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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Part IV: Resurrection

13th April 2012:
Thank you for giving remus a happy ending. 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Aw, yeah, I couldn't not give him a happy ending. He deserved it. Thanks!

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Review #2, by Lillylover22 Part III: Grief

13th April 2012:
Poor remus. He is always the last one standing 9/10 : )

Author's Response: It is really sad, isn't it? I just want to snuggle him. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Lillylover22 Part II: Loss

13th April 2012:
I always feel so sorry for remus 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Yeah, it must be hard to go through that loss again. :( Poor kid's had a rough life. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Lillylover22 Part I: Rediscovery

13th April 2012:
Loved it. Its great 9/10 : )

Author's Response: I'm glad! Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by academica Part IV: Resurrection

11th August 2011:

I love the innocence you bestowed upon Tonks. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the Order that we forget that she's a young woman caught up in the throes of a very violent conflict. I sort of feel like writing a one-shot about her now, because I feel like her character is more complex than it looks like on the surface and thus merits more attention.

I also liked how Remus still wanted her to be Sirius a little bit. He and Sirius definitely didn't have a clean break, and it would be hard to just give up someone you had such strong feelings for. You've really portrayed Remus/Tonks realistically.

The ending was so very powerful. Remus really hit bottom in his loneliness, and it was so wonderful to see him reunited with his first and true love. Wouldn't it have been great if this had been the canon fate of Remus and Sirius?

Great job. You always pull at my heartstrings :)

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: You should write a story about Tonks! Maybe I should write a story about her...start branching out like you said. :P

I really liked what you said about how they didn't have a clean break and you can't just move on happily from that.

I've always felt so bad for Remus, being the last to die...watching his friends die. It's all so terribly tragic, especially for a character who has already been dealt a bad hand in life. I wish it was canon fate! That would've made me so happy.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by academica Part III: Grief

11th August 2011:
Hey again :)

Wow, okay, so you have ripped at my heart quite thoroughly. I'm a bit overwhelmed with pity for poor Remus, whose loneliness is so very tangible here. I loved the part where he tried so hard to write to Harry but couldn't manage to find the right words. I always wondered why Remus didn't try harder to be there for Harry in canon, since I thought it would be mutually beneficial for the two of them, but your piece made it make sense to me. Remus is busy with the Order, for one thing, but he's also a little too caught up in his own demons to be of much assistance emotionally to Harry.

I loved the introduction of Tonks here, and the fact that she bonded with Remus over Yeats. What a very Remus-like thing to do. Remus's memories, as well, were written brilliantly.

Nice work :) One more chapter!

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry for the late response.

I want you to feel pity for Remus so I'm glad to see that worked for you. He's a great character to write into angsty situations. I feel like he wears his emotions on his sleeve and it's just easy to get into his mindframe and write it well enough that readers can feel what he's feeling.

I think writing a small scene between Harry and Remus would be lovely, though, but it's hard for him to help someone else grieve when he can't deal with his own grief.

I love writing Yeats into my stories, obviously, and seeing Remus as a lover of poetry...they're easier to mesh, I think. It was so hard to write Tonks in there, haha. ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by academica Part II: Loss

11th August 2011:
I am continually impressed by your unique take on Sirius's character. You've somehow managed to make a character with a terrible string of bad luck into one that is even more tormented. I love how you made him really concerned with his appearance, and also that he was sort of forced to let Dumbledore use the house, since in canon it was sort of implied that it was his idea to do that. You can really see a lot of bitterness and hurt in his character, particularly when he is interacting with the spot he once held on the family tree.

Great job exploring more new territory with this one; I loved the moment with Snape bursting in to talk about Harry, especially since Remus really called Sirius out on how he treats Harry like he's actually James. I'm sad to see Sirius go, of course, but I'm excited to see what you'll do with Remus's emotions in the next chapter. By the way, this reminds me a little of Run From the Darkness, though I'm not precisely sure why.

Moving happily on to chapter three! :)

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Writing tormented characters are my favorite! ;) It's terrible thinking of Sirius's bad luck and the events that have led him up to this moment in his life. To feel that disconnect from the world after being out of it for so long it incredibly overwhelming. It is implied in canon that Sirius just hands Grimmauld Place over to Dumbledore but I didn't think that fit well with the characterization I had of him in this story, at least. The house holds a lot of memories for him, a lot of painful ones at that, and I feel like it'd be difficult for him to hand it over for Order use, knowing he'd probably have to stay there as well.

It's hard, I think, to write new scenes with the same characters (which is why I should probably branch out) but I try hard to bring new things to light, write things in different ways so I'm glad this worked for you.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by academica Part I: Rediscovery

11th August 2011:
Hey again!

What a cool and underrated moment to explore in the Remus/Sirius dynamic. I've never seen anyone write about how the Order was restarted, nor I have seen anything written about Sirius's immediate reaction to Voldemort's return. I love how you began the chapter with "Treasure Island"; that is something I haven't seen before, either. I imagine Remus would be quite fond of Muggle literature.

Your descriptions, as always, are fantastic. I love how you talked about the disintegration of Sirius's formerly handsome features, and how you used imagery to explore the past of the Sirius/Remus relationship. I also thought you did a good job writing the awkwardness inspired by Sirius's long absence; it seemed quite authentic.

Well done as usual!

academica (Slytherin)

Author's Response: Hi! I definitely think this is a very interesting period in their lives and I enjoy writing their reunion even though I know how it ends. I wish I wrote more about the restarting of the Order during the second war rather than a few lines about it. It seems like it could make for a fascinating story. I always imagine Remus as fond of Muggle literature - I guess it's just a cliche that Remus is this bookworm but it seems to fit his character.

I find it sad how time, grief and Azkaban broke Sirius not only emotionally but physically. Imagining the lack of hygiene and how that has affected him...it's heartbreaking imagining him trying to regain that handsome youth he once had.

I can imagine a long absence such as that being awkward...these men last knew each other when they were just boys, really. A few years removed from school, fighting as soldiers in a war...and now they're older and they've lost so much and it can't be easy to try and start off where they had stopped, especially after all that initial mistrust.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by Siriuslover177 Part I: Rediscovery

21st November 2010:
I feel SO bad for Sirius.
I mean he has nothing...
All he has is Remus.

Author's Response: At least he has Remus. :) Thanks!

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Review #10, by jezz rivett Part IV: Resurrection

25th June 2006:
i am speachless, it is that good (i'm not usually lost for words)

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Review #11, by EsScaper Part IV: Resurrection

1st June 2006:
Excellent story! Of course I love that you allowed Sirius to be reunited with Remus at the end. Somehow I never thought that a relationship between Tonks and Remus would work. It always felt like more of a substitution for Sirius. You did a fantastic job, and I loved the way you portrayed your "Post Azkaban" Sirius. I can definitely picture him scrubbing away at his tatoos and teeth. It was a perfect touch. I just wish they had more time together. They wasted so much time before he was lost behind that evil veil. I guess we'll just have to be content with their ending up together, and picture the years of happiness.


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Review #12, by Star Gazer Part IV: Resurrection

21st May 2006:
Wow, amazing story! I liked it alot even though I'm not really into Remus/Sirius thing. You've managed to write an excellent story about them that just can't be ignored. Keep up the good work!

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Review #13, by nickelei Part IV: Resurrection

19th May 2006:
Amazing, beautiful work! I was Awwwed flat!

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Review #14, by TheQuibbler Part IV: Resurrection

11th May 2006:
I most certainly enjoyed this! What a brilliant piece of writing! I am deeply grateful that you did incorporate Tonks; instead of ignoring the impications of romance from HBP as so many other Remus/Sirius shippers do. I've been tinkering lately on my own Remus piece; thank you for inspiring me with it!

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Review #15, by TheQuibbler Part III: Grief

11th May 2006:
Yes, much credit to Yeats, but credit is due to you as well for choosing such appropriate words and expanding so elegantly upon them!

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Review #16, by TheQuibbler Part II: Loss

11th May 2006:
This is possibly the best thing I have read on the whole site; I quite literally had a shiver up my spine from the moment Snape arrived. And what a sense of loss for what would have come to pass if Sirius had not passed on!

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Review #17, by TheQuibbler Part I: Rediscovery

11th May 2006:
I read this on recommendation from the forums, and I cannot say how glad I am that I chose it. How beautiful! I would say it is a classic simple love story, but I don't believe that great love stories are ever simple, and neither is this one.

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Review #18, by =] Part IV: Resurrection

19th April 2006:

this chapter made me cry but the ending is so unbelievabely sweet

this was an absolutely amazing story and you should be very proud of it

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Review #19, by crystal allan Part IV: Resurrection

24th March 2006:
It has taken to almost a month to finish reviewing this story, and it’s only four chapters. I really do feel absolutely terrible about that. Your writing is so beautiful and perfectly exquisite that sometimes I’m just not sure what I could possibly say that would bring it justice. I’m sure you’ve heard that many, many times and it’s probably tiresome by now but it’s true.

The beginning here was bittersweet. I like that you chose that particular moment for the setting, and I really enjoyed seeing that through your perspective. You have such a talent for description and it was emphasized in this piece because of the way you had Remus comparing Sirius and Tonks – both in appearance and mannerisms. It was heartbreaking to see them together like that. I’ve read quite a few stories that pair Remus and Tonks, yet still have him in love with Sirius, and not one of them have handled that relationship as well as you have here. Though that doesn’t surprise me. A lot of people tend to make it seem almost ‘dirty’ (does that make any sense at all?), but here I could understand Remus’ point of view without it seeming convoluted. Now, despite the sadness in that beginning part, there was also a glimmer of hope, strength of sorts – you has such an ability for writing these angsty pieces with just a hint of light. That contrast is beautiful, dear.

The picture scene with Tonks leaving was perfect. Your words were eloquent, yet you didn’t turn it into pure melodrama – which probably could have been easy for some people. It was just a passing moment between them, there were no words left to be said other than those few, and I think you gave Tonks’ character a bit of justice by having her accept the situation and be so understanding. I loved the dialogue there, especially the way Tonks’ words reflected Remus’ (I read through that one part a few times simply because it was such a gem). It was such a fragile, tangible moment and I couldn’t even begin to describe how touching that was.

This story has been downright depressing (in a good way of course) at times, and I can’t begin to describe how surprised I was with the ending, or how happy I was either. I had to go back and re-read it a few times to make sure that I hadn’t missed some obscure line about a dream or whatnot. Now that that’s said, I’d also like to mention that I loved the way you handled that. You didn’t have Sirius appear out of thin air right in Grimmauld Place, and I honestly don’t think it would have been as effectual had you done it any other way.

This story was beautiful, from start to finish. You have such a talent for words and realization of human nature that many people just can’t grasp. Nothing I could say would describe how wonderful this piece was, so I’m going to stop rambling now and say once more than I loved it :-)

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Review #20, by WickedWitch25 Part IV: Resurrection

28th February 2006:
Yay! Great story! I can't believe you had that ending, i really WAS expecting him to die or something bad like that, but you're right, he needs a happy ending. The scenario with Tonks was heartbreaking and... IDK, Brilliant! XD

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Review #21, by Ginevra_Black Part IV: Resurrection

28th February 2006:
i knew i was right putting you in my fav authors! great story and finally happy...we all needed it this time!!

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Review #22, by Rebekka Part IV: Resurrection

28th February 2006:
Oh, I do hope I can make it up for you for being so late. :) We shall see.

"The war makes children of them all." That's the first line that stopped me. Till that point it flows forward. All the words take you to a certain direction and it so full of melancholy and unshed tears that it's heart-breaking. But then comes that one single line and the mood somehow changes. The reader looks it from the outside, not inside. It's a change, but not a bad one. Actually more like a twist in a style of writing.

"But you don't anymore." That's my second stop. This is very mature, Missy. I loved the way you did this. It's perfect, better than perfect. I can't explain it, but this just made my heart jump. And then the best line of them all: "His legion of ghosts still lingers in the corners of his rooms and in the hollow spaces of his heart." If you weren't writing a story, I would say you're writing life itself. You breathe life into sorrow. That's quite an amazing talent.

It was quite quick, the ending. You could have lingered there a bit longer... the way you brought him back. But it was just so beautiful how you wrote Sirius in the end. The short conversation between them. It was so you. That's something I really adore in your writing. Congratulation, you've finished a story. :) Something I've never done. :) And it's such a beautiful story, too.

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Review #23, by PhoenixStorm Part IV: Resurrection

25th February 2006:
yay! your first finished chaptered piece! *celebrates all over again* ;). Seriously, really pleased for you that you managed to complete this, and kept it to such an amazingly high standard throughout, I really loved reading it :).

I missed something when I beta'd this! (shock, horror) I htink you should change this line A sense of finality surrounds them and for a moment, Remus is overwhelmed by a sense of uncertainty to either a feeling of finality or a feeling of uncertainty because you repeat 'sense'.

Anyway, this is easily my favourite chapter. It's so emotional ;). There are so many things I love about it and your wriitng. I think I'll start with Tonks. I completely adore how you made her young and old in various parts here, I thought it was very realy. you have Will we make it through this war? but then you also have the part where she sees straight through Remus and forgives him anyway. That bit got me teary, especially when after he said I did love you once. Remember that, will you? and she tells him she will always love him *sniff*. And then you went and killed her! Tonks is one of the last ones to die And yet somehow you made me feel sorry for Remus and not her.

Whereas I do completely love the end, I think the angst in this chapter is my favourite aspect, and how you wrote Remus. He was as perfect as he always is when you write him. You always manage to get these true things in, and they really touch you, like The war makes children of them all and the world does not turn as fast as it should when you’ve lost everything you’ve known and you have nothing to gain. I just have so much admiration for the way you wrote this.

You put Remus through a heck of a lot, but totally made up for it at the end :D. My favourite part was the paragraph about the ghosts of every being with him, that was immensely sad When he transforms, they are all there beside him, even Tonks, who could not be there for him before and also the bit with Tonks when you say Sometimes he thinks that she does it purposely. That bit made me smile because it seemed so clear to all but Remus that he was and would always be in love with Sirius, not Tonks. I loved how you wrote him seeing Sirius in everything she did, and how it was like he never really left.

The bit where Remus is performing the spell is great. I particularly liked Sirius? Are you here?” Silence. “Sirius? because you could just here the hope there. and when nothing happened it was so crushing. But then when he got back, you just felt this surge of happiness when you read He has the courage to open his eyes and there is Sirius because it did take courage to hope again after that, and I was just so pleased you gave him such a nice end. The last line was utterly perfect too He knows that this time, Sirius will not break his promise. You had this in play throughout the whole fic and there wasn't really any other way you could end it tha would be as good; I just love it. Thank you for writing such an amazing fic, best R/S I've ever read :).

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Review #24, by Lucid Part IV: Resurrection

24th February 2006:
I love the quote you have picked and used throughout this story, all of them were beautiful and well chosen, fitting the chapters wonderfully. The first paragraph here leaves such a depressing beginning, the despair of those who have lost the only one that they looked to. You really do sum it up extremely well, in that and the actions of Tonks and Remus after.

It's very, very sad indeed, that he cannot continue to love Tonks in the way that is required, and that he cannot bridge the gap and put Sirius behind him. This line is particularly telling - Day by day, they fumble for words to speak. - when there’s nothing left to say, then there’s nothing left.

You have real beauty in everything you say with this piece, and while I could cite more lines, that I like and more imagery that has captured me in some way I won’t. Because all I need to say is that you create such a realistic and canon environment, that I can’t help but be transported into the alluring world you have created for Sirius and Remus. You have made me sad for Remus, ached for him in fact but you have also give us hope and that’s how I leave this piece, with a sense of hope for all of his pain. You truly are a wonderful Author whom I love to read :)

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Review #25, by crystal allan Part III: Grief

24th February 2006:
I’ve been having trouble reviewing this story because I guess I just don’t know what more I could say to you that could even reflect an ounce of how beautiful this piece is. There is so much pain here in this chapter, so many things that you touch on and portray in such a light that it is incredible and amazing. The grief Remus is going through is nearly tangible, and I could pick out a hundred lines from this one chapter that just stole my breath away. You painted a picture of Remus as being tired and old and worn down by life circumstances, and you’ve left me with this hollow feeling that I can’t really explain. There was something very heartrending in being returned back to that setting you brought us to in the first chapter. It was nearly ghostly, and terribly heartbreaking to see Remus putting away the Treasure Island book. That seemed so very symbolic of many things and just that act alone made my chest heavier.

The image of Tonks sitting there beside Remus listening to stories of the Marauders was touching, and quite possibly one of my favorite scenes in any fanfiction. It was interesting to see how you wrote their interaction. I noticed that many R/S writers will simply do away with her character, but I’m really glad that you’ve given her a place here.

Even though my words are failing me with this chapter, I do have a lot to say about the next (all good things, I assure ^_^), and I’ll be reviewing that some time this weekend. Again, this was amazing, and you have no idea how frustrating it is for me to not be able to say something more. I feel like I’m critiquing someone’s grief – that’s how powerful you’ve written this here, and that, dear, is amazing. You have quite a gift for words and portraying human emotion – it really is beautiful.

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