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Review #1, by BeautifullyDecayed Start of Term

16th November 2007:
-is a huge Ron/Hermione shipper-

So that was a really amazing chapter, too. Once again well written and I love how you write the characters. Almost as if they're your own without changing who they are, if that makes sense. The length and grammar were once more well done. I love the bit with Snape. I could so see him as a vampire. -devilish grin- Yes, next chapter now.

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Review #2, by BeautifullyDecayed Coming Home

16th November 2007:
-is too lazy to log in-
-hasn't been on this site in ages-

So I am loving this story so far. Your characters are very well done and the story is very well written. Your grammar is good, too. It had a wonderful word count. I am already hooked on this. So next chapter it is, then!

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Review #3, by angelrosieMD Rule Breaking and Return

10th December 2006:
love it, update soon. does albus and the boy vampire love her as more than a friend ?

Author's Response: i'm glad that you enjoy this. and yes, albus and aubrey (the boy vampire) both love her a a bit more than a friend. i will update as soon as i can, but i'm a bit stuck on this next chapter, so it may be a while.

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Review #4, by Saffron Taeu A Vampire's Power

28th July 2006:
whoa! Hermione got so freaked out! That was so cool! I hope u continue writing and remember, just because people arn't reviewing doesn't mean they don't like your story, cuz somtimes, people(like me) will only review on the newest chapter so remember that! ;)
Good luck and if u ever want to talk to someone, this is my email

Author's Response: don't worry, i'll keep writing. i'm glad you like this story. thanks.

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Review #5, by Saffron Taeu Rule Breaking and Return

28th July 2006:
ok, I love ur story ALOT!!!!! Anaya is really cool how she can do all that stuff......I also like the animals she can call! Personally, i like vampire/harry potter stories and urs is no exception! I like how the ending is suspenseful! I really hope u update soon and good luck! Hope u dont get writers block! I didn't really like how merlin was like....that , i thought he was long dead......but it was still great! I don't get why barely anyone reviews.....

Author's Response: i'm really glad that you like it. you know, about Merlin . . . i though he was long dead too, until my fingers rebelled and typed a paragraph with Merlin in it. i just decided to play with that idea for a while. i don't think that he's going to play a very big part in this story though, so don't worry.

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Review #6, by A Nony Mouse Rule Breaking and Return

26th June 2006:
Haha. I am liking this lots, 'manda. I#m even keeping up in Germany! I hope you're having fun in your world of happy guns and handcuffs...


Author's Response: i'm glad you like it. :)

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Review #7, by sophue Start of Term

3rd May 2006:
oh my god this is bloody brilliant

Author's Response: Well thank you. i'm glad you like it.

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Review #8, by whitefire887 Coming Home

21st January 2006:
I loved it, can't wait for you to write more!

Author's Response: don't worry, i'll be posting more soon. i'm glad you like it

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