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Review #1, by bookworm_hermione Kiss Her Now

14th May 2012:
Hope you plan on finishing this story.
It's amazing
Love the very last sentence.
a good cliff hanger

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Review #2, by Pounce Kiss Her Now

26th November 2008:
Wow! Creepy! Well done! It's every good. Keep on writing, you'll keep, and attacte more readers.

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Review #3, by Kiss her now Kiss Her Now

30th March 2008:
This is amazingly written i always wai till the final chapter to right my reviews so thats why you wont see any other until the next are out but i wil be waiting

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Review #4, by GreenAngel Kiss Her Now

18th November 2007:
I am strangely disappointed, I came to love this chapter as well as this story but it's obvious that updating with a new chapter is near impossible now. But at least they kissed :)

I had the best time reading this story, and I'm not angry that you haven't update it because I abandoned my own story. Life gets busy, and it just sweeps you away.

Thank you for the wonderful story. ^_^

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Review #5, by SnowyBella Kiss Her Now

8th August 2007:
This is such an amazing story, aren't you ever going to update it?

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Review #6, by liana Kiss Her Now

2nd August 2007:
OMIGOD!! That was the best chapter ever!! why did you leave a cliffhanger?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? WRITE MORE AND FAST!

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Review #7, by earth_elemental Kiss Her Now

8th July 2007:
oh no! It was a great chapter dispite the evil ending.

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Review #8, by Mrs ginny_potter Kiss Her Now

1st July 2007:
I love your story, but for the love of god, UPDATE! I have been dying to know what happens after this! This is one of the best storys on here; please, please, please, UPDATE!

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Review #9, by wow Kiss Her Now

18th June 2007:
please update soon
this story is the bomb!

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Review #10, by dazedelf Kiss Her Now

27th April 2007:
OMG I luv this story. I have to tell you that Celia was the first Harry Potter Fanfiv I ever read, it was on some other site though and I loved it so much I went looking for other stories and now I totally love them and it's all because of Celia. So anyway like I said I love this story and I thought you would like to know that, hopefully you update soon I was sooo excited when I saw this story on this site!

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Review #11, by kiss her Now Decisions, Decisions

23rd April 2007:

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Review #12, by Monoxide_dreams Kiss Her Now

18th April 2007:
I really wish you would update soon.
This story is absolutely marvelous.

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Review #13, by Mrs Ginny potter Kiss Her Now

22nd December 2006:
I love your story. You truly are a great writer. There's just one thing that bugs me, YOU DON'T UPDATE! Please Please Please! don't abondon your story! We love it!

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Review #14, by sisulu Kiss Her Now

17th November 2006:
Dear MadeofHonor, please, please, please update! Your story is amazing: Celia is a great OC and I love your portrayal of Sirius. And the story actually has a plot and I desperately want to know how it continues. I can't believe you're abandoning this great fic, so I'm begging you to update!!!

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Review #15, by ???sorry Explosive

5th November 2006:
Im very very very sorry, i am responcible for the horrid comments.i truley am ashamed of myself and i hope u will forgive me as it is not like m atall.i only did it cuz i was bored and was trying to get fact, i actually do like ur story but i started given u critism but then it all kind of went to far. from my comments u might of thought i was a horrible person but im not atall.please please will u remove all the comments form thease starzrocks,naomi,starz ,gemma d and looney 909.the email address on one of them was NOT sent by me but most of the post was from me but NOT all of them. the email address in one of the posts belongs to a girl who my m8 got off of another m8.none of thease names belong to me in any respect .as i jus no of them from places. so will u please remove those posts, as i said im very sorry and i actually think ur a very good writer. by the way i dont right like that really its jus a front.

im NOT HORRIBLE!!!. Anyway i read ur story again and i guess i did not like it cuz i fort celia waz well orrible.sorry writing like that again!!! arh! . its a habit soz.i guess it would be to predictble if sirius and celia met and fell in love and dat would be so im glad of that cuz in life not everything is butterflies and fairies.on the other hand,im sorry for affending u and believe it or not im very good at english.But i couldnt write a story as well as you

p.s plz reply asap

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Review #16, by Sagitara Kiss Her Now

28th October 2006:
I love you story so far...great plot and I love the mystery and confusion between the characters...perfect...can't wait to read your next chapter, please update soon...

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Review #17, by starz Kiss Her Now

30th August 2006:
geez !!!! gemma calm down... B.R.E.A.T.H!!!! this story aint dat bad dude!!

hi ..sorry bout dat .
i do fink ur a good writer its just dat i celia she is a two faced traitor

Author's Response: Weird how you and "gemma" seem to have the same speech patterns and misspellings and everything.

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Review #18, by to_be_mrs_black Kiss Her Now

30th August 2006:
thats not very nice....
i bet she can write better than you!!

Author's Response: Thanks=)

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Review #19, by to_be_mrs_black Kiss Her Now

19th July 2006:
Hey I really like your story. Great chapters!!!
PLZ update soon.... I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!!!

Author's Response: Haha, will do as soon as possible. I've been really busy lately.

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Review #20, by siriusly_in_denial Kiss Her Now

20th June 2006:
this is really good... i cant wait for chapter 9!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll update soon=)

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Review #21, by WindRider Kiss Her Now

18th June 2006:
Oh no! What has Bella got planned?!? I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Bwahaha. Knowing Bella, you've gotta know it's evil!

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Review #22, by Faith Kiss Her Now

17th June 2006:
Let's put it this way -

it's 00:30 over here and i've just finished reading it...

But my god i love it!!!!!!

its amazing!!! you totally caught every feeling perfectly, in a string of words that fit into place like a glove. You r an amazing writer.

Plz carry on!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! I'm glad to see people are enjoying this story as much as I'm enjoying writing it!

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Review #23, by RemusBlack Kiss Her Now

17th June 2006:
Dating guy like Bremen comes close to an acceptable punishment for going out with him just to hurt Sirius!
I`m really pitying Sirius right now...

“I don’t know…how you feel?” she repeated in a deadly whisper. She began walking towards him. Sirius backed away slightly, wondering if he’d gone too far. “So I don’t know what it’s like when your heart beats, no matter how hard you try and stop it. It’s all your fault, suddenly. Even if you weren’t there, you find a way to convince yourself you killed them. All you feel is hot and cold, and world is black and white. Everybody around you is living in a different universe. The only person you have left in the world is you because there is nothing left. You feel betrayed because the person you relied on is gone now. You’re just a rock, sinking to the bottom of the lake, and if nobody catches you you’re going to get buried in the water and sand. You’ll drown and be forgotten! But you can’t drown! You can’t! That’s why you have to move on, because there’s nothing you can do about it…and they’re never coming back….”
One word: WOW.

This chapter `s been amazing. And as always a really mean cliffie... But at least they are together for now. Hope you update soon. :O)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked that part! I worked hard on it, trying to encompass how it must feel to lose both of your parents. I jsut loved the idea of having Celia start out talking about Sirius' problems, and then by the end, turning out to have spilt most of her emotions right out onto the floor without even realizing. It's quite a realization to both of them, I think, as she says this. Thanks for the confidence, and I hope you continue with the story=))

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Review #24, by asianvoice Kiss Her Now

17th June 2006:
I wonder when he'll find out she's not a death eater. XD Great chapter. Hope you update soon! :D

Author's Response: You'll just have to wait and see=) Thanks for the reviews, as always. They're very much appreciated! I'll update soon, I promise!

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Review #25, by Emotional Kiss Her Now

17th June 2006:
Woo. Exciting.

Author's Response: Lol, thanks=0)

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