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Reading Reviews for How hard is it?
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Review #1, by pixie_garden How hard is it?

1st February 2007:
true but... on a person's author page, it shows the number of reviews that you've left. i checked, and yours reads '0' as well.
perhaps you should review, and ppl will review your stories. just a thought.

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Review #2, by Diamond Scar How hard is it?

31st December 2006:
I'm sorry, ad I appreciate the sentiment, but if I think someone's story is lousy, I'm not going to lie and say so. I probably won't review at all. If I like a story, sure, I'll respond. But I'm not going to tell you it is if it isn't.

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Review #3, by zahwiccan How hard is it?

25th November 2003:
i agree completely!! i always try to leave a review, especially when they author hasn't got many. i'm really new to writing fanfic, so i only have one story, but it's been on for a few weeks now, and out of the 26 people who have read it 1 has reviewed :(

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Review #4, by Willow How hard is it?

22nd June 2003:
Yeah I know what you mean! I always leave a review. Its so annoying I personally think some of ma stories are worth more reviews than theyve got!

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Review #5, by Willow How hard is it?

22nd June 2003:
Bell I agree with you 100% considering you are my one faithfull reviewer!

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Review #6, by Marlwolf How hard is it?

22nd June 2003:
I completely agree and I have nothing but respect for my regularly reviewers, who are both above. If it weren\'t for these two I think I\'d have given up long ago and only the thought of their reviews keeps me going. I have tried to reciprocate the gesture, as I would for any of my reviewers, and if you think I am not doing a good enough job then please tell me and I will go to lengths to help. I would like to hear other peoples reviews too, including criticism. The more reviwes I get the quicker I tend to write, and I don\'t think this just applies to me!

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Review #7, by bell How hard is it?

21st June 2003:
indeed, i agree with you...it\'s sad to see a great number of hits and to get so little reviews...especially now with a new and horrible information from book five. some stories will be forced to rewritten or something or suddenly turn themselves to AU\'s. we the authors definitly need all the support the reviews give us. bell

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