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Review #1, by SlytherinPrincess being famly

23rd October 2007:
hey! this is gd! i'v read Changes aswel! very gdgdgd! xxx

Author's Response: Thank you! Thanks for the review as well!
Much luv,

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Review #2, by Gothic Angel Tragedy

25th September 2006:
I love the plot line. But once again, there are many grammer mistakes. This time round, I found it very hard to follow the story line also.

Author's Response: i know i'm sorry, i need a beta but no one will. i'm still searching with school and all its hard. ive tried to read re-read and read agian all my stories and everything. Which is what i'm doing with this next chapter, it will take a bit longer to post. thanks for the review though constructive critisim is good!

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Review #3, by Gothic Angel Miracles

13th September 2006:
Once more, Great work. Well thats all, too many chapters to give fun and detailed reveiws.

Author's Response: lol thanks, and thanks for the review!!

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Review #4, by black_wolf_girl being famly

6th July 2006:
that was awesome!!!
i am off to go do .... something!! i dont know!
ohh well i think your a great writer and plan to keep reading more of your fics so ciao!!
~wolf girl~

Author's Response: thanks have fun doing...what ever your going to do XD thanks and again thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by black_wolf_girl a new life and family

6th July 2006:
that was awesome!!! yay!!
i like the kindness that mrs.wong showed heather!!
after all that she had been through she deserved to be in the wong family!!
off to read next chappie!!
au revior!! (good bye)

Author's Response: yes Mrs. Wong is always kind to Heather, i see her as a very motherly type almost a second Mrs. Weasley. thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #6, by black_wolf_girl Another Life...but not alone.

5th July 2006:
that was soo sad:(... and happy!:)
i like stanley but what happens in "Changes" is sooo depressing for Heather.
i like this fic it explains more about her life before hogwarts. (in more detail than "Changes")
au revior!!
~wolf girl~

Author's Response: yes poor stanely i knew i couldn't make him to grow up to be a death eater i just couldn't do it. but i love him as a little kid so cute i think. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by black_wolf_girl Tragedy

5th July 2006:
i like how you tied this fic into your story "Changes"! i makes it where you have to read the other one to understand this fic better.
but i have no idea what age kids deovelop their motor skills!!!
au revior!!!

Author's Response: yeah i knew this story would help with the bigger one. yeah maybe its good i might go into child deovelopment next year! lol thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by black_wolf_girl Miracles

5th July 2006:
that was awesome and it explains more about heather when she was a little one.!!!
off to read chapter 2!!
au revior!!

Author's Response: yeah after i got into my first big story changes i knew it would be a lot better with another story explaining a few background things.

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Review #9, by Bibbs Miracles

12th February 2006:
Good start so far, but I would suggest getting a Beta. A few questions though, I know you said she is extremely intelligent for being one and a half, but why would her mother leave her home alone?

Author's Response: darn i knew i would get that question, see just down the road from her house is the town and things and she sometimes is constantly followed by Nick-note madman-so yea...i might change that not sure. actually i think i will but well not right htis moment school! lol, oh and i've tried to get a beta reader but most i pick are in school and don't have time and sometimes just has to abandon the story.

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