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Reading Reviews for Harry's Looking at Hermione
21 Reviews Found

Review #1, by mrsphantom Anything But a Typical Sunday

14th August 2009:
awww cute! such a sweet ending. luv it!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I appreicate all the support!

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Review #2, by MoonyandProngs Anything But a Typical Sunday

9th June 2008:
That was great I loved it. I really liked the poem parts, it sounds really good. Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! The poem came first and then I decided to expand it...appreciate the review!

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Review #3, by bigglespotter Anything But a Typical Sunday

16th January 2006:
awwwww how lovely....

Author's Response: :-)

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Review #4, by mz_clare Anything But a Typical Sunday

10th October 2005:
very good. short and sweet.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by Fawkes Anything But a Typical Sunday

11th December 2004:
NiCe!... I like it... I'm usually not a fan of poems but this is actually pretty good!....

Author's Response: Thank you! Poetry can be really really icky, so I tried to make mine bearable!

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Review #6, by paochi_cute Anything But a Typical Sunday

12th July 2004:
the end!...fin!...woohoo!...good job man!...lol ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks. I liked it and I never like my stuff. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Review #7, by paochi_cute Anything But a Typical Night

12th July 2004:
so far, i think this is the longest chapter of all the previous ones...hehe...lol ^_^

Author's Response: Yeah, this was kinda a short story, but that's how I wanted it....this is how thoughts come to us, see? Thanks!

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Review #8, by paochi_cute Typical Lazy Day in Common Room

12th July 2004:
i guess all the chapters in here are short...but it's ok, don't worry...lol ^_^

Author's Response: Yeah, they're all short, but don't worry, I never do.

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Review #9, by paochi_cute Typical History of Magic Lesson

12th July 2004:
another short chapter...lol ^_^

Author's Response: Yeah, they're all that way, lol.

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Review #10, by paochi_cute Typical Non Quidditch Saturday

12th July 2004:
short...very short chapter...lol ^_^

Author's Response: Yep. :-)

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Review #11, by paochi_cute An outsider's prespective

12th July 2004:
hi...i really...Really...REALLY like you're poem...it's very nice and original...good job! lol ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks! If you like this poem, I'm on www.poetry.com, but for my name if you want to read more of my stuff (it's published in the UK!) you'll have to email me and you can do that through the site. thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by nat_rulz Typical Quidditch Saturday

11th July 2004:
short but sweet

Author's Response: Thanks, and I'm usually long winded, so this is a nice break...more stream of consious thing.

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Review #13, by Soccer Potter Typical Lazy Day in Common Room

7th July 2004:
Really original idea. I like it. I can't wait for the "pulliung away from passion" I beiev that's next...? Hmmm, well, keep writing!!

Author's Response: Um, I gotta check...I'm writing and posting and reading reviews on three different computers, so I'll have to check! Yeah, I think that's next...probably will be a longer chapter then too...glad you like this story!

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Review #14, by katie An outsider's prespective

3rd March 2004:
whats an orb? i like it, good job

Author's Response: Orb is another word for eye. Think about it :-)

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Review #15, by ~Star~ Typical Non Quidditch Saturday

28th February 2004:
This one is better!! Keep posting! Good Job!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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Review #16, by ~Star~ An outsider's prespective

28th February 2004:
I'm srry to say this really I am but all the poem is saying is Harry's looking at Hermione and that orb thing! Sorry if that offended you!!!

Author's Response: Offended? Nah, I am glad people speak their minds. Anyway, as my AP Lit teacher would say "you obviously do not understand what this poem is saying." I'd say it more of "yeah, Harry's looking at Hermione, check out how she's looking back at him" with her eyes (the orbs.) Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by HELENz Typical Non Quidditch Saturday

8th November 2003:
I like the idea of how you're doing this one. it is different, which is good.

Author's Response: Thanks. I meant to work on some of my other stories, but this one wouldn't leave me alone...*sigh* I'm off to update some others! Thanks!

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Review #18, by ladyspirit Typical Non Quidditch Saturday

8th November 2003:
i reeeeeeeeli like it! im not normally a hermione harry shipper, but this rox babe! update soon! and cud ya maybe check out sum of mah fics? merci! byebyexox Luv Spiritxoxo

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm not a Harry/Hermione person either, but "Ron's Looking at Hermione" doesn't have the same ring, and I'm a poet at heart. I'll be sure to check out your fics! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by Katie Belle Typical Non Quidditch Saturday

7th November 2003:
That's neat. Different. I like it, though I can't really explain it, since I'm not usually into the whole "they're in love in the first chapter" thing. It's neat though, and I've got a feeling this'll unfold veyr nicely. Loving it much, --Kate

Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah, the whole "they're in love in the first chapter" thing gets me too, considering I'm not even a Harry/Hermione shipper! Anyway, thanks.

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Review #20, by Mrs. Nikay Weasley An outsider's prespective

6th November 2003:
Hey, I like this story! But whenare you gonna UPDATE "You're The Ration One"?? That is a very good story and very clever!! PLEASE UP DATE BOTH OF THESE STORIES!!!

Author's Response: Yes ma'am, working on both as we speak, owing to the fact that I have a whole three hours of "free" time (I really should be doing my Hamlet report...) and thank you for the review...

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Review #21, by arukas An outsider's prespective

5th November 2003:
nice poem, story needed though. And quick, while my sanity lasts!

Author's Response: We'll talk sanity after musical is over. In the meantime...enjoy my other stories.

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