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Review #1, by beapinkie Deadly Nightshade

23rd September 2012:
Interesting... Wish it was longer though. I'd love to read about Remus and narcissi sneaking around the castle ;D

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Review #2, by Issabella Deadly Nightshade

19th July 2011:
I love this paring and I never find any fanfiction on them so I thank you for writing this! It was really good :]

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Review #3, by jessajay92 Deadly Nightshade

29th November 2010:

Haha, this is my favorite ship. Thank you SO much for writing it! I loved this story, especially the fact that it could easily be considered canon. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I normally wouldn't say that I ship this pair, but it made sense at the time!


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Review #4, by saffy22100 Deadly Nightshade

28th April 2010:
i really lie youre type of writing, it's really formal and descriptive. have you ever thought about being an author when you grow up? i think you would be very sucessful! XD

i was wonderign if you could check out my story, Whole Again. If you could just give me tips to make my fan fics better! thanks!


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Review #5, by katiemkh Deadly Nightshade

13th January 2010:
Very very creative and well-written! I loved it :)

Author's Response: Hey Katiemkh!

Thank you for finding my bizarre little story. I'm glad you liked it - it was certainly a lot of fun to write.

Have a great night.


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Review #6, by loserface Deadly Nightshade

1st December 2009:
Paloma Patil! Damn right young readers should skip this one;) I liked the idea of the completly different pairing. I would have never even considered the two together to tell the truth. You did a good job with the story though.

Author's Response: LOL! I was ALWAYS worried about that one - it did turn out pretty naughty. Glad you liked it, though.

Have a great night. PP

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Review #7, by saffy22100 Deadly Nightshade

25th November 2009:
that was sooo good!!
all my friends love the part when remus and narcissa...
especially this girl. she can't stop reading it!!
saffy xx

Author's Response: LOL!!! Glad you liked it, saffy! I love your reviews - they always make me smile!


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Review #8, by ParkerGirl Deadly Nightshade

16th July 2009:
This is a great one shot! Very different pairing but it worked really well =) PG

Author's Response: Oh - thank you, ParkerGirl! This one doesn't get a lot of reads, but it was a great deal of fun to do. I'm so pleased that you liked it!


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Review #9, by Laugharama_llama Deadly Nightshade

2nd July 2009:
Hahaha, your a/n at the end was funny. Get it, get it? But yes, I understand. It's a very creative pairing, I must admit. And it makes sense the way you threw them together. Kind of a secret attraction hahaha

Author's Response: Oh! I\\\'m so glad that you read this, Laugharama llama! Not many people do, so I\\\'m so pleased to get a review of this bizarre little story.

Thank you very much!


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Review #10, by aks_potter Deadly Nightshade

19th April 2008:
wow .. this one was different ...
am glad that i saw this story ... i ll be reading more of yours ...
sorry but i guess , i havent read many from your list ... but dont worry u have a fan in making ...
keep writing ...

Author's Response: Why thank you, aks potter!

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Review #11, by Nymphie Lupin Deadly Nightshade

6th February 2008:
Absolutely Marvelous! you really did a fantabulous job writing this. I can't believe I didn't read this before!!! BOY DID I MISS OUT ON A GOOD READ!!! :) :) :)

Great job, 10/10!


Author's Response: Thanks, Nymphie! Glad you liked this one - it was a hoot to write, as you can imagine!


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Review #12, by hullaballoo Deadly Nightshade

3rd February 2008:
tres sexy. i liked it way much, since it was so different and an odd pairing. good job

Author's Response: Merci, hullaballoo! I agree that the pairing is odd, almost to the point of being creepy. I guess it adds to the naughty feel, yes? Thank you!


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Review #13, by hunnyfresh Deadly Nightshade

4th December 2007:
Usually I'm not a fan of other pairings involving Remus or Tonks but I liked it. Definitely hot.

Author's Response: Actually, we agree on that one, hunnyfresh. I'm only an R/T fan myself, although this thing insisted that it be written. I guess it helps that it's not REALLY romance, eh? It's too naughty for that!

Thanks for your review - have a good one. Paloma

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Review #14, by Amore_Angel Deadly Nightshade

9th November 2007:
I thought it was great, but Padfoot is Sirius, not Lupin he's Moony.

Author's Response: It's been a while, but I think he was referring to being chastised by Sirius. I'll check, in any case...

thanks - Paloma

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Review #15, by madame_werewolf Deadly Nightshade

7th August 2007:
Cripes that was rather hot! I'd also like to think Lupin's scars are somewhat sexy... hehehe.
Good to see him getting some action, and in such a well-written way.
Brilliant :)
P.S. Thanks for your review on my fic

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Madame. I appreciate your review as well!

Have a good one.


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Review #16, by lunadragonfly Deadly Nightshade

6th January 2007:
OMG! I cant believe i haven't read this, I was drumming my fingernails on the desk out of sheer boredom, when i check to see if you'd posted anything over the holidays, and i saw this story and thought.. I've read that haven't I?. and I hadn't... And OMG! Kicking myself...

This Rocked! Now this is way i love your stories, and why you are on my fav's list, aswell as many others.. :D I loved the start it was VERY Lupin, him just wanting time to himself. and doing a review of postions, Oh and Narcissa, that was a very good Narcissa, Wait no, It was GREAT! It was so her, Just ignoring him and all that . hehehe,

Oh and girl that Postions riddle, what was out of this world great. Man i'd love to have your mind, even for a day... :p

:p I have to say i loved the way you had them interact, that very sly-out-of-the-connor-of-your-eye, kind of thing! Very cool, and there last interaction. RRawww, Cheecky yet Still sooo true to their Personers, Oh it was wicked i loved Remus' Thought about the way to handle the situation. To go slow, Very cool, LoL!

I loved it... I'd say i want more, But i think it's just right how you've left it. Loved it. LoL Hope you had a WICKED Xmas, and and even WICKED-ER New Year! Have a Great Year and HAPPY WRITING!

~ Keira-Lee. A.k.A Lunadragonfly

Author's Response: Hey there Keira-Lee! That one was naughty, but so much fun to do! Christmas was great...mellow, but great. I hope yours was terrific as well. Happy New Year, eh?? Have a good one.


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Review #17, by xxMuggle_Bornxx Deadly Nightshade

15th October 2006:
Wow! Fab pairing. I'm writing a Remus/Narcissa fic at the moment - there is something warped but very workable about them together! anyhows, excellent story. xx

Author's Response: Great minds think alike, eh xxMuggle_Bornxx?! Glad you liked my little story...can't wait to read yours! Paloma

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Review #18, by Lexy Brandon Deadly Nightshade

31st August 2006:
OMG!!!!! i loved it! it was really cute- although Missing Moments is my favorite! great job! gotta run- my Chanel fitting's next (I'm going to be late! and i have prada after that.... why am i telling you this? sry bye!)- (i'm going with Aly Loures- your previous reviewer) great story to read quickly. xxx

Author's Response: Sounds like an awesome afternoon of shopping - nothing nearly so exotic up here in Canada for me! (Maybe I'll pick up a new Parka...LOL!) Thanks for the reads and reviews. Paloma

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Review #19, by Aly Loures Deadly Nightshade

31st August 2006:
hey- this was awesome- just really great and original. easy for me to read a quick story on my way to Barney's and Saks. i love to read stories on my blackberry. one of my favorites! great job :)
xxx Aly xxx

Author's Response: You read this on your blackberry? That's a freakin' hoot! Thanks for the review, and Happy Shopping!!! Paloma

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Review #20, by sweetblonde1324 Deadly Nightshade

8th August 2006:
that was ROCKIN!!! ~HOT~ 4 suuuurious, lolz. u should do another like this but with draco and hermione or ginny... lolz thatz my fav pairz... so, yeah, lolz

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, Sweetie! I'll give some thought to the Draco thing, although I've never been able to write him convincingly. Thanks for the encouragement, though! Have a good one. Paloma

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Review #21, by Pitys_Grace Deadly Nightshade

7th August 2006:
ouuhhh.(thats suposed to be a naughty noise there) intresting paring, i actually quite likeit, another one would be Nacarsya and james and then ttrying to hid it from lily, while thats happening Lily and lusiuis are having a go (sorry i can't spell) but ya i thought thats be neat so haha yhink about it ;)


Author's Response: LOL! Well, Pitys_Grace, you officially have an even more warped mind than I do. Heehee! I tell you what...If YOU write that story, I'll beta for you! To tell you the truth, I think I'd like to read that one myself! Thanks for your review. Have a great day. Paloma

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Review #22, by Demetra Deadly Nightshade

18th July 2006:
it was really well written! Great!
I still luv Remus/Tonks better though! sry, lol.

Author's Response: Don't be sorry - I prefer that pairing myself - this one just came to me and I couldn't resist writing it out. Thanks for your review! Paloma

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Review #23, by Lynx Silverhawk Deadly Nightshade

17th July 2006:
I have to hand it to you. I never would have come up with that pairing, but you wrote it beautifully and, most importantly, made it believable! congrats on a job well done

Author's Response: Thanks, Lynx - at the time I thought it was a pretty bizarre pairing myself, but I couldn't resist. I really appreciate your review - have a good one! Paloma

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Review #24, by a_shooting_star Deadly Nightshade

5th July 2006:
I would never have thought of a pairing like that but wow, that was really good! A different idea and it was really well written! =)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you, a_shooting_star. I appreciated your reviews today! Take care. Paloma (PS - I agree with you about the's very odd, non? A hoot to write, though.)

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Review #25, by annonymous Deadly Nightshade

3rd July 2006:
hey cool story, ur writing is realli good

Author's Response: Thanks, annonymous!!! Have a good one. Paloma

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