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Reading Reviews for When Lightning Strikes
108 Reviews Found

Review #1, by We_luv_Hermione Chapter 3

20th April 2008:
That is so cool. You should write a sequel!

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Review #2, by seamus finnegan Chapter 3

18th March 2008:

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Review #3, by XoLoLxO Chapter 3

9th March 2008:
omg! i love this story! its not like one of those usual l/j fanfics and it has such a nice plot! keep posting stories youre an amazing writer!10/10

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Review #4, by gitgit Chapter 3

28th February 2008:
i cant wait for the next chapter
one hour eh , potter is going to have to live up to the expectations .. GO JAMES GOo

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Review #5, by gitgit Chapter 2

28th February 2008:
that doesnt sound so good wonder what will happen next ahaha slughorn will have a cow when he finds out
awsome chapter loved it cant wait to read the next

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Review #6, by gitgit Chapter 1

28th February 2008:
ahhahahhaha brilliant
i loved it its hilarious
you should continue it :)

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Review #7, by hjplover Chapter 3

23rd February 2008:
cute! poor lily, in love with severus snape... i wonder what's going to happen at Hogsmeade.

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Review #8, by hjplover Chapter 2

23rd February 2008:
interesting chapter, but the game of truth or dare could have been more... interesting. and i forgot to ask in the last chapter, but can't they use magic to get them out to closet?

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Review #9, by hjplover Chapter 1

23rd February 2008:
this looks like a fun, enjoyable story!! i can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter!

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Review #10, by rubix_cube Chapter 1

9th February 2008:
haha. that is hilarious!

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Review #11, by Smith_Babe_1 Chapter 3

23rd January 2008:
Lol i love it Lol
Its rather funny Love potion would be so funny in my school lol

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Review #12, by TopazEyez Chapter 3

23rd January 2008:
I do value my life quite much, thank you, and after writing my screaming review on the 2nd chapter, I have certainly 'chilled.' I quite liked this chapter, but I assume the next one will be about the Hogsmeade date..?


Author's Response: Not really. I think that would be a bit boring. I like to mess around with the timing. Thanks for the review! ^____^

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Review #13, by harrysecretcrush Chapter 3

23rd January 2008:
Ah! I'm hanging on every word! please, post again!

Author's Response: Will do :)

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Review #14, by hermione119 Chapter 3

23rd January 2008:
this chapter is brilliant
its not my fav but really
just update
would love to read the whole story

Author's Response: thanks ^_^

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Review #15, by Bouncy_Bunny Chapter 2

22nd January 2008:
Ooo suspence! Cliffhanger! Unfair!

I am dying to know, so therefore, I gave a review, you should give a chapter!

Author's Response: next chapter is in the process of being validated ^_^

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Review #16, by harrypotter13 Chapter 2

21st January 2008:
I liked the part were Lily is about to tell James her answer and then boom, dramatic scene of action!
Love it!

Author's Response: thanks ^_____^

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Review #17, by TopazEyez Chapter 2

21st January 2008:
Now, see, here I was thinking "OMG! SHE FINALLY UPDATED THE STORY!" but now you got me all dissappointed because I have read this chapter almost 5 times now. Instead of fixing a chapter, why dont you actually post a chapter? Please? I dont want to beg but I will if you update faster!

Author's Response: I totally get what you're saying, it's been a while. But chill, because I just submitted a new chapter and it's going to be validated soon ;)

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Review #18, by Draco I will suck ur soul out Malfoy Chapter 1

13th September 2007:
MM...i dont like this very much, but I guess its just me

Author's Response: that's too bad

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Review #19, by frogjuice Chapter 2

1st August 2007:
nice fic, a really good one. update soon.

Author's Response: will do ;)

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Review #20, by Tonks21094 Chapter 2

14th March 2007:
AHHRG! I cliffy! No! KEEP GOING!

Author's Response: okokokokok!

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Review #21, by Tonks21094 Chapter 1

14th March 2007:
ooh! CONTINUE! I'm dying to know what happens next!

Author's Response: alrightey ^_^

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Review #22, by Fleur Delacleur Chapter 2

13th March 2007:
the cliff hanger and every thing 5 stars
update soon!!


Author's Response: thanks thanks

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Review #23, by icegirl13 Chapter 2

8th March 2007:
Your a really good writer and i can't wait for this story to coutinue. I love anything with lily/james and you story is really cute, countinue on

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #24, by Dobby_da_house_elf Chapter 2

27th February 2007:
ohh suspense. This story's awesum and plz update soon!

Author's Response: thanks, will do

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Review #25, by me_thehplvr Chapter 2

11th February 2007:
what is her answer? update!

Author's Response: I will ^_^

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