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Review #1, by john Epilogue

2nd January 2016:
very good story really enjoyed reading it

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Review #2, by john Epilogue

14th November 2013:
very good story some i did not like but it was good

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Review #3, by john Epilogue

2nd July 2013:
i personally enjoyed the story you write very well and hold a readers interest please write more

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Review #4, by john Udrakonus@yahoo.com Epilogue

8th October 2012:
i have to say the entire series pleased me very much your stories were enjoyable please inform me if you write more

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Review #5, by Beer Ninja Epilogue

10th October 2010:
I just wanted to say that your stories were some of te best on the site. In the beginning I was just looking for a good Harry/Luna story but I found so much more. Thank you for writing them.

-Beer Ninja

Author's Response: Thank you, and may I add that you have the best name ever.

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Review #6, by Nakor Epilogue

23rd February 2010:
One of the best stories I've read here, thanks a lot!

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Review #7, by Solarionflare The Three

16th January 2010:

Author's Response: Oh dear. Is this a seizure? Should I call an ambulance?

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Review #8, by Solarionflare Josef Kierdon

6th November 2009:
I would like to point out that Dumbledore cannot name a new head of Gryffindor house. He was the Headmaster. Minerva was the Head of Gryffindor. = )

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Review #9, by jonez227 Epilogue

3rd July 2009:
truly a masterpiece. you are a very gifted person to write such innvigorating stories. i enjoyed each of them and i hope you will continue to write such amazing stories.

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Review #10, by .neemo... Epilogue

23rd February 2009:
hey this story was xcelent, the previous 2 out stripped this 1 buh it was still gr8!!! only thing i myt say is that ur epilogue kind of dragged so i didnt read it buh til then it was XCELENT! thanx 4 the great read

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Review #11, by hp_writer Epilogue

29th May 2008:
I loved all of your stories, and this chapter was the best one in all of them.

Excellently wrote.

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Review #12, by READMANIAC Epilogue

2nd September 2007:
Great story

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Review #13, by dont hav 1 Epilogue

1st September 2007:
i loved your stories especially the last chapter of the 3rd one.
at first i didnt think of harry and luna as a couple but you did it very well
write more fica please

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Review #14, by tash The First Round

19th July 2007:
just wondering? what year did harry start school?

Author's Response: I think Harry started school in the actual books in 1990 -- in mine, I went from the first year that Harry was in school as age 11 by the publisher's date on Sorcerer's Stone, which I think is 1996 or so.

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Review #15, by james albus potter Epilogue

7th April 2007:
really, really good story. scary image

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Review #16, by james albus potter Wood and Stone

6th April 2007:
i think the lunatic is aria and she is some sort of relative/friend of umbridge. i think she is m. wandwood and umbridge is taking the 2nd body and aria helped malfoy escape on the condition he got umbridge out.

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Review #17, by Luna Liano Epilogue

6th April 2007:
OMG, I loved this story.
You wrote this chapter so well, it brought a tear to my eye.
Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Why thank you -- I just remember after I finished up rewriting the final fight for the second or third time, I basically went nonstop on the last two chapters. *I* was basically in tears when I finished this thing!

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Review #18, by Skye Epilogue

18th March 2007:
Wow. What an epilogue! I've read all three stories in this series, and loved them. Great work. Your stories could pass for JKR's. Seriously. More than a 10/10. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! You made my morning. I'm really happy with how Lunatic's Feast turned out, but a lot of people seem to hate the epilogue because of the Ron thing... at least, I think that's why.us Thanks for reading!

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Review #19, by Skye The Nameless Desk

18th March 2007:
*slaps forehead* Oh, there's an epilogue! Yeah, I'm a blonde... ;)

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Review #20, by Skye The Nameless Desk

18th March 2007:
*applause* Woot! Awesome ending! (Umm...it IS over, right?) Great story! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get some sleep... :D

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Review #21, by Skye Moon and Sun

18th March 2007:
Amazing. My favorite part of the trilogy...so far, that is. Wow.

That. was. so. cool!!! :D

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Review #22, by Skye The Final Round

18th March 2007:
Ok, I'm still guessing...is the Lunatic Aria? Or Malfoy? Or...Harry? Ah!!!

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Review #23, by Skye Ginny's Guard

18th March 2007:
Ha, I love Tonks...possible Ron/Tonks, that's interesting...nice chapter.

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Review #24, by Skye One Year Later

18th March 2007:
Yes!!! :D

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Review #25, by Skye The Fourth Round

18th March 2007:
Aww, poor Dave...

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