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Review #1, by harrypotter151 Dragon Nails Not Fangs

27th October 2005:
hoe could you leave it there plz plz plz plz plz update asap that was fantastic i loved it that was a gr8 statrt omg that was soooooooooo good i loved it plz plz plz update asap that roked plz update soon

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Review #2, by Myth Dragon Dragon Nails Not Fangs

23rd April 2005:
WHOA!! NELLY!!:):) that was great ! some spelling errors but that doesn'T matter what does is foe you to keep it up!!! YEAH!!;)

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Review #3, by Wierd_Sisters Dragon Nails Not Fangs

4th March 2005:
lol, i fell over in my chair... this is going to be good, lol, funny yes, i came across one where ron and hermione switch and hermione has to go to the loo, so ron helps her and harry walks in on them and it looks like hermione is helping ron in the loo!!!! lol, it was sooooo funny, anyways, keep it comin, briliant story=)

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Review #4, by squaredancer Dragon Nails Not Fangs

23rd August 2003:
This is another cool story, mannnnn your really good *glares enviously* i like the original plot, it\'s funny lol TTFN

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Review #5, by preciousonee Dragon Nails Not Fangs

12th August 2003:
Cool story! Can\'t wait to read more! It\'s hilarious!

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Review #6, by mandypaw Dragon Nails Not Fangs

16th July 2003:
Great story! U have 2 write more soon. Very soon! :)

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Review #7, by Lithing Grint Dragon Nails Not Fangs

31st January 2003:
This story is just too funny and cute. Hope to read the next chapter soon. Ciao Lithing

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Review #8, by Anon Dragon Nails Not Fangs

14th January 2003:
You know this story seems vaguely familiar of another I read, written by Cassandra Claire, called Draco Dormiens, very interesting. I hope that you haven't totally ripped off her idea because that would just suck.

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Review #9, by Shar Dragon Nails Not Fangs

13th December 2002:
OMG! I love this story! It's sooooo funny!!! You HAVE TO WRITE MORE!! I WANNA KNOW WHAT"S GONNA HAPPEN! I really like this story. Can I use this story to post on my new fan fic site? Please say yes! Email me please!!!

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Review #10, by slytherinchick Dragon Nails Not Fangs

1st December 2002:
DAMN YOU WRITE MORE sorry i was really into it!!!

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Review #11, by Iris LaRue Dragon Nails Not Fangs

30th November 2002:
Your story is shweet! I vastly appreciate writers who write well. Good job!

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