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Review #1, by Cuddly_Crookshanks A Glimmer of Light

25th July 2010:

Author's Response: Haha I'm glad you enjoy it so much! I know, it's been forever since we updated *cringe* but it won't be abandoned! We have the next chapter almost complete and it should be up, if all goes well, tonight!

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Review #2, by stepnhunguyen A Glimmer of Light

11th March 2009:
Agh! No Obi Wan D0 not go to the dark side! Ami admit it you LOVE Ob Wan Kenobi! But Im a tad confused was it a dream? Omg greatwst star wars/harrypotter story ever! 10/10

Author's Response: Yes, that was a dream, so don't worry! Thanks so much for your lovely compliments! Your reviews make my day!!!

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Review #3, by stepnhunguyen An Unexpected Meeting

11th March 2009:
Dun Dun DUN! You are changing the story a little bit since Xanatos dies on Telos you know falling into that acid pool and stuff.But I love this story you BETTER continue and quickly.10/10

Author's Response: Oh, I'm well aware that Xanatos shouldn't be around. I'll cover that further on in the story. And I'm going to try really hard to work on more chapters for this story. Thankfully I've got a lot of long bus rides to look forward to! Thanks for your reviews!!!

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Review #4, by stepnhunguyen About the Tournament

5th March 2009:
Ooh Obi wAN kenobi 1 of my fav jedis apart from Qui gon that is.

Author's Response: Obi-Wan Kenobi IS my favorite Jedi, but Qui-Gon Jinn is quite awesome too! Thanks for your review!

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Review #5, by shadowrunnerflinn A Glimmer of Light

24th January 2008:
howesome! What's gonna happen next. please let me pleaaase

Author's Response: Howesome? Cool word! And I'm not going to let you know! You're going to have to wait to find out, just like everyone else...

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Review #6, by kobie clarke The First Task

23rd January 2008:
please continue this is a wonderfully crafted story and it would be a shame to see it discontinued

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I think it would be a shame too. And you know what? Just because you told me this, you made me realize that people still want to read my story... so I will try my hardest to get in a chapter soon. Thank you so much for your review, and I'm going to start writing the next chapter as soon as I get the chance, which I promise you will be at some point tonight. So thanks!!!

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Review #7, by Ashley The First Task

15th December 2007:
I'm sorry I didn't review every chapter. I was really wrapped up in the story. You have some awesome skills. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: It's quite alright, thank you for reviewing what you did! Thank you very much, and I should be working on the next chapter and some more during my break, which is coming up!

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Review #8, by Gabby_Nini The First Day

23rd September 2007:
Well that was...interesting. Throws a whole new twist to it! I'm curious now. I would like to continue on and read more but I really must take care of some different things before I am kicked off of the computer.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're into the story like you are. It's quite alright, take your time. I like when people don't rush when they read things, because then they absorb more of it. As long as you read it at all!

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Review #9, by Gabby_Nini Hogwarts Sorting

9th September 2007:
This is really interesting. You really confused me with the sorting hat conversation. But otherwise it's really good. I like it.

Author's Response: Thank you! The Sorting Hat conversation confused you, huh? I'll see if I can make it clearer then. I'm glad you like it otherwise, and thanks for your review!

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Review #10, by Gabby_Nini Mission Accepted

9th September 2007:
This is good. I love your style of writing. I have never really been that interested in Star Wars. I mean I watched the movies but that was pretty much it. But I like this. It's the first cross over I've ever read and its good! Can't wait to read more! Infact I'm heading over to read chapter number 2

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like this, since you've never been interested in Star Wars before. And this is your first crossover? Well, I feel honored that you've chosen my story as your first one! Thank you very much for reviewing, and keep reading! I hope you like the rest!

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Review #11, by moon lovegood The First Task

8th September 2007:
I liked this chapter. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you! I wasn't sure what people would think of it, since it was quite long. It took me a while to write, and I'm glad you like it.

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Review #12, by Pixi Dealing with Dragons

22nd August 2007:
What??!! No more??!! I love star wars. I watched every single movie on dvd. Anyway, give it a 10/10. Ohh.. maybe you should put Ami in a love triangle... or maybe put her with Cedric instead of Cho being with him.. That way, Harry could bring Cho to the Yule Ball.

Author's Response: You know, I thought about so many things like that happening so many times... how about this. Just because you said that (and because I've been thinking about it happening so much) I'll put it in somewhere. Maybe not exactly how you pictured it, but it'll be there, promise!

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Review #13, by Pixi About the Tournament

21st August 2007:
Ohh.. I really love star wars and Harry Potter! This is brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love them too, which is one of the reasons I really wanted to write this.

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Review #14, by Pixi Mission Accepted

21st August 2007:
Ohh!! I love suspesnse! Good job! But isn't she just a girl Luke Skywalker???

Author's Response: Thank you! And no, she's not exactly a girl Luke Skywalker. For one thing, she's not the only Jedi. There are other reasons too, but you'll find out more about them later.

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Review #15, by moon lovegood Dealing with Dragons

13th August 2007:
I liked this chapter. It was good.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad!

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Review #16, by tacey_celene_snape An Unexpected Meeting

11th August 2007:
ohh, suspense! i like it.

are you ever going to do another story about ami?

Author's Response: Thanks! And I am definitely planning on it. Actually, I'm planning on at least two, so everything can be answered! I even have a title for the next one, plus a bunch of random parts for the next two. I can't wait to start them, and see what you think about them!

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Review #17, by HermyJane Mission Accepted

12th July 2007:
Well, I'm not a big Star Wars person, but this seems like it has some potential. I like Ami, though I wish she hadn't read the Harry Potter books. It would have given her a chance to make a fresh start with no past opinions of the characters, as well as prejudices. I think your writing style is great and easy to read. Great job!

P.S. I forgot to mention that, when taking quotes directly from the books, you have to put in your Author's Note the page, book, chapter, and author from which you took the quote. Otherwise, it is seen as plagerism and could result in story deletion. Just thought I'd let you know.

Author's Response: Thanks! I wish she hadn't either, but she needs to know what's going to happen so she doesn't accidentally change anything for the worse.

Oh. I didn't know that. Of course, not all of the quotes are from the book. I go off of them, but most are not exactly from the books. Does that still count? But I'll put in a disclaimer anyways, just in case. Thank you for telling me.

And thank you for your review!

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Review #18, by OllyCoop About the Tournament

12th July 2007:
Time is incredibly complicated (0_o) I have to congratulate you for not stuffing it up'd be so easy to accidentally contradict a previous statement.
I love the idea of it all though, that she is there, but she can't be recorded as sort of confuddles my mind and yet makes perfect sense.
Once again, well done.
I will read more later (^_^)

Author's Response: Time is complicated. Very! Thanks for the compliment. I try to read over my story every chance I can so that I don't make mistakes based on something I've already written. I've come close to it, trust me!

I got most of the time rules from "The Dark is Rising" sequence by Susan Cooper. That's where I learned about the Old Ones and Time and such. Of course, I haven't read them recently, and a lot of it I just improvised and reasoned. So thanks for saying that even though it's confusing it makes perfect sense! I feel like it's a job well done, then, on my part. Yay!

Thank you so much for your reviews. You're giving me loads of the helpful tidbits and feedback that I needed. Thanks!

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Review #19, by OllyCoop Hogwarts Sorting

12th July 2007:
Oh! Excellent call with Colin and his squid adventure (^_^) That made me laugh. I'm enjoying this story, lol...I was surprised to hear her say she had been around with the founders. And the hat asking for a push in the right direction, haha, that was great. Hermione is beginning to size up her competition, I wonder if Ami will be a whizz in class...
(“Can I not be in Slytherin?”) That line really didn't make sense the first time I read it (0_o) second time over and I kind of got it, and then the hat confirmed it...'I'd rather it wasn't Slytherin.' or something might be clearer, just a thought (^_^)
I can't wait to see the Circle entwined into this...I'm intrigued.

Author's Response: Thanks! I was hoping people would find that part funny! Things will become clearer the longer you read this story. I promise. And a whizz in class? You'll see!

I'll clear that up. Thanks for the CC. It's so hard for me to judge what someone won't get, because I'm so in tune with my story that I forget people haven't been thinking about this for as long as I have!

And I can't wait to see them in this either! I promise, whenever an opening pops up that they can fit into, I will put them in. They're too awesome to leave out!

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Review #20, by OllyCoop Mission Accepted

12th July 2007:
I have to admit, I think this is one of my first crossover experiences. I like it (^_^) I read in your authors note that there is a bit of Tamora Pierce mixed in, I love her to bits!
I can't wait to see how all the different elements blend together. I was wondering out of interest, after reading that she had read the HP books, if she'd had access to them all, what with the alternate universe/time thing. Does she know what is going to happen? Or has she only read the first three? Sorry...I'm babbling. Excellent idea so far though, I really like it.
Some CC...The conversation between Obi-Wan and Ami seemed a little unnatural, and there are a few minor sentence structure issues, perhaps a quick read over and the sentences might reword themselves a little...('She started making her way to the train station.' would sound a little better as the simple 'She made her way towards the train station.' Or something like that...) Nothing major at all, but a few small improvements could make it even better. I can't wait to read more! I shall toddle off to the next chapter now (^_^)

Author's Response: Wow! I'm glad you like it so much! Tamora Pierce is one of my favorites, although I don't think I'll have as many of her characters in her story as I'd like. Although, I may just write another to include them...

Ami does have access to the HP books. She brought along with her the first five, since that's how many had come out when she left on her mission. She came from Earth in our time (a couple years earlier), went back to the Jedi Temple (which isn't as far away as people'd like you to believe!) and then from there went on to Harry's world. Of course, when she went to his world, she didn't travel as far forward in time as she had come back. I know it's confusing. I don't mean to make it any more confusing for you! But Ami can travel easily through time, so she can always find her way in our time for a couple of hours, just enough to get her the next book!

I'll look over the conversation between them, and I'll rewrite a couple of those passages. It has been a while since I looked over the first chapter I wrote for this story, and I hope my writing has improved since then. Thanks a lot for your wonderful review!

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Review #21, by moon lovegood Hogsmeade Village

9th July 2007:
hmmm... I wonder what will happen next..

Author's Response: You'll see soon!

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Review #22, by moon lovegood The Hidden Picture

2nd July 2007:
I liked this chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks. I wasn't sure how people would react to it, but if you like it, then good!

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Review #23, by moon lovegood The Potions Master

1st June 2007:
It's really good. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #24, by CharmedDaughterForever The Potions Master

5th May 2007:
great job!! i wonder who snape thinks she looks and acts like

Author's Response: Thanks! And you'll find out in the sequel after this story concludes! Just wait and you'll see!!!

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Review #25, by love sick hp fan The Potions Master

3rd May 2007:
that was amazing i loved your story i wander when the next chaptuer will come out and who snape is refuring to to ami when he ask her if she has ever been to the school befour

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you like this! The next chapter should be up soon, since I've already gotten a head start on it. And I'll give you a hint: both you and Ami will find out in the sequel...

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