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Review #1, by crookshanks7 A Different View

28th June 2006:
hey i just read your 3 one-shots. they are amazing! but this one is the best i think. i looooove your penname btw. its so funny.

Author's Response: Well I'm very happy you liked them all. Personally, I like this one the least, but I guess it's not the same with everyone. And I like my name too! Imagine that! xD
I like my names to be unique, different. A name you won't see repeated over and over. Thanks again!

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Review #2, by Witch Drew A Different View

27th June 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #3, by xxsweetxxbabyxx A Different View

3rd June 2006:
HeHeHeHeHehE I lYk iT ItS kOoLiEs.kEeP Up ThE GuD WOrK Nd yEah u beTtA Gt tHe nXt cHaPpIe uP SoOn Coz i wIlL HuNt u dWn Nd fOrCe u 2 wRiTe tArYn rOx uNtIlL u dO
LoV yA

Author's Response:'s a one-shot. There isn't a next chapter.

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Review #4, by g A Different View

1st June 2006:

Author's Response: Spanks. :D

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Review #5, by Snowstarr A Different View

18th March 2006:
Good job. Slightly OOC in some moments but Humor is partly based on that. I really liked it, good job. You just have to write more or I'll never have any more of your fabalicious work to read.
Infinite Ham and Cheese, Snowstarr

Author's Response: Yes, I'd say it is slightly OOC. This was put in for part of my MRP. As for not writing much, Delta, as you know, takes a lot of my time. I haven't written anything in a very long time, but I'm thinking of starting a longer fic.

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Review #6, by voldy_sucks88 A Different View

11th February 2006:
hehehe i liked it very different!! :D thats a good thing by the way

Author's Response: Haven't I seen this review before? O_o

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Review #7, by ME HAVE BOOBS A Different View

31st January 2006:
ohh...5 stars...well if it is out of 5 but if it is out of ten...then ten stars...i think that is right...yep...anyway read the get the point...READ!!!

Author's Response: --Sticks out tongue--

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Review #8, by ME HAVE BOOBS A Different View

31st January 2006:
hello wet noodle person i really liked it was really funny...write somemore!!!!

Author's Response: Ha ha Vicky. You're hillarious.

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Review #9, by Rose Black A Different View

30th January 2006:
That's so brilliant. Love it. XD It's kinda true in a way too...

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I dub you my first reviewer ever!! Woot. Feel proud. Thanks for the chunk of confidence.

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