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Review #1, by soliloquy Every Day is Christmas Day

31st August 2009:
OH. MY. GOSH. This is utterly the cutest one-shot ever. My eyes teared up when I got to the bit about Alice having a moment of recognition of her son! And how it was at that moment that he understood and knew and just alkeh;alea. This was great. Amazing. I love Neville/Luna. I wish JK had made them canon :)

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Review #2, by Skye Every Day is Christmas Day

20th March 2007: fluffy...and cute...and...Luna rocks. Great story.

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Review #3, by Scarhead Every Day is Christmas Day

9th May 2006:
Barb this story was absolute touching! I read it while the reviews were offline and only just now remembered that I wanted to come back here and leave you a proper review!

I absolutely adore the way you portrayed both Neville and Luna. I thought both were very acurate and very canon. This is one of the sweetest stories I have ever read of the two of them and the moment when Neville looks into Alice's eyes...well it was just touching! Beautiful story Barb!! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you hon. It was a pleasure to write, and I'm always pleased that someone enjoyed my ramblings!!! Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #4, by delta Every Day is Christmas Day

5th May 2006:
Wonderful story, BJAuth! It is really touching and heartfelt. I especially love all the little details and descriptions, and Neville and Luna are done wonderfully. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, Delta.

It was a challenge set by the talented Cor Leonis that started this piece, but I have to say I really enjoyed forming and writing this in a way I didn't think I would. So glad you enjoyed reading it too.

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Review #5, by dim at best Every Day is Christmas Day

12th April 2006:
Well, I found out about your story through a topic in Read Between the Lines and I must say that I'm really grateful that I clicked on that link.

This was such a sweet, sweet story. That one paragraph where Luna ties a ribbon around the ring and wears it in her hair is so cute and quirky and Luna-ish that it's forced me to gush about it. And Neville's insecurities and deciding he wasn't the swirling around type was completely and utterly Neville - I truly am in awe of your characterization abilities.

Great job =)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. So sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but your review is wonderful to receive and read. I like this story too (which is unusual because I'm highly critical of my own work) and the part about the ribbon just gives Luna that quirkiness I wanted.

Neville as a character I just want to hug and mother! I certainly hope he has a happy ending, but in case he didn't I gave him one here.

Thank you for such a complementary review.

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Review #6, by Yuu Every Day is Christmas Day

9th April 2006:
I laughed so hard at the bit of Mr. Lovegood having spoken to the Yeti!!! Wow! Luna knew everything! I love Luna and I definitely love the Neville/Luna pairing, even if it has been shattered by JKR. Sniff! Luna talking to a toothbrush. Me, amused. I'm glad it didn't talk back. Hehe! Oh! That was so beautiful! Loved it very much! Thank you for writing such a cute one-shot!

Author's Response: I'm so glad Mr Lovegood appealed to you. I wanted to give him a quirky sort of character without going too far. I agree about the Luna/Neville ship hence I enjoyed writing this so much. Sorry it took me ages to reply but thank you for reviewing and reading.

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Review #7, by Beowulf Every Day is Christmas Day

21st February 2006:
Wow. Powerful, sweet, perfectly characterised. Loved the moody gate!

Author's Response: Lol. I think that's just the sort of thing Luna would have and she would understand it like no one else. Thank you so much for reviewing this. I had a wonderful time writing it and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #8, by EvilSmurfa Every Day is Christmas Day

18th February 2006:

Author's Response: Bless you! Such enthusiasm! Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by icy Every Day is Christmas Day

5th February 2006:
Darn...I spent so much time rambling over your story, I forgot to say one of the most important things. Neville/Luna is such a cute ship, I love it...and this is the first Neville/Luna I've read. I think very few others can compare to this now. Sorry for this second review, just had to mention it; I hate it when I forget to say something.

Author's Response: Lol. You're forgiven. By the way, Steve34 has a great Neville/Luna story called Love's First kiss which I think you'll like if you like this ship. Give it a go. He's an amazing author.

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Review #10, by icy Every Day is Christmas Day

5th February 2006:
OMG, BJ. I'm...speechless. Completely, utterly, speechless. I don't even know how to leave a decent review for this. I didn't read this on the other site but...I wish I had read it earlier. Wow. First of all, this really made me tear up, it really did. Not many stories can make me want to cry, but this one did. And oh so incredibly heart-warming, darn, I wish I read this during Christmas! I better stop gushing now and get on to reviewing properly.

"Fascinating Muggle study on the Yeti. Very funny what these Muggles write about him. I was only speaking to him last Thursday about it. He’s a smashing chap. Bit smelly but a bloody good chap nevertheless." -I loved this, it really made me laugh out loud. Your characterization of Luna's father is amazing; I can see Luna has got a bit of her father in her, lol.

Now, about Neville and've got them down perfectly. From Neville's confidence issue, to his sweetness....then Luna, wow, an amazing job. It isn't an easy task writing Luna, and not many authors can do it well (hmph, I've tried and failed)...but your Luna is just so right. The mixture of her 'loonyness', her frankness, innocence and her sane self...comes together wonderfully. The image of her being able to communicate with the Longbottoms is just so touching, and it was this part that got me all teary-eyed. “I thought you’d think I was loony. Loony Luna. Just like at school. Loony Luna talking to dead people again.” Okay, now I'm really almost choked up now. And then comes the gum-wrapper ring...oh dear, you really can make someone cry.

And now that I've started my rambling, I can't stop. This long, tedious rambling review is all your fault, for writing such a wonderful piece. I loved loved loved the ending, the last paragraph. All I can say now is you really are an amazing author (though we all knew that) and this piece was simply...magical...and touching...and just plain wow. (I seem to be repeating the same words over and over, aren't I?) This must be the longest review I've written, which shows just how lovely this story was. Sorry for rambling, I couldn't help it...and I'm going to have to rec this on the forums.

Author's Response: Awe, you are lovely! I'm so pleased you liked this because, as you know, I'm a fan of your work and to hear a talented author say he/she likes my work is a wonderful recommendation. I must thank Cor Leonis for her brilliant choice in ship though, because without her I wouldn't have written this. I adore Neville - he brings out the Mum in me. Lol. Luna is hard to write (I bet you did a better job of her than you think though!) and very easy to get wrong so I'm pleased to hear I got it right! Thank you Icy for taking the time to review this!

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Review #11, by thewaywelivenow Every Day is Christmas Day

4th February 2006:
Aww i love N/L stories lol.
This was a really heart-warming story, i really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: I'm so pleased to hear that! Neville and Luna are my favourites too and I'm sad JK has said they won't get together. Still, in my head they will! Thank you for taking the time to let me know it meant something to you. It really is appreciated.

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Review #12, by harrypottersangel Every Day is Christmas Day

21st January 2006:
Lovely! I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #13, by bbnaz Every Day is Christmas Day

17th January 2006:
Neville seems to always be portrayed as this bumbling fellow. You have given him stature in this tale. I loved how he found Luna at St Mungo's and her conversations, uncannily dead on, with his parents. Such a sweet man he is and you write his vulnerability and his strength so very well.

Author's Response: *huggles* Thank you BB. I loved doing this piece for Cor.

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Review #14, by PhoenixStorm Every Day is Christmas Day

12th January 2006:
*tears up* oh wow, I just can't believe how beautiful this is! As I read a fic, I generally pick out the lines that I really really liked, and there's so many I got from here that I don't think I'll be able to quote them all and tell you how great they were :D. You're the first to have rendered my reviewing strategy useless, well done ;).

Now I could only find one mistake in here, and nothing to criticise at all. Inwardly Neville Longbottom had cursed himself every since day one of his budding relationship that he hadn’t had the courage to tell her everything about himself aside from the obvious word order problem at the beginning of this sentence, I don't think it makes sense overall. I've read it about eight times trying to decide, but I'm still not completely sure *rolls eyes*.

Amazingly, I have never read a Neville story before, and after reading yours I kind of feel I've been missing out. This was simply a breathtaking story and you told it so incredibly well. I absolutely adore what you've done with the characters, who are also spot-on in characterisation by the way, and how they interact with each other. The day you've written about here has no other way to be described than in your own words Perfect. Today is just perfect.

Now I adore the little snatches of humour you have in here. It's an intense story (in a good way) and the little dashes of humour here and there are a great aspect that makes it lighter reading. The first line that really made me grin was this one When he first took the plunge and asked Luna Lovegood out (which was an ordeal all by itself). Poor Neville, I had fun imagining how that one must have been for him :D. I really like all your bracket comments actually, not a lot of authors use them, and you do really well. This is also another classic Luna line, perfectly reflecting her character Like you were with me somehow. Like when I talk to your toothbrush at night before I tuck it under my pillow. This comment (if and when he ever got around to it). really made me laugh, Ron is rather an exasperating character. The little moments are completely unexpected and are all the better for it, they really add to your story.

Another thing I love about this is your attention to detail. looking at the orderly lines of the tiles meeting this way and that who hasn't done that while they're walking down a tiled floor? It makes it realistic and I just think it's a really good touch here.

In complete contrast to the humour, there is the intense, loving tone to this. It's so very very beautiful that I was just blown away. I'm just so very happy that you wrote Neville with such a good relationship with Luna, he deserves a happy ending in my opinion. What if being me is not good enough? this thought of his is really touching, and exactly something I could see him thinking. I'm so glad Luna appreciates him and sees everything that he is. And in return, he loves her as she is too. She made him think there was more to life than just simple black and white. Luna saw the grey. They just make the most perfect couple.

I simply adored the end. It could not have been better. From that moment when Neville realised that Luna somehow knew he was going to ask her to marry him, i was just sat here with a big smile on my face. It makes you really think and believe that anything is possible, and what better day to set such a concept in? I just loved it basically, you're a wonderful author :).

Author's Response: Phew!Now I see why you're a popular reviewer! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this and so pleased I asked you to look it over.Also a big thank you for spotting my missing word. I can't believe I missed that second line! I missed out a 'day'. Lol. It should read (and does now) 'every day since day one....' I must apologise profusely for rending your reviewing strategy useless my dear! (though I am secretly delighted- sorry!)Neville is one of my favourite characters and Luna has this faithful innocence that appeals to me. I'm truly flattered by your comments and now hope that Reflection appeals to you too. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words.

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Review #15, by steve34 Every Day is Christmas Day

12th January 2006:
An absolutely amazing little story. About a month ago, I challenged people to write about Neville's visits from his mother's perspective, and this came really close.
Your version of Neville is just grand. You capture his sweetness and confidence issues wonderfully. I could feel every emotion he had as you went through the story.
Luna was also delightfully quirky without being absurd. Some authors of Luna can go too far, but you balance her "looniness" and "sanity" well. I also loved the small glimpse of her father, and wonder if Luna is the way she is because of him, or if he is the way he is because of her. HA!
Finally, your sense of drama and emotion is riveting. I particularly liked the comparison of snowflakes to cold kisses, which reminds him of Luna. Although if he'd said it aloud, he would probably be in a pack of trouble for calling her kisses cold, the underlying thoughts there really made it a very Neville-sweet thing. You've got me feeling all girly now and I'm going to have to go watch a Steven Seagal movie or something before someone reclaims my "man" card. ;-) Brilliant work on this one! I'll definitely have to check out your other stuff.

Author's Response: Steve you're adorable and thank you so much for reviewing this. I really should venture over to the challenges more because I'm finding I can adapt to them quite well. I'm really pleased you enjoyed this. I was concerned it was a little too fluffy but hey! - if you're trading in Seagal for fluff hon who am I to stop you? Lol. Thank you for taking the time to review - it's truly appreciated.

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Review #16, by deathcabcutie Every Day is Christmas Day

11th January 2006:
That is the sweetest story I have yet read on this website. It makes you feel happy inside and Neville and Luna are cute together. <3

Author's Response: It made you feel happy? Aww well that's a huge acheivement and one I'm proud of. Thank you for letting me know this worked for you. You're a wonderful person to review!

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