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Reading Reviews for In His Eyes
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Evil_Toothpaste In His Eyes

8th September 2007:
AWW! cute. Was very good but I thought I would get to see some bad Remus.darn but oh well. tis okay! Liked it anyway! :)

Author's Response: Bad Remus??? Not quite sure what you mean by that! Any Hoo, thanks for reviewing and please do keep watch for more chapters!!!

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Review #2, by Brdwybby1794 In His Eyes

19th April 2007:
OMG! That was amazing...as a broadway freak and a hugh Jekyll&Hyde fan I was singing the song and crying at the beauty of your words.sooo good!
Grace Black

Author's Response: Thank You! Please do have a read of my other stuff!!!

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Review #3, by Dreaming of Yesterday In His Eyes

14th September 2006:
That was very, very well written! I am blown away! It was clear, and vague at the same time, and I could see the lighting of the castle so well, the darkness outside, the lightning flashing now and again...beautiful. It's a little strange since Remus is like...old...but it was written so well I hardly noticed it. I think you did an excellent job. I mean, wow! I felt like a was really in the castle for the first time in a long time. It was incredible. On a scale from one to ten, this story gets a twenty. ...Wow...I'm going to be thinking about this all day....wow...

Author's Response: wow, thank you! i like your reviews, please keep leaving them!

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Review #4, by huckleberry_pie In His Eyes

12th August 2006:
i like the story...it's a little bit weird for me to have hermione and lupin, but you wrote it so welll!

Author's Response: Thanx for reviewing, please do read my other stuff!

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Review #5, by Janelle In His Eyes

19th March 2006:
I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank You!

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Review #6, by MrsBronwenLupin In His Eyes

12th March 2006:
What a great story. I love it! Wonderful!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanx for reviewing!!! Glad you liked it! Please do read my other work and give me any other comments of sugestions you might have! rixie-rules (Holly) xxx

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Review #7, by Hermione528 In His Eyes

1st February 2006:
Yeah, I've seen the show, and it has amazing music!! The one that I was writing was my first ever, though, and it was really bad. But I do have a good Broadway songfic out right now called "Into the Woods" (another fab show!). It's a James/Lily and it's chaptered, where each chapter is a different Broadway show. If you're interested, check it out! Keep writing, girl!

Author's Response: Yeah i'll definatly check that out!!! Thanx for reviewing! People who don't, really anoy me!!! lol rixie_rules (holly) xxx

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Review #8, by Hermione528 In His Eyes

30th January 2006:
great... omg this is like my fave song!!! i was writing a dm/hg to it but stopped... but this is really good!

Author's Response: Thanx! It's a great song isn't it! Have you seen the show! It's fab!!! you should keep writing yours! i'd love to read it! Holly xxx

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Review #9, by annie In His Eyes

23rd January 2006:
tis very good! really well written! really sweet i thought when she says she loves the wolf too!

Author's Response: Thank you! first story so i hope it was good! lol please keep reviewing! xxx

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Review #10, by white_wolf07 In His Eyes

20th January 2006:
aww i love ur story holly! u hav 2 write loads more for me to review! lol xx

Author's Response: Hi bashna! Thank you very much! Could i make any Improvements? just posted another story, would love to hear any comments on that one! xxx

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Review #11, by Sarah Jones In His Eyes

20th January 2006:
wow! thought it was really good! love the song lyrics! havn't seen the show but really want to now i've read this! x

Author's Response: Thank you! if you get a chance do go and see the show! it is absolutly fabuloso!!! i espesially love that song! Please keep reviewing! xxx

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