK ANYTHING AT YOUR HEAD IT HURTS!!! :O:O:O:O!!!!!!

Thank you VERY VERY VERY much!!! I'm really glad you like it, thanks for reading and reviewing and thanks for staying!!!!!!:D

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Review #18, by Smiling Ghost Black Dogs, Shortcuts, and Human Piles

18th August 2007:
no flames here! Completely anti water. Yes, a watery ghost...not to sure how that works but...umm...i hope you get what i'm trying to say here! Anti flames...anti...

Author's Response: lol. NO, I DID IT AGAIN!!! grrrr....

Maybe a ghost that cries a lot. Moaning Myrtle , perhaps? Comma isn't on the right line, WHYYYY?? Oi, ignore me :). Thanks very much for reading and reviewing!!!!!!!! and staying!!!!!

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Review #19, by Smiling Ghost Traitors Always Win

18th August 2007:
I don't mind! There's pleanty more to read! Onward little pastry men!
(yes people have questioned my sanity in the past...)

Author's Response: lol...i keep on answering the reviews like that. ok ok ok, delete all that i just said. new beginning...

Hahaha. (BETTER!:P) Pastry men? Eh, whatever keeps you happy :).

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing and staying w/ the story!!! very much appreciated!

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Review #20, by Smiling Ghost Midnight Worries

18th August 2007:
oh no...this be sad! But brillian. Please don't stab yourself with the golden star! No...that would be awful, there might be a pause in updates! Cute plot, please don't take offense, it's very well written but i'm on a rather serious red frog high so just about everything seems cute. Aw, look at that itty bitty highlighter.

Author's Response:, i don't mind you calling it cute. FINE WITH ME! :) I'll try not to stab myself with a star :) There's already a pause in updates, the stars don't have to stab me for that...

Thank you for reading and reviewing and STAYING!!! yay! :):):):)

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Review #21, by Smiling Ghost A Davie Past

18th August 2007:
yeah you show those gold stars! This is great, really good character development!

Author's Response: lol, THEY WILL NEVER GET AHEAD OF ME!!! NEEEVEEEEEEER! lol. wow, thank you!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and does this mean you're staying? (i keep on spelling 'satying'...annoying!!!) :D:D:D THANKS!

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Review #22, by Smiling Ghost Have a Good Nights Sleep

18th August 2007:
a good dirl? So not gonna ask. Gorgeous story! Completely entranced. I wonder what he did?! Ooo...cliffhanger!

Author's Response: lol, thank you very much! srry, TYPO! :O

Thanks so much for starting the story and hopefully staying? *hopeful twinkle in eyes* THANKS FOR REVIEWING! *excited....*

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Review #23, by padfoots_people A Davie Past

17th August 2007:
yuh, i like it... you win my approval :)

Author's Response: woot woot!!! i really hope you enjoy the fic if you read more :D. *sticks Approval on shirt and flaunts shamelessly* :)

thanks so much for reading and reviewing and sticking with the story? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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Review #24, by padfoots_people Have a Good Nights Sleep

17th August 2007:
seems good at first. looking forward to next chapter :)

Author's Response: yay! i really hope you like it...thanks for reading and reviewing!!!! if you end up liking it...please stay w/ it! warning: there is soooo much drama in the next chapters it's unbelievable. yeah. THANKS!

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Review #25, by summerlove x3 The End to a Never-Ending Night

17th August 2007:
lol I love the James/Lily deal you have on right now. I can't wait to see what else is up your sleeve.

Author's Response: yaaaay!!!!! i am totally in love with you right now!!!! *does big happy dance* thank you thank you THANK YOU for reviewing!!!!!! God, I sound like a maniac...

aaanyways...thanks so much for reading and reviewing and staying with my story even though i update like never!!!! you've seriously made my day. yaaaaay. hmm, should I be sad for myself because i got so happy over a review or happy cuz i got a review? eh, i'll take the last choice :):):).


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