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Review #1, by goldensnitch_1997 Hermione Dances

15th October 2013:
upload soon please love this story cant wait till the next upload

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review, the next chapter is waiting to be validated, should be up soon! So happy you're loving the story xx

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Review #2, by Avanell 2 Meeting the Enemy

30th September 2013:
Very interesting story! Looking forward to reading the next updates...peeked at the last update the other night, so know it is exciting!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your feedback! I hope you enjoy the other chapters. Please let me know what you think xx

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Review #3, by paris I Wish I hadn't Gone To Paris

22nd November 2006:
Ah, Helena is in Lucius's hands. scary. anyway great story! update soon cant wait for the next chapter. please update!!!

Author's Response: i will write the next chapter as soon as possible, but i have an awful lot of things to do before i can :-( in the mean time check out my other story "a lightning-shaped scar"! thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #4, by Gryffindor_goddess The Invitation

10th July 2006:
this chapter is really good and i look forward to an update soon i hope!

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Review #5, by Lollu The White Wizard

5th May 2006:
I really like this story
I hope you update soon. It's gonna be awesome!

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Review #6, by sam Eighteen again

24th March 2006:
it was a good start off but you have spelt words wrong

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Review #7, by marygold Draco's Surprise

17th March 2006:
Aaaa! Can't leave it there!!!! Plz update soon!!! I love the way you are writting this!!!!

Author's Response: Cheers, mate! Updated this morning, so curious whether you'll like what'll happen! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Lollu Confusion: Things are getting complicated

13th March 2006:
I think this story is gonna be really interesting, i havent really read many stories that talk about hermiones family alot. anyway please update soon!!!

Author's Response: glad you like it. i don't know if there'll be much of hermione's parents in it, but obviously there'll be much of helena in it. i've updated the next chapter and I'm interested how you'll like what will happen to helena. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by beam Confusion: Things are getting complicated

2nd March 2006:
One more comment, but not important for the story : I´m sure, most of European girls look better in 23years old body than 18. And most of boys in age of 17 appreciate it...

Author's Response: Hm, interesting. I don't know.

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Review #10, by beam Confusion: Things are getting complicated

2nd March 2006:
Comparing this story to " A Lightning Shaped Scar " / I like it very much / I must say this is little childish, but anyway enjoyable. The most important question : What about ethic? Are you sure the way Helen /and co./ acts is all right? And what about various side-effects , a great impact it might cause to Draco ? It would lead to a very very different result than anyone ever assumed. The trio, Mc Gonnagal and Helen look like an evil predator , on the other side Draco seems to be a poor innocent lovable(!) victim! I can very well imagine upset broken-hearted, knowing all Draco turning to something worse than a Death-Eater ...Simply: switched...

Author's Response: Thanks for your detailed review. I know what you mean by childish, but it's all part of the plan...:-) The beginning is very easygoing and funny but the story will change. Helena is now starting to realise that she doesn't understand what she got herself into and that she's not able to handle everything. The trio and McGonagall have their reason for behaving the way they do, which I will reveal in chapter ten or eleven, though maybeI made them a bit to unscrupulous. But Helena is getting more and more lost. Looking at her character and her history you can see she is actually not a very stable person, but very confused, looking for her place in life. And though she is meaning no harm to anyone she is going to do a few very stupid things, one starting in the next chapter and one starting in the eighth. Both my stories, Father And Son, as well as A Lightning Shaped Scar, are actually very dark stories, though there is light in them also. But what I want to show with Helena is, that she realises she's being unethical, but because she is caught in who she is, she cannot behave differently. She'll do some really horrible things, though I haven't plotted every detail of it yet. I will focus on Malfoy more in the course of the story and naturally what has already happened and what will happen will have a major impact on him. I'm glad you like my story so far, I hope you'll stick with me. Thanks for your review it's very much appreciated.

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Review #11, by Hurricane_H Confusion: Things are getting complicated

1st March 2006:
Well, another well written chapter. I was wondering how you could keep Malfoy out of trouble as the story needed him to keep going. I had also forgotten about that age spell. Nice going! Kepp it up!

Author's Response: Malfoy is getting really into trouble in about three or four chapters from now. The story is taking an important turn and I feel the action will kick in then. I haven't written it yet but I'm really looking forward to. Stupid fic, keeps me from doing my actual work.

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Review #12, by Paul The Death Eater Who Loved Me

23rd February 2006:
Having read this chapter, I feel you are a better writer than me! It was a great ending, leaving with a question as to whether she was trying to convince us or herself! In the words of Charles Montgomary Burns, "Please, continue!"

Author's Response: Thanks for the flowers ;-) I'm glad you got it, sometimes I don't know how explicit I have to be in my fics. Thanks as always, Paul, for letting me know what you think.

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Review #13, by tiger_lily The Death Eater Who Loved Me

16th February 2006:
i love this story. i love how draco acts in it. please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I will update very soon! I'm glad you like my story!

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Review #14, by Paul Confessions... or lies

14th February 2006:
Hello! Me again, here to read your other story. Not bad. Nice idea, using the main character's point of view as the narrative. Hoping the rest of the story keeps up with the last 4 chapters! Keep writing, keep thinking and, above all, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hey Paul, thank you! Well, this story is very different from the other one, as you can see. I'm glad you like it anyway! I promise to keep it up, Helena is going to change and it will be pretty intense! I couldn't read your story, by the way, the link wasn't working! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by goldlotospan Meeting the Enemy

31st January 2006:
Hi piratefairy! Nice story you´ve written!!!! I´m wondering how extraordinary your phantasy works.I´m sure I know who Espen and Mr. Snowman are........May I have a eighteen year old body too?Now? On thursday is deadline.....19.Uhr Tiferet....

Author's Response: thank you lotos...:-) yes, e and mr. s are based on people i met... but they are no major characters in this fic, i just had to work them in to portray certain traits of Helena's character, which will be very important for later chapters... some lines that i worked into the first few chapters ... or else the story won't work. i'm really looking forward to writing the rest of the story. yes i'll bring your potion tomorrow, i give you an eighteen year old body and you give me a nice hairdo...

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Review #16, by Houlestar Meeting the Enemy

29th January 2006:
For the banner should it just be Draco and Helena, or anyother people?

Author's Response: Lucius has to be in it as well. draco, lucius and helena. if the spelling and grammar is really bad your help would be very much appreciate. if it's just minor things but generally okay, don't bother. thanks a million. can't wait for the banner :-)

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Review #17, by Houlestar Saying goodbye to my old life

28th January 2006:
I can't wait for the next chapter! I'll send you the banner codes as soon as I am done with it.

Author's Response: Houlestar, you rock! Thanks a million, can't wait!

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Review #18, by Houlestar Eighteen again

28th January 2006:
Good chapter. I like how you work Germany into this one. I noticed some errors in this one, so besides making the banner for this one, maybe I could help you w/ grammer or spelling. Just if you want.

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Review #19, by Houlestar Eighteen again

28th January 2006:
I want to make a banner for this one! It sounds really good, so I'm going to read it.

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