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Review #1, by lindsay1220 Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

11th March 2010:
Ah, good ole sexual tension. Ya gotta love it, eh? UPDATE OR I SHALL FEED YOU TO A LLAMA!!! 10/10 by the way :)

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Review #2, by Large Debbie Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

14th October 2009:
loved your story. i'm sorry to see it isn't finished, and most likely won't be as it's been a year. you really had something going here! hopefully nothing bad happened to keep you away.

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Review #3, by celia Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

1st November 2008:
i'm assuming this story is officially abandoned, as it hasn't been updated for such a long time...

but i wanted to say that i enjoyed reading it just now. parts made me laugh out loud, and i was looking for just one more chapter...

dublin's inner thoughts/arguments are definitely the best part, although the banter with kevin and scenes with hermione are great too. keep writing, whether it be this story or another. you've got talent!

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Review #4, by watermelongurl1988 Another Series of Spectacular Embarassments

27th October 2008:
OMG I love the dynamic between Dublin/Harry and Hermione/Ron. I also like that you named the protagonist Dublin. Very orginial. Good work :)

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Review #5, by HermyDat Amen, Brother!

6th October 2008:
Love it, you're a great writer, and very funny. Keep it up! 'AMEN, BROTHER!' - that was fantastic!

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Review #6, by Kassi Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

15th May 2008:
This is a really great story! You really should update more often. I really like it.

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Review #7, by writers_block_94 Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

1st May 2008:

Author's Response: I LOVE YOU TOO!!

Haha, thanks so much. I appreciate the 1000% score. I'll try to live up to such effusive praise the next time around with a longer chapter and a speedier update.

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Review #8, by hannah17 Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

30th April 2008:
aww! You're finally back! Yes!

I just did a little dance and now I'm good :)

I love this story. It's clever, witty, and unquestionably humorous and this chapter was just as entertaining as all the others!

I'm really glad that you haven't given up on the story because I really do adore it. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter and I honestly don't mind the wait because your story is just that good :)

10/10 - Hannah

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Wow, I'm flattered to hear that this story inspired a happy dance :) Thanks so much for your patience, and I'll try to be a little more speedy in the update department the next time around.

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Review #9, by maddy_neurotic Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

28th April 2008:
gosh u updated aft such a long time thanx n nice chap

Author's Response: Yes, yes, I know, I've been horribly negligent. I'll try to make the next wait a little less gargantuan. Thank so much for reading!


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Review #10, by pink_hair_anyone Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

27th April 2008:
u came bac!
life is goood, and your writing is even better. the plot keeps moving, and her personality keeps things from getting too boring. nicely done, and keep updating please.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you find her personality entertaining ... I certainly have fun writing about it! I'll do my best to keep the updates coming, hopefully at a brisker pace :)


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Review #11, by mental Literary Lasciviousness and Midnight Meanderings

27th April 2008:
ahh! i knew you'd come back to it in the end ;)

and, despite the long wait, you've lost none of your skill - in fact, i'd say you've got even better! the whole chapter is hysterical, but particularly the literary lasciviousness - i almost find myself pining for a Lipswitch myself to pass the long, lonely nights. sadly, i have so many textbooks to get through i feel like i've gone speed dating in an incunabulist's back room...so i suppose Lipswitch will just have to wait...

but what i'm trying to say is that this story has lost none of its cleverness, wit, or superb prose - and the dynamic between your characters (especially Dublin and the delightful Harry) has only got stronger. poor Dublin's worries about controlling her magic keep that little bit of plot simmering nicely on the side as you work on her personal relationships - that bit about the room of requirement and ice was particularly brilliant.

i hope you don't mind, but i've recommended your story on the forums :) i was hoping it might prod you into updating... hopefully you'll continue feeding us tidbits of this as you have the time - i know i'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter!


Author's Response: How well I know the feeling. Right now, Roy Foster, Michael Gazzaniga, the Klinemens, and a whole host of others are clamoring for my attention, so I've got my Lipswitch on the back burner as well. Unfortunate, really ... I could use a bit of mental cuddling right now, and it's just not the same with A Complete History of the Conflict In Northern Ireland.

Thanks so much for the recommendation ... I'll do my best to live up to it by updating a bit more frequently!


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Review #12, by SoshiAngel Up, Up and Away!

21st April 2008:
She would do something like that...

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Review #13, by Lindsey Up, Up and Away!

17th April 2008:
this story had me giggling whenever you looked into Dublin's... rather unfocused mind. Love the story, i wish Dublin was in the acual HP books, she'd have brought some humor to the castle!

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Review #14, by Winna Up, Up and Away!

31st March 2008:
i was so disappointed when i went to go to the next chapter and it wouldn't let me because there aren't any more to read yet!

i don't usually read fics that take place in the trios time, i'm a marauder girl myself, but i LOVE this. and i sympathize with mounds of work to do...jumping off high places is one of the more frequent thoughts i have in my head these days... i digress, however, from my point which was to tell you to keep up with the good work, i love your story!

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Review #15, by cookiemonster Up, Up and Away!

29th March 2008:
HA! Floating Hogwarts! Who woulda thought? Great chappie as usual! (remember that little bit I left in my last review about updating!) =)

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Review #16, by cookiemonster Who Knew Expelliarmus Could Cause So Much Trouble?

29th March 2008:
Good chapter! I have to say, I was expecting something like that whole episode to happen sometime. I am just a little bit concerned though. You see, there's this teeney, tiney, problem. The problem is that when I looked at the little box with the tab you click and you can scroll down, there was only one more chapter after this. And I hate cliffies. THERE'S ONLY ONE MORE CHAPTER AFTER THIS!!! THAT IS REALLY, REALLY, NOT GOOD. IT'S TROUBLE. THE: "CODE RED, CODE RED. PREPARE AT YOUR BATTLE STATIONS IMMEDIATELY." KIND OF TROUBLE. YOU MUST HELP!! UPDATE IMMEDIATELY! Okay! Now I'm going to read the last chapter! =)

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Review #17, by cookiemonster Horomones and Libidos . . . And Slimy Slytherin Prefects

29th March 2008:
OOO! Sorry about the soccer injury!! I play soccer too, and have played it for practically my whole life. I've never had an injury as bad as a surgery-inducing-knee-thing. Anyway...what postion do you play? (I play sweeper) Glad your GPA made it through...your story's completely amazing still. I must admit I really liked the Malfoy/star wars thing. Anyway...I want to read on now...update soon!! =)

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Review #18, by cookiemonster Midnight Conversations and Celtic Punk Bands

28th March 2008:
haha! Sorry about school, I think practically the same way...meaning that fan fiction (especially harry potter) is WAY WAY better than school work... I mean, it's spring break right now and I had a poem to right for english. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Well, the topic for the poem, (which had to be TWENTY lines) was poetry. POETRY!! I mean, COME ON!! Who, in their right mind, would write a POEM ABOUT POETRY!?!? It's so lame! It took me FOUR tries before I actually wrote something worth turning in. And, funnily enough, I got my inspiration from the chapter summary on (where else?) Harrypotterfanfiction. So, I know you really didn't want to know about my poetry sufferings. I really like your story, and I think you should update a lot. And really quickly. Like twice. A day. (or week, if you can't manage twice a day) ANYWAY.loved it! =)

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Review #19, by cookiemonster Making Plans

28th March 2008:
Hilarious!! great story, although the chapters are kinda short...just like my reviews...huh..

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Review #20, by cookiemonster The Commencement of My Little Adventure

28th March 2008:
hahaha...good story so far! =)

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Review #21, by Kassi Up, Up and Away!

12th March 2008:
This is a great story, so why did you stop? You should definately keep going. Dublin's hilarious! Keep up the good work!

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Review #22, by Nealey Wouldn't It Be Nice

16th February 2008:
u ar not a horrid writer ur quite good@!!!im the 1 who sucks as a writer i got an f on my short story in class o welll we cant be good at everything can we.wate i cant dump my probs on u sorry!love u!!!u r gr8!.!

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Review #23, by MidwinterMasque Up, Up and Away!

23rd January 2008:
now update again, or suffer my wrath!!

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Review #24, by crazybibliophile Up, Up and Away!

6th January 2008:
Pleeease write more...

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Review #25, by crazybibliophile Horomones and Libidos . . . And Slimy Slytherin Prefects

6th January 2008:
This story's so inventive and funny!! How did you think of all the plants and potions and stuff?! I have trouble just thinking up spells!!

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